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El guardián de la escalada nuclear busca otros empleos para sobrevivir (El Pais)

No hay excusas para retrasar la entrada en vigor del TPCE (Rebelion)

国际关系学院刘华平教授参加CTBT会议 (BLCU)


Here's how to tell if countries are conducting secret nuclear tests (Science alert)

Why Pakistan must not join NPT!, by Maimuna Ashraf (Pakistan Today)

This dome in the Pacific houses tons of radioactive waste – and it's leaking (The Guardian)

N. Korean space scientist: We come in peace (Eyewitness News)

Deploying U.S. nuclear weapons won't strengthen Korea-U.S. ties: expert (Korea herald)

Iran nuclear talks: 'Deal never closer', says FM Zarif (BBC News)

Iranian foreign minister raises prospect of joint action against Islamic State (The Guardian)

Iran nuclear talks in endgame, negotiators push on sticking points (Reuters)

Iran’s lead negotiator: ‘We have never been closer to a lasting outcome’ (The Washington Post)

Breakthroughs appear in Vienna on Iran nuclear talks (Jerusalem Post)

Iran to US: Nuke deal could result in joint cooperation (Yahoo News/AP)

Draft accords of sanctions relief at Iran nuke talks in hand (News Channel 25/AP)

Iran atomic bomb probe may be completed in 2015: IAEA (Business Insider/AFP)

Iranian Leader Demands ‘Balanced Agreement’ While His Country Continues the Unthinkable (IJReview)

ایران و آمریکا میز مذاکره را ترک نخواهند کرد/ اختلافی در چهارچوب NPT نمانده است (Ilna)

West urges Iran to take chance of nuclear deal (dalje.com)

Iran nuclear talks: 'A compromise is still possible' (DW)

WATCH: Zarif goads Obama in English-language message as nuclear talks progress (Haaretz)

Netanyahu Says Iran Agreement Is Worse Than the North Korea Nuclear Deal (The Blaze)

Netanyahu: We won't surrender to demagogy (Globes)

Netanyahu: Western powers ‘collapsed’ in nuclear talks (The Times of Israel)

Hillary Clinton Hopeful For Iran Nuclear Deal Next Week (TIME)

Nuclear deal won't solve 'major problems from Iran,' Hillary warns (Yahoo Politics)

Hillary Clinton hoping for 'verifiable' Iran nuclear deal (CBC News)

Kerry says Iran nuclear talks could go either way (CTV News/AP)

Kerry urges Iran to make "hard choices", says U.S. ready to walk (Yahoo News)

Iran talks checklist: Is the U.S. negotiating a bad deal? (CNN politics)

Ministers convene at Iran talks but breakthrough not yet seen (Daily Times)

Defending Riyadh with weapons of mass destruction (Middle East Monitor)

Amid emerging nuclear deal, Iran deploys new home-built long-range radar (The Jerusalem Post)

Iran deploys new long-range radar days ahead of nuclear talks deadline (RT)

U.S. stockpiles powerful bunker-buster bombs in case Iran nuclear talks fail (LA Times)

Israel facing legal challenge to its secret nuclear programme (Herald Scotland)

S. Arabia won't rule out building nuclear weapons (World Bulletin)

Chairman of the Joint Chief says global security is most unpredictable in his 40 years of service in latest US military strategy (Next Big Future)

Morris Peace activist heading to Japan (Daily Record)

Atomic bomb exhibition in Washington (The Japan News)

The bomb: The end of the war (Sauk Valley)

US public opinion expert: Iran deal can still be stopped, interview with Frank Lutz, by Gil Hoffman (Jerusalem Post)

Top Israeli official: Nuke deal will set up Iran to take over Middle East (Times of Israel)

Iranian Leader Demands ‘Balanced Agreement’ While His Country Continues the Unthinkable, by Frank Camp (IJReview)

How an Iran Nuclear Deal Would Upend U.S. Non-Proliferation Policy, by Ray Takeyh (The Washington Wire)

Mauled by the mullahs: Obama is rushing headlong into a disastrous nuclear deal with Iran (Daily News)

Iran: The Punditariat Weighs In, by Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

The Father Of Iran's Nuclear Program Recalls How It All Began, by Golnaz Esfandiari (Radio Free Europe)

The Spy Tech That Will Keep Iran in Line , by Tim Mak (The Daily Beast)

How to strike final nuclear deal with Iran on time, by Seyed Hossein Mousavian (Teheran Times)

A failing N-treaty with Russia shows right way to deal with Iran, by Bennett Ramberg (The Nation)

Worst agreement in U.S. diplomatic history, by Charles Krauthammer (Pal-Item)

With negotiations ongoing to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons, the question arises: Why does anyone still have nuclear weapons?, by Sebastian Martinez (newsy)

A Frightening Thought: Nuclear Weapons are Back (And So Is Deterrence), by Rod Lyon (The National Interest)

Russia's Nuclear Bluster: How Should America Respond?, by Greg Thielmann (The National Interest)

The New Peacemakers – ISIS and Iran, by Hana Levi Julian (The Jewish Press)

Strategies for Israel After Failed American Diplomacy, by Louis Rene Beres (Breaking Israel News)

A Litmus Test for the Next President, by James A. Lyons (Accuracy in Media)

Why Russia should take over Israel's defense from America, by Peter Weber (The Week)

US Military Strategy: China, Russia Pose Biggest Threat, by Polina Tikhonova (ValueWalk)

Three books show how close nuclear catastrophe is (green left)

Will Russian Aggression Trigger a New Great War?, by Max Boot (Commentary)

An Unnoticed Crisis: The End of History for Nuclear Arms Control?, by Alexei Arbatov (ISN ETH Zurich/Carnegie Moscow Centre)

Why the military is divided over Britain’s nuclear deterrent (The Conversation)

Could India’s Military Really Crush Pakistan?, by Walter C. Ladwig III (JK Alternative Viewpoint)

Confines of Confrontational Statements and Conventional Deterrence, by Maimuna Ashraf (Voice of Journalists)

The world should ditch nuclear arms, letter to the editor by Taisuke Horii (The Japan Times)

Interview/ Kazuo Ishiguro: One's dark history central to Ishiguro's latest novel (The Asahi Shimbun)

Was HG Wells the first to think of the atom bomb?, by Samira Ahmed (BBC News)

Climate Change versus the Dangers of Nuclear War. “Three Minutes to Midnight”, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky (Global Research)

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