CTBT in the News

The nuke detectives (The Economist)

„Nie wieder Atomtests!“ – Ausstellungseröffnung im Auswärtigen Amt (UNRIC)

Nuclear disarmament needs a push (The Japan Times)

A Step Toward a Safer Atom, by Nursultan Nazarbayev (FP)

A response to American claims, by Muhammad Umar (The Nation)

VA Compensation for Radiation Exposure (Columbia Star)

N. Korea shows no signs of rocket launch preparations yet: 38 North (Yonhap)

S. Korea's chief nuclear envoy to visit U.S. (The Korea Herald)

Marshalls' nuclear evacuee housing in spotlight (Radio New Zealand)

New art exhibit questions nuclear warfare (The Diamondback)

India’s nuclear outlook focused towards China: Report (Pakistan Today)

Nuclear power – Pak-India should stop playing ‘who’s better?’ (Pakistan Today)

He shells, she shells (The Economist)

Seoul-Beijing summit highlights N. Korea isolation (Asia One)

China triggers regional nuclear race, by Angus Grigg (Australian Financial Review)

Pakistan's quest for nuclear power, India's worriment, by S.C. Kohli (Meri News)

Nuclear power – Pak-India should stop playing ‘who’s better?’ (Pakistan Today)

The Iran Deal Is a Victory for Reason and Economic Sanctions, by John Cassidy (The New Yorker)

Why We Will Vote for the Iran Deal in Congress, Despite Its Imperfections, by Rep. Jan Schakowsky, Rep. Lloyd Doggett and Rep. David Price (Haaretz)

Five risks from the deployment of nuclear-armed submarines in the Indo-Pacific, by Brendan Thomas-Noone (The Interpreter)

Opinion: Can Nuclear War be Avoided?, by Gunnar Westberg (IPS News)

Reviving America’s Nuclear Culture, by Michael Auslin (City Journal)

“The Security of Israel”: Fifth ‘Nuclear-Capable’ Submarine, Cruise Missiles with Nuclear Warheads, “Deterrent against Iran” (Global Research)

Sorry George Osborne, but it's Trident that makes us less safe, not Jeremy Corbyn, by Kate Hudson (The Independent)

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