CTBT in the News

On World Day, top UN officials call for prompt entry into force of nuclear test ban treaty (UN News Centre)

الأمم المتحدة تحيي اليوم العالمي لمناهضة التجارب النووية بدعوة 44 دولة إلى التصديق على اتفاقية دولية (UN Radio Arabic)

CTBTO/International Day Advancer (UNifeed)

"End poisonous legacy" of nuclear testing (UN Radio)

Казахстан, США и Россия сумели полностью обезопасить полигон в Семипалатинске (UN Radio)

Kazakhstan Calls for Nuclear Disarmament at International Conference (Latin American Herald Tribune)

N. Korea provocations will lead to self-destruction: Park (The Korea Times)

North Korea could soon conduct test of nuclear warhead, analysts say (UPI.com)

North Korea Sets Up Special Force For Radioactive Bomb Attacks (Radio Free Asia)

North Korea Denounces UN Condemnation, Warns US of Action (ABC News)

S. Korea to check alternate sites for THAAD (Yonhap News)

Unification minister calls for more int'l pressure on N.K. to give up nukes (Yonhap News Agency)

<카자흐 비핵화 모델> ①핵포기로 경제발전…北,교훈 삼아야 (Yonhap News)

Ban lamenta estancamiento de negociaciones nucleares (Inter Press Service)

Kazakhstan — 25 years of building the model of a nuclear weapon-free state (The Jordan Times)

Forging legally binding UN deal banning nuclear weapons 'unrealistic' (The Korea Times)

India can play imp role in bringing new non-proliferation (India Today)

China, Japan and the ROK seek regional peace and stability (China.org)

North Korea: Friendly Proliferation May Beat a Nuclear Umbrella (Cato Institute)

25 Years Later, Kazakhstan Grapples With Effects of Nuclear Tests (Transitions Online)

South and Central Asia: Building Towards a Nuclear Weapon Free World (Ein News)

Commentary: Ratify the treaty to end nuclear weapons testing (Philly.com)

Nuclear testing is not a path to security and peace (Greenpeace)

Rethink oldthink on no first use (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Why Australia should support negotiations for a nuclear weapon ban (The Interpreter)

Prometheus-bound: An end to nuclear explosive tests (SIPRI)

Preserve nuclear umbrella (The Post and Courier)

No closer to being nuclear-free (The Gisborne Herald)

Kazakhstan’s quixotic quest to ban the Bomb (Daily Maverick)