CTBT in the News

UN chief Ban Ki-moon appeals India, 7 others to ratify Nuclear test ban treaty (The Economic Times)

Special Sept. 15 Event: Nuclear Weapons Testing: History, Progress, Challenges (Arms Control)

US war games in South Korea promote arms race in Northeast Asia — paper (ITAR-TASS)

Xi asked Park to ‘tread carefully’ on U.S. missile defense system (Korea Herald)

Arab States, Israel Set To Clash At U.N. Nuclear Meeting (Business Insider)

Anti-Nuclear War Congress in Astana Starts Tomorrow (Bernama)

FactCheck: a nuke-free Scotland? (Channel 4 News)

Obama’s nuclear agenda, by Rizwan Asghar (The News)

Tactical nuclear weapons in South Asia, by Musa Khan Jalalzai (Daily Times)

Uncommon Strategic Restraint, by Michael Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

Finding Security in Cooperation, by Helen Young (Huffington Post)

Hypersonic weapons and the new global arms race, by Homa Khaleeli (The Guardian)

Bombs Ahoy! Why the UK is desperate for nuclear power, Oliver Tickell (The Ecologist)

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