CTBT in the News

Helpful Tips For Nuking An Asteroid, by Mark Strauss (National Geographic)

'We're not giving up our nukes' - North Korea (Mail & Guardian)

Regional powers to meet in Malaysia as N. Korea defends nukes (Yonhap)

On Kerry visit, Arab nations express support for Iran nuclear agreement (The Washington Post)

Donors tell Democrats they support the Iran deal (Politico)

Anifah: Asean to strengthen nuke-free pact (New Straits Times Online)

Israel fights resolution that would force nuclear inspections (I24 News)

Washington battle rages over Iran nuclear deal's fate (CNN)

Majority of House Backs Resolution to Kill Iran Deal (The Washington Free Beacon)

Iran: U.S. Banned from Knowing Details of Iran Nuclear Inspection Agreement (The Washington Free Beacon)

Poll: American Public Divided on Iran Nuclear Deal (NBC)

Thursday Is 70th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing (Aljazeera)

Japan A-bomb survivors speak out against nuclear power, decry Abe’s view of war (Yahoo News)

Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller Travels to Japan (US Dept. of State)

U.S. Under Secretary of State to Attend Memorials in Hiroshima, Nagasaki (The Wall Street Journal)

North Korea is different than Iran when it comes to nuclear deals, by Christopher R. Hill (The Daily Star)

Let Europe Make Friends (and Deals) With Iran, by Simond de Galbert (Foreign Policy)

The Iran Deal: Steps Toward the Common Good, by Jonathan Granoff (The Huffington Post)

Why The Iran P5+1 Nuclear Deal Does Indeed Add Up, Kabir Taneja (The Huffington Post)

Nuclear arms-control agreement with Iran, by C. Alton Robertson (Redlands Daily Facts)

Next President Can Easily Cancel Iran Deal, by John Yoo (News Max)

The U.S.-Iran nuclear deal: MIT’s experts size it up Faculty and specialists weigh in on potential pact and global implications., by Peter Dizikes (MIT News)

U.S.-GCC talks aimed to reassure over Iran nuclear deal, by Ismaeel Naar (Al Arabiya News)

The limitations of sanctions on Iran, by Walter Pincus (The Washington Post)

America Has A 30,000-Pound Trump Card Over The Iranian Nuclear Program, by Brian Adam Jones (Task & Purpose)

Obama Bets Nuclear Deal Will Change Iran's Regime; Few Agree, by Michael Barone (Real Clear Politics)

Iran’s nuclear deal reconsidered, by Bob Rigg (Open Democracy)

Iran nuclear deal makes US-Israeli defense cooperation more vital by Yaakov Lappin (The Jerusalem Post)

The Iran Deal's Bad for Israel? Netanyahu's to Blame, by Yossi Melman (The Huffington Post)

History’s Real Lessons On The Iran Deal, by Charles Stevenson (War on the Rocks)

Thank God for the Atom Bomb, By Bret Stephens (The Wall Street Journal)

Glenn Garvin: Hiroshima was terrible, but it prevented greater casualties (Miami Herald)

Nagasaki, Hiroshima mark need for nuclear arms ban, by Loreta Castro (Inquirer)

The Atomic Era Turns 70, as Nuclear Hazards Endure, by Joseph Mangano – Janette D. Sherman (Counter Punch)

70 Years After Hiroshima and Nagasaki: The Urgency of Banning Nuclear Weapons, by Catherine Maia and Jean-Marie Collin (The Huffington Post)

70 Years Birthplace of the A-bomb Nuclear New Mexico: Past and future, by Tom Vaughn (Desert Exposure)

Hiroshima’s memorials call for peace, end to nuclear weapons, by David Panian (Lenconnect.com)

5 myths about the atomic bomb, by Gregg Herken (Business Insider)

Do not call our nuclear weapons a deterrent, by Brian M Quail (Herald Scotland)

The Nuclear Family: New Book Examines Two Sides of the Atomic Bomb, by Ari Beser (National Geographic)

The real nuclear danger isn't Iran or North Korea, by Joe Cirincione (Al Jazeera)

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