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유엔 ‘핵실험반대날’ 맞아 북 동참 촉구 (RFA)

지질자원硏, 원주 한국지진관측소 새 연구동 기공 (Yonhap News)

Park-Xi summit to focus on North Korea (Asia One)

(News Focus) S. Korea hopes Park's attendance for China's WWII ceremony to help resolve N. Korea's nuclear row (Global Post)

Top nuclear envoys of S. Korea, China to hold talks ahead of Park-Xi summit (The Korean Herald)

N. Korea likely to use provocations unless economic aid comes from S. Korea: U.S. expert (Yonhap News)

Iran Nuclear Deal Gains Momentum With Endorsements of Four House Democrats (The New York Times)

Congressional Fight on Iran Deal Is All But Over (Bloomberg View)

Hillary Clinton to speak out in favor of Iran nuclear deal (CBS News)

Energy chief: U.S. has ability to monitor Iran nuclear program (Military Times)

Nuclear deal will dangerously empower Iran in the long term, says former U.S. arms control official (PBS News Hour)

IAEA, Iran to hold talks next week (Trend)

Indira Gandhi considered bombing Pak's nuclear program in 1981 (The Times of India)

India Unlikely to Enter Nuclear Arms Race With Pakistan (Sputnik News)

UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon calls for direct dialogue between Pakistan and India (IBN Live)

Nuclear Fiascoes: From Diplomatic Failure With North Korea To Debacle With Iran, by Claudia Rosett (Forbes)

Iran deal is a win-win, by Madeleine Albright (CNN)

The Iran deal, a repudiation of the Bush doctrine, by Julian Zelizer (CNN)

Danger: If Congress 'Blows Up' the Iran Deal, by Joel Rubin (The Huffington Post)

How To Block The Iran Deal, by Harold Furchtgott-Roth (Forbes)

The New Middle East, Iran Nuclear Deal and The Arabs, by Nabil Fahmy (The Cairo Review of Global Affairs)

Why the Iran Deal is Essential, by Vijay Prashad (Counter Punch)

How to Make Iran Inspections Work, by John Parmntola and Theodore A. Postol (Politico)

A Normal Nuclear Pakistan, by Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

Why are Indian nuclear stockpiles not vexing America?, Muhammad Saeed (The News)

The Nuclear Age Has Left A Lasting Impression, by Neil Herndon (Forbes)

Trinity: Oppenheimer, Martinis, and the Atom Bomb, by Paul Lewandowski (War on the Rocks)

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