CTBT in the News

Secrets of the Earth - It Fell From Space (The Weather Channel)

March 1, 1954: Massive nuclear test triggers fallout fears across the Pacific (British Telecommunications)

Nuke veteran's crippled daughter told to go on the dole if she wants help (Mirror)

North Korea's last nuclear test had a fireball the width of 4 Manhattan blocks (Business Insider)

Movie Showing of “Nuclear Savage,” a Powerful Film about the Marshall Islands and the Legacy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (New Jersey Stage)

North Korean nuclear tests: It’s all speculation & more (Korea Observer)

North Korea steps up threats over drills; U.S. Congress advances sanctions bill (Reuters)

North Korea: Nuclear Weapons Are Not A Monopoly Of The U.S. (Huffington Post)

Tensions Set to Rise on Korean Peninsula as Annual War Games Near (Fox News)

Two Koreas to debate human rights, nuclear issue in Geneva next week (Arirang)

North Korea fires missiles in anger at South-US military drills (Yahoo News)

Iran, six powers to hold nuclear talks in Switzerland on March 5: EU (Reuters)

Kerry asks for benefit of the doubt on Iran nuclear talks (Central Maine)

Iranian nuclear talks: Will there will a deal? (Omaha)

Lindsey Graham Promises AIPAC Members He Will Cut UN Funding and Derail Iran Negotiations (Huffington Post)

US negotiator: World would judge Iran deal to be 'a good thing' (Press TV)

U.S. firm on Iran nuclear diplomacy ahead of Netanyahu speech (CBC News)

Israel’s UN Ambassador Says Nuclear Iran Threatens “Stability of the Entire World” (Algemeiner)

Jeb Bush to Israeli Newspaper: US Approach to Iran Nuclear Talks ‘Inexplicable’ (Algemeiner)

Iran’s nuclear capability (Washington Post)

Retired Israeli veterans warn against speech (Washington Post)

Action AWE to hold protest at AWE Burghfield site on Monday (Basingstoke Gazette)

Burghfield atomic bomb factory protest (Get Reading)

The Rev. Bill Bichsel, longtime weapons protester and Tacoma-born priest, dead at 86 (Bellingham Herald)

US, Allies Undermine 'Nuclear Free' World – Lavrov (Sputnik News)

Future Directions in the DPRK’S Nuclear Weapons Program: Three Scenarios for 2020 (Institute for Science and International Security)

Danger Ahead for Obama on Iran, by Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)

The strategic genius of Iran’s supreme leader, by Ray Takeyh (Washington Post)

Russia and China Aren’t Less Committed to Nuclear Force. So Why Are We? By Michaela Dodge and Adam Lowther (The Daily Signal)

Rifkind: good riddance, by David Lowry (OpenDemocracy)

Dividing the U.S. on Israel, by Isaac Herzog (The New York Times)

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