CTBT in the News

15 Apr. 2014: From ending nuclear testing to detecting tsunamis and missing aircraft: the wider applications of the Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (Stockholm International Peace Research Institute)

Statement of the 8th Ministerial Meeting of the NPDI (Mofa)

Joint Statement on the P5 Beijing Conference: Enhancing Strategic Confidence and Working Together to Implement the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Review Outcomes (U.S. Department of State)

U.S., China in 'productive' talks after North Korea test threat (Reuters)

Forgotten 'Downwinders' Demand Federal Compensation (Fronteras)

Iran cuts nuclear-weapons ability (Philly)

Rouhani says Iran sanctions will unravel in months (Reuters)

Iran's Zarif not worried about pushback from hardliners on nuclear deal (Himalayan Times)

Tehran protesters demand that Iran retain its nuclear program (Los Angeles Times)

Iran nuclear talks hit hurdles, face deep skepticism on Hill (Fox News)

B61-12 Life Extension Program Undergoes First Full-Scale Wind Tunnel Test (NNSA)

Former Warsaw Pact States Value U.S. Nuclear Arms as Deterrent to Russia (Global Security Newswire)

Russia test new missile amid growing tensions over Ukraine (Fox news)

Why Disarmament Matters -- and the Need for Constant Reminders, by Lia Petridis Maiello (Huffington Post)

How Washington’s Polarization Endangers Nuclear Arms Control, by Jofi Joseph (Atlantic Council)

Continuing Nuclear Proliferation, by Immanuel Wallerstein (Al Jazeera)

Multinational talks on N-disarmament needed with China’s participation, by Yomiuri Shimbun (The Japan News)

After Ukraine, Countries That Border Russia Start Thinking About Nuclear Deterrents, by Elisabeth Braw (Newsweek)

Nuclear Weapon Accidents, by Machael Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

The Risk of Not Worrying about the Bomb, by Lawrence Wittner (Consortium News)

New START Implementation On Track, if Slow, edited by Lauren Mladenka and Geoff Wilson (Ploughshares Fund)

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