CTBT in the News

Near asteroid 2004 BL86 has a moon (BBC)

The Weight of History on the Arrested Development of Kazakhstan’s Nuclear Potential (Foreign Policy Blogs)

When Mushroom Clouds Were All the Rage (Time)

Unlocking the Puzzle of China’s Neutron Bomb (The National Interest)

Payout for Fiji veterans of UK atomic test (3News)

Nobel laureate and laser inventor Charles Townes dies at 99 (UC Berkeley Newscenter)

Moscow says North Korean leader Kim confirms Russia visit – Yonhap (Reuters)

Seoul, Washington, Tokyo hold talks on N.K. nukes (Korea Herald)

Seoul, Washington to hold disarmament talks this week (Yonhap News)

Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear Nexus (Frontpage Mag)

U.S. military to hold seminar on N.K. nukes, missiles (The Korea Times)

Dalai Lama says certain nations like India can keep nuclear weapons 'for the safety of all' (DNA India)

In Reprieve to Obama, Senate Democrats Agree to Wait on Iran Sanctions (The New York Times)

Iran Nuclear Deal Prospects Fade as Israel Opposes Terms (Bloomberg)

Dems give Obama 2 months to reach Iran deal (Politico)

Lindsey Graham: Nuclear Iran Will Be Biggest Mistake of Obama's Presidency (News Max)

Salman to Obama: Don’t let Iran get nuclear bomb (Daily Star)

Iran, US, France, Germany to Attend Roundtable Nuclear Discussion in Munich (Tasnim News Agency)

Iran urges EU to play "more active role" in nuclear talks (Xinhua News)

Russian Nuclear Weapons Cannot Be Stopped By US Defenses, Says Russian Deputy Prime Minister (International Business Times)

Pentagon wants $350b nuclear upgrade to deter aggressive Russia, China (Washington Examiner)

Pakistan opposes US-India civil nuclear deal (World Bulletin)

Indo-US nuclear deal to impact deterrence stability in South Asia: Pakistan (The Economic Times)

Russell Brand Trident attack prompts invitation to Barrow (BBC)

Trident 'could quit Scotland for Wales': Secret plan for nuclear subs triggered by rise of SNP (Daily Mail)

MP slammed for not voting on Trident issue (Milngavie Herald)

Burghfield atomic weapons site: flood plan better late than never, says NAG (Get Reading)

Hibakusha: Daughter of A-bomb survivor learns strict mom cared for her future (Mainichi)

Ex-Los Alamos scientist accused of offering to make Venezuela a nuclear weapon to be sentenced (Star Tribune)

Henry Kissinger and the China-North Korea Reality, by Joseph Bosco (The Diplomat)

Iran-Syria-North Korea Nuclear Nexus, by Majid Rafizadeh (Front Page Mag)

Perspectives on the Strategic Necessity of Iran Sanctions, by Antony Blinken (US State Department)

How to Achieve a Nuclear Deal With Iran, by Behrooz Behbudi (The Algemeiner)

Analysis: Khamenei holds the key to nuclear deal between Iran, West, by Yossi Melman (The Jerusalem Post)

No, Shmuley Boteach, It's Not Alright for Bibi to Offend Obama, by H.A. Goodman (Huffington Post)

Obama, Netanyahu, Iran, Congress and the Republican Party, by Bob Rigg (Open Democracy)

Would a U.S. Strike Against Iran Actually Work?, by Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)

America Has a Very Expensive Plan to Replace Very Old Nukes, by James Drew (Medium)

A U.S.-India Nuclear Test (The Wall Street Journal)

The leftward winds blowing Miliband off course, by Henry Hill (Conservative Home)

Nunn-Lugar, R.I.P. (Arms Control)

David P. Barash: Biological evolution vis-à-vis nuclear threat, by Tribune News Service (Gulf Today)

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