CTBT in the News

Kingman ‘downwinders' seek recognition from U.S. decades after atomic tests (KTAR News)

North Korea threatens 'toughest' action over human rights offensive (The Economic Times)

At Vienna conference, Holy See renews call for nuclear disarmament (Catholic News Agency)

Iran's Rouhani says will try to clinch nuclear deal as talks with U.S. resume (Reuters)

Iranian president upbeat about nuclear talks (Haaretz)

Iranian Business Anticipates a Deal Despite Economic Slowdown (Ploughshares Fund)

Iran, US start new round of nuclear talks in Geneva (Press TV)

Iran, US start nuclear talks in Vienna (Trend)

US and Iran resume nuclear talks in Geneva (The Local)

The nuclear money pit (The economist)

US Congressman Vows to Keep Pressure on Russia Over INF Treaty (Sputnik News)

US Threatens Russia with New Nuclear Missiles, Prepares New Sanctions for Putin (International Business Times)

Lavrov, Kerry discuss Mideast by phone (KUNA News Agency)

Joint Press Release on EU-US High level Dialogue on Non-Proliferation, Disarmament and Arms Control (European Union External Action)

Russia Justifies Nuclear Weapons Deployment In Crimea (International Business Times)

Russia says it has a right to put nuclear weapons in Crimea (LA Times)

Crimea became part of Russia, which has nuclear weapons according to NPT – Lavrov (Interfax- Ukraine)

Lavrov says Crimea became part of Russia, which has nuclear weapons according to Non-Proliferation Treaty (Kyiv Post)

Russia has right to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea: FM (The Journal of Turkish Weekly)

Happening now: Skylark event for/with local author Sarah Fox (West Seattle Blog)

Repairing the Diplomatic Threat Reduction Enterprise, by Krepton (Arms Control Wonk)

America Almost Had a Nuclear-Armed Drone Bomber, by Adam Rawnsley (Medium)

Interview: Paul Bracken on American nuclear forces in the 21st century, by Dan Drollette Jr (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

New wars on the Cold War relic, by T.P. Sreenivasan (The Hindu)

Nuclear threat to world peace, by Adrian Salbuchi (Russia Today)

Reducing the global threat posed by nuclear weapons, By Ramesh Thakur (Japan Times)

Africa: Nuclear Weapons - Time to Change the Rules, by Mothepa Shadung and Noel Stott (All Africa)

Genocide by General Assembly: The UN’s latest resolution to disarm Israel, by Louis René Beres (The Jerusalem Post)

Financial and regulatory barriers to USA's new nuclear technologies, by World Nuclear News (World Nuclear News)

Obama's Nuclear Hypocrisy: He Promised A World Without Nukes, What Happened?, by James Carroll (Mother Jones)

Faiths United Against Nuclear Weapons, by Julia Rainer (Truth Out)

Analysis: ‘One-handed economist’ needed to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program (The Jerusalem Post)

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