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Tudi če testiranje ni uspešno, se iz tega kaj naučite (DELO)

President's Hiroshima trip should be about long overdue nuclear treaty (Bakersfield.com)

N-capability made Pakistan’s defence invincible (The Nation)

Cold war mentality over nuclear weapons returning, panelists say (Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Veterans of Atomic Test Blasts: No Warning, and Late Amends (The New York Times)

America’s atomic vets: ‘We were used as guinea pigs – every one of us’ (Reveal News)

America and the spirit of Yum-e-Takbir (The Nation)

Park requests African support for North Korean denuclearization (NK News)

(LEAD) (Yonhap Forum) Deputy nuclear envoy stresses need to press N.K. to give up nukes (Yonhap News)

EU toughens sanctions against North Korea over Pyongyang’s Nuclear Tests (Sputnik News)

Obama’s Hiroshima Debut Does Not Prohibit Nuclear Weapons (In Depth News)

'Faced with death': Hiroshima survivor fights for nuclear disarmament (CTV News)

A Hiroshima, 71 ans après, Obama en appelle à un monde sans arme nucléaire (France Soir)

Ban applauds Obama’s visit to Hiroshima (The Japan News)

US supporting India’s application for NSG membership (The International News)

Pakistan achieved nuclear power in 1984, had planned nuclear test then: Abdul Qadeer Khan (DNA India)

Pakistan pushes for NSG entry (Gulf Times)

Experience Hiroshima — What if the atomic bomb hit your hometown? (PRI)

On nuclear weapons, nations must cooperate to avoid catastrophe (In Homeland Security)

Is North Korea nuclear state? (The Korea Times)

Obama’s Hiroshima visit panned by critics on left, right (The Washington Times)

Why China Is Using NPT To Block India’s Entry Into NSG – Analysis (Eurasia Review)

Nuclear Pakistan is essential for stability (Pakistan Observer)

Un traité pour interdire les armes nucléaires (Ouest-France)

La dissuasion nucléaire, une arme plus actuelle que jamais (La Jaune et la Rouge)

These are all the countries that still have nuclear weapons (Independent)

Close Calls: We Were Closer to Nuclear Destruction than We Knew (Global Research)

How to avoid nuclear catastrophe (The Past and Courier)

Mười bước để trở thành cường quốc hạt nhân (Phần 2) (BBC)

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