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Vienna Adjunct Faculty Member in Middle East with CTBTO

Nuclear bomb testing: fund for ex-Servicemen (Burnley Express)

Жители Французской Полинезии готовят иск к Франции на 1 миллиард долларов (Комсомольская правда)

New Mexicans in Trinity Site fallout zone still suffering side effects generations later (KOB4)

Russia sees N. Korea as 'important leverage': China expert (Korea Herald)

South Korea nuclear envoy heads to Russia to discuss North Korea nuclear program (TASS)

Brainwashed North Koreans Hold Huge Parade To Prove The UN Wrong (The Business Insider)

As North Korea fumes over UN rebuke, South renews human-rights push (The Globe and Mail)

Iran nuclear: Drama in Vienna as talks go to the wire (BBC)

Republicans' clash with Barack Obama on Iran nuclear talks (The Economic Times)

Voices for Diplomacy With Iran Flood Capitol Hill (Huffington Post)

A Hard Truth: Iran Will Remain a Nuclear Threshold State (National Interest)

Iranian official: Israel is a big obstacle ahead of nuclear talks (Middle East Monitor)

Nuclear Iran is ‘threat to Israel and global security’ (Jewish News)

Iran hard-liners turn on Rouhani, ayatollah backs nuclear talks (Israel Hayom)

Israel seeks Congressional intervention on Iran (I24 News)

Chicago Tribune: Squeeze a stalling Iran to make a nuclear deal (Wisconsin State Journal)

World Leaders Express Mixed Views on Failed Iran Nuclear Negotiations; Bibi Draws Sigh of Relief (The Jewish Voice)

Hawks Double Down as Negotiators Race Against Time (Ploughshares Fund)

SCO Strengthens Cooperation With Iran After Vienna Talks (Sputnik News)

Iran won’t be brought to knees on nuclear issue: Khamenei (The Nation)

Переговоры с Ираном по ядерной программе отличились отсутствием прогресса (Talks)

The Implications of Extending the Iran Nuclear Talks (In Homeland Security)

US watching Russia's nuclear moves in Crimea: General Breedlove (Press TV)

Call for world leaders to eliminate nuclear weapons (Stuff)

Australian support for France’s nuclear force (Island Business)

Pakistan more than capable of securing its nuclear stockpiles: Pentagon (Pakistan Today)

The 3 reasons why Iran nuclear talks keep failing, by Max Fisher (VOX)

Why The US Shouldn't Be So Afraid Of The Nuclear Negotiations With Iran Collapsing, by Emanuele Ottolenghi (The Business Insider)

Dr. Strangelove’s Advice to U.S. and Russian Nuclear Planners, by Walter C. Clemens Jr. (The Diplomat)

Obama: Helping Terror Go Nuclear, by Noah Beck (The Christian Post)

The New Cold War? By Satya Mouland (Redbrick)

US is Capable of Killing Russian and Chinese Attacks including Iran Nuclear Standoff, by Precious Silva (International Business Times)

Call for world leaders to eliminate nuclear weapons, by stuff.co.nz (Styff.co.nz)

Kicking ‘The Bomb’ Down The Road, by the Jewish Week (The Jewish Week)

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