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Une Afrique sans arme nucléaire (BBC Afrique)

Gesucht: Fingerabdrücke von Explosionen (SRF)

July 2, 2015 The science of detecting nuclear explosions by Henry Reich (Ohio NOW)

What an underground nuclear explosion looks like (ZME Science)

July: This Month in Nuclear Threat History, by Jeffrey W. Mason (Transcend Media Service)

Le 6 août 1945, la première bombe atomique pulvérise Hiroshima (la Croix)

Deadly dome of gorgeous Pacific island leaking radioactive waste (news.com.au)

“Cactus Dome” – Global Warming Causing Radioactive Material to Leak into Pacific Ocean from Marshall Islands (Ring of Fire)

Arms Embargo Takes on Larger Meaning as Iran Nuclear Talks Enter Endgame (NY Times)

Diplomacy, U.S. resolve tested as Iran nuclear deadline nears (The Globe and Mail)

Iran demands end to U.N. missile sanctions, West refuses (Reuters)

Iran nuclear talks hit potential snag over arms embargo (The Washington Post)

Iran pushes for end to arms embargo in nuclear deal (Washington Times)

UN watchdog in Tehran for ‘intense’ nuclear talks (The Times of Israel)

Deadline in doubt in Iran talks final act (Yahoo News)

Critics of Iran nuclear talks see room for a tougher bargain (LA Times)

Iran Defense Minister warns of ‘Israel’s WMDs’ threat to world (The Jerusalem Post)

Iranian official: US will remain our enemy despite emerging nuclear deal (The Jerusalem Post)

Iranian nuclear deal set to make hardline Revolutionary Guards richer (Reuters)

Lapid: Netanyahu should quit if bad Iran nuclear deal signed (The Jerusalem Post)

Iran nuclear talks expected to power past deadline (france24)

China urges U.S.-Iran compromise 36 hours to nuclear deadline (fuelfix)

China asegura que acuerdo nuclear con Irán está muy cerca (La Tercera)

Iran: All Nuclear Activities Will Continue Under Final Deal (The Algemeiner)

Iran’s Rafsanjani Warns: Regional States Should Fear Israel, Not Iran’s Nuclear Program (The Algemeiner)

Clinton supports Iran’s Nuclear deal in final phase (PT)

As deadline looms for Iran nuclear deal, Kerry says talks could go either way (KPAX)

Russia Steps Up in U.S.-led Nuclear Talks with Iran (The Jewish Express)

Last few 'tough' nuclear issues in ministers hands: Iran (Zee News)

Iran nuclear talks drama in knife-edge final act (Zee News)

Michael Douglas on Iran Nuclear Deal: People Think US is Being ‘Played for the Patsy’ (The Algemeiner)

Option to use nuclear weapons always available: Asif (Geo.tv)

Pakistan PM Denies Nuclear Material May Leak Into Hands of Terrorists (Sputnik)

Nuclear-capable Russian bombers cruise California, Alaska coastlines on July 4 (The Washington Times)

Exhibition to Mark 30th Anniversary of Rainbow Warrior (Scoop)

New generation of A-bomb storytellers emerging in unlikely place (Today)

Nuclear-armed rivals India, Pakistan to begin process of joining China security bloc (Haaretz)

Nuclear armed neighbors to start process of joining China security bloc (Daily Pakistan)

Here’s the Trickiest Part of the Iranian Nuclear Talks, by Massimo Calabresi (TIME)

On Iran, Worry About the Deal, Not the Deadline, by Dennis Ross (Politico)

The Nuclear Negotiations - What Are They All About?, by Amelia Amin (HuffPost Politics United Kingdom)

The Iranian-American Nuclear Project, by Caroline Glick (Real Clear Politics)

Approaching a final deal: Timeline of Iran's nuclear program controversy (RT)

Deal with Iran will promote peace, by Mark Schroeder (La Crosse Tribune)

Iran Is Cutting Its Losses With A Nuclear Deal, by Thomas Juneau (War on the Rocks)

Imminent, Dreadful Iran Nuclear Deal Must Be Stopped, by Steve Forbes (Forbes)

Assessing an Iran Deal: 5 Big lessons from History, by Graham Allison (The National Interest)

Diplomacy with Iran, by Mark B. Sisisky (Richmond Times-Dispatch)

On Iran Nuclear Deal, Beware of ‘Peace in Our Time’ Promise, by Yoram Ettinger (The Algemeiner)

Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran, by Arshad Mohammed (Yahoo News)

Iran’s kumbaya video: let’s cut the deal and turn to ‘existential battle’ against extremists, by Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

Is No Nuclear Deal With Iran a Better Outcome for Obama?, by Aaron David Miller (Washington Wire)

Beyond the Iran Deal: A Better Non-Proliferation Regime, by Ilan Goldenberg and Avner Golov (The National Interest)

The Saudis quietly launch a nuclear spending spree, by Bill Law (Middle East Eye)

Stop Confusing Deterrence with Strategy, by Van Jackson (The Diplomat)

How U.S. Plans Respond to Russia Breaking Yet Another Arms Treaty, by Cameron Swathwood (The Daily Signal)

“Axis of Evil 2.0″, Targeting Russia, China, Iran, North Korea: The Hidden Details of the New US National Military Strategy, by Andrew Korybko (Global Research)

Nuclear arms race in South Asia, by Musa Khan Jalalzai (Daily Times)

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