CTBT in the News

“In Deep Atrophy”: America’s Nukes — or Conservatives’ Brains?, by Russ Wellen (Foreign Policy In Focus)

DPRK blasts US-South Korean joint military drill (Want China Times)

Conference on Disarmament hears statements by its president and eight countries (UNOG)

Politicians must rethink Trident and our wider role in the world (The Guardian)

Address Nuclear Liability, by B B Singh (Indian Express)

An Open Letter to the Iranian Negotiating Team, by Robert Einhorn (Brookings)

Nuclear Weapons: What Is the NDP Missing? by Michaela Dodge (The Daily Signal)

Brodie at the Beginning, by Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

From fission to fusion: the need for a quick transition, by Jason Parisi (The Bulletin)

Our pile of fear (The News)

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