CTBT in the News

For Israel, nuclear test ban looks better in theory than practice, by Mitch Ginsburg (Times of Israel)

Internationellt besök med fokus på provstoppsavtalet för kärnvapen (FOI.se)

Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty and South Asia, by Muhammad Ali Zoaib (Voice of Journalists)

MSZ Rosji: brak jasności z traktatem CTBT może się przeciągnąć (Sputnik News)

Asteroid will miss Earth Tuesday morning (Earth Sky)

Maidstone man Frank Carmichael, who served with the Royal Engineers, and ex-Royal Marine Herbert Tomlin, from Faversham were involved in nuclear tests (Kent Online)

UN To Review Nuclear Treaty On Eve Of 70th Anniversary Of Hiroshima And Nagasaki (Mint Press News)

Hideki Yukawa: The man that inspired a nation (The Japan News)

Egyptian FM, U.S. Diplomat Discuss NPT Review Conference (All Africa)

Khamenei: Iran's nuclear weapons are US a 'myth' (Middle East Monitor)

Why does Netanyahu really want to sabotage the Iran deal? (Al-Monitor)

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif Coming to New York (Huffington Post)

Obama, UAE official discuss Iran nuclear deal (USA Today)

Netanyahu: The IDF is a response to regional threats (Jerusalem Post)

UN: Iran still respecting terms of interim nuclear deal (Ynet News

U.S. Says Military Option On Iran Is 'Intact' On Nuclear Issue Even As US Warships Are Heading Towards Yemeni Waters To Intercept Iran's Shipments (International Business Times)

Congress's influence over foreign policy (The Economist)

Respond Cautiously to North Korean Engagement Offers, by Bruce Klingner (The Heritage Foundation)

No frisson in talks over fission, by V.R Raghavan (The Hindu)

In Our View: Stop nuclear waste (Spectrum)

The Ironies of Living with the Bomb, by Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

How many nuclear options does a president need to deter or to attack? By Walter Pincus (Washington Post)

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program: 5 Things You Need to Know, by Akhilesh Pillalamarri (National Interest)

Safeguarding Our World From Nuclear Weapons, by Abel Corver and Rebecca Kastleman (The Crimson)

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