CTBT in the News

Interview of the Executive Secretary of CTBTO, Lassina Zerbo with Slovakian TV (TA3)

WSU hosts undersecretary to talk nuclear arms control by Michael Anderson Kruse (The Sign Post)

First Committee, 15th meeting - 69th General Assembly (United Nations Webcast)

Programme of fellowship on disarmament - Fellows' Awarding Ceremony (United Nations Webcast)

Kerry: US May Reduce Military Presence in Asia if Pyongyang Resumes Nuclear Talks (RIA Novosti)

U.S., South Korea delay shift of war-time command role to Seoul (Reuters)

Nuclear weapons, disease and inequality: What poses the greatest threat to humanity? (Telegraph)

Remarks at a Symposium on P5+1 Iran Nuclear Negotiations (U.S Department of State)

U.S.: Iran Will Not Get Nuclear Weapon (Radio Free Europe)

Veteran American point man on Iran: Nuclear deal would be good for Israel (The Jerusalem Post)

Let´s ´finish the job´ on nuclear deal, US tells Iran (Geo TV)

U.S.: Iran responsible if nuclear talks fail (Al Arabiya)

Iran: Senior cleric says UN nuclear inspectors not allowed to Visit Parchin (NCRI)

Bibi's Iran nuclear talks blunder (Almonitor)

News for Israel: Boeing Sells Data, Drawings to Iran (The Jewish Press)

Not to Worry, Israel (U.S. News)

Israel's Defense Minister: Mideast Borders 'Absolutely' Will Change (NPR Berlin)

An Update From The Ongoing Fight to Eliminate Global Nuclear Arsenals (WUWM)

Fiji speaks at UN Debate on Disarmament (Fiji Sun Online)

How This Generation Can Avoid A Nuclear Calamity (WDET)

20 years later, commemorating a war averted, by Michael D. Mosettig (PBS Newshour)

Column: Lessons of North Korea for Iran Nuclear Talks, by Barbara Slavin (Payvand Iran News)

Tackling Nuclear Terrorism In South Asia – Analysis, by Feroz Hassan Khan and Emily Burke (Euraisa Review)

Bury the Bomb Before it Buries Us, by Jack A. Smith (Dissident Voice)

India: What Is Significance Of Successful Nuclear-Capable Nirbhay Test? – Analysis, by Sheel Kant Sharma (Euraisa Review)

A Newly Declassified CIA Paper Details A Tense Subplot In The Cold War Arms Race, by Armin Rosen (Business Insider)

NYC Practices Response To Nuclear Explosion (The Yeshiva World)

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