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Insights Daily Answer Writing Challenge Day – 6

North Korea: Update on Activity at Sohae Satellite Launching Station (insight on India)

N. Korea puts on show of military might for anniversary (CBS News)

North Korea shows off ‘long range’ nukes, but experts divided over authenticity of claim (Japan Times)

U.S. official: North Korea 'likely preparing' weapons test – Barbara Starr (CNN)

Kim Jong Un: North Korea ready for ‘any kind of war’ against U.S. (Washington Post)

DPRK not yet able to fit nuclear warhead to missile: Seoul (Want China Times)

Visiting Chinese official tells North Korea’s Kim that Beijing can help revive nuclear talks (Japan Times)

S. Korea, Germany vow to make efforts for N. Korea's denuclearization (Yonha News)

Neil Findlay convinced unilateral nuclear disarmament campaign will win Trident debate (The Courier)

China alarmed on Japan’s large amount of sensitive nuclear materials in storage (Anga Malaya)

Israel’s nukes ‘serious threat’ to ME’s peace, security (Mehr News)

US In Talks With Pakistan Over Capping Its Nuke Rang (The Indian Panorama)

Iran test-fires new generation long-range ballistic missiles, state media report - Tim Hume (CNN)

Iran's parliament approves outline of bill on nuclear deal (NYSE Post)

Israel, Iran trade barbs at UN nuclear disarmament panel meeting (Jerusalem Post Israel News)

Iranian Majlis gives green light to implementation of nuclear agreement (Vestnik Kavkaza)

At Military Parade, a Rare Public Speech by North Korea’s Leader, by CHOE SANG-HUN and JANE PERLEZ (NY Times)

‘Get rid of Trident or back Tory WMD’: SNP calls on Scottish Labour ‘to be straight with people’ (RT)

Will 3-D-Printers Produce Nuclear Weapons One Day? – Russ Wellen (Foreign Policy In Focus)

Nightmares made real: Tales from the nuclear black market (New York Post)

Nuclear madness - NATO's WMD 'sharing' must end – Xanthe Hall (The Ecologist)

Israel only impediment to nuclear-free zone in Middle East: Iran UN envoy (Press TV)

Foreign Interventions in the Middle East: More Havoc, Nuclear Weapons, Less Order – Frank Thomas (San Diego Free Press)

US-Pakistan nuke deal: Part revenge, part grandstanding – Seema Sirohi (The Economic Times)

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