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Age of Innocence – 1954, Part Three – The Nuclear Arms Race and News Readers, by Andrew Petcher (Ai Petcher)

Fiji expected to announce nuclear test compensation (Radionz)

North Korea Slams Israel as a Rogue 'Nuclear Threat' (National Interest)

S. Korean envoy leaves for Tokyo for N.K. nuke talks (Korea Herald)

China red-flags India’s entry into NSG, may push for Pakistan (Times of India)

Mom’s anti-nuclear stance inspires film (Japan Times)

Iran nuclear debate takes partisan shape, as Democrats resist (Jerusalem Post)

How Iran Continues To Deceive The West (Western Journalism)

Iran nuclear deal unlikely by March as significant gaps remain, official says (Haaretz)

Iran's nuke program 'main threat' to Israel: Netanyahu (World Bulletin)

Netanyahu: Iran deal dangerous for the world, will allow production of dozens of nukes (Jerusalem Post)

Iran Nuclear Deal Prospects Fade as Israel Digs In Against Terms (Bloomberg)

U.S military to hold seminar on N.K. nukes, missiles (Korea Times)

Kerry meets with Iran’s foreign minister on nuclear talks (McClatchy DC)

NYTimes: U.S. Should Learn to Live with Iran-Backed Syrian Regime (The Tower)

World War 3: Russia’s Nuclear Weapons Upgraded, U.S. Missile Defense Can’t Stop Them, Claim Russians (Inquistir)

U.N.: Nuclear arms proliferation threatens world anew (BioPrep Watch)

World Has Moved Closer to Apocalypse, Says Bulletin of Atomic Scientists (Christian Post)

Five parties in consensus on nuke talks (Korea Herald)

Playing Politics on Iran, Editorial (New York Times)

An Iran Deal Is Nothing To Fear, by Steve Chapman (Real Clear Politics)

Iran should be opposed for more than nuclear program, by Shoshana Bryen (San Diego Jewish World)


The United States and Russia must repair their partnership on nuclear security, by Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar (Washington Post)

U.S., Russia should return to on-site inspections for treaty claims, by Scott Ritter (LA Times)

Promoting Nuclear Energy and Non-Proliferation – The Contribution of Kazakhstan, by Richard Weitz (Second Line of Defense)

Once Again on the Nuclear Warpath?, by Lawrence Wittner (Counter Punch)

Nuclear powers in the dock, by Rizwan Asghar (The News)

From Vienna to New York: Diverging attitudes and expectations among NPT members spell trouble for the 2015 NPT Review, by Rob van Riet (Peace & Conflict Monitor)

Trident: Is it time to wrap up a “£100 billion monstrosity?” By Laura Jayne Riley (Wiki Times)

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