CTBT in the News

On anniversary of UN-backed treaty banning nuclear tests, Ban reiterates call to action (UN News Centre)

Secretary-General's remarks at Panel Discussion on CTBT@20 (United Nations)

To Hiroshima (Cont.) (Arms Control Wonk)

Blinken: N.Korea nuclear test 'possible' ahead of Workers' Party Congress (The Korea Times)

NNSA Conducts Fifth Experiment Aimed To Improve U.S. Ability To Detect Foreign Nuclear Explosions (NNSA)

Nuclear tests veteran: 'I could see the bones of my hand through closed eyes' (Lincoldnshire Echo)

China's Xi vows full implementation of U.N. sanctions against N. Korea (Yonhap)

Threat of Nuclear Terrorism Growing - Chinese Defense Minister (Sputnik)

Spotlight: U.S. warning against North Korea adds uncertainty to Korean Peninsula situation (Xinhua)

Russia Urges to Revive Six-Party Talks on North Korea Nuclear Issue (Sputnik)

Russian FM urges DPRK to abandon nuclear ambitions (Xinhua)

Nobel laureates aim to bring 'hope for peaceful changes' to N. Korea's young generation (Yonhap)

Abe hoping to accompany Obama on historic Hiroshima visit (The Japan Times)

You can negotiate anything - even North Korea (Foreign Policy- upon subscription)

The significance of an Obama visit to Hiroshima (Nikkei)

(Ab)normal Nuclear Pakistan (The Diplomat- upon subscription)

India: Intimidating Nuclear Proliferator (Pakistan Observer)

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