CTBT in the News

China, US hopefully will join treaty banning nuclear tests (Nikkei Asian Review)

CTBTO準備委トップ「日本の指導力期待」 核実験禁止 (Nikkei)

North Korea Newsletter 369 (July 2, 2015) (Yonhap News Agency)

Rodong Sinmun Denounces S. Korean Foreign Minister's Jargons (KCNA)


Nuclear Monitoring Body Harps On Data Usage (Daily Independent)

No hay excusas para retrasar la entrada en vigor del TPCE

Nothing escapes the Global Ear: nuclear tests, volcanoes, earthquakes or meteors (environmental research web)

[안보전문가 칼럼] 김동명 "북한의 핵무장 위협 어떻게 억제하고 방어할 것인가?" (Hankooki)

ROK urges DPRK back to dialogue table (East Day)

North Korea warned of sanctions over nuclear and missile programmes (India)

Park urges N.K. to dump nukes (The Korea Herald)

Talks with NKorea come with conditions, says White House advisor (UPI)

North Korea Newsletter 369 (July 2, 2015) (Yonhap News)

North Korea warned of sanctions over nuclear and missile programmes (india.com)

Seoul rebuffs possible nuke weapons deployment (The Korea Times)

Iran nuclear talks: Deadline extended to 7 July (BBC)

Iran’s President to Meet With Top U.N. Nuclear Official (The New York Times)

Ex-envoy: Iran deal bad for Israel, U.S. and world (CNN)

Fresh push in Iran nuclear talks in Tehran, Vienna (Zee News)

Experts Warn Iran Deal Will Kill Nuclear Non-Proliferation (Arutz Sheva)

Iran has no goal to create nuclear weapon (AzerNews)

Keep pushing for the best possible nuclear deal with Iran (Star Tribune)

UN watchdog chief to Iran as nuclear talks extended (7 News)

Academic says what the West is demanding from Iran is ‘Additional Protocol-Plus’ (Teheran Times)

Iran Nuclear Talks Could Stall Over Access to Scientists and Sites (The New York Times)

UN Report positive on Iran nuclear commitments (The Times of Israel)

Ex-envoy: Iran deal bad for Israel, U.S. and world (CNN)

Israel's fight against Iran gets animated (Ahram Online)

Russia and US agree on Iran nuclear deal for most part (Indian Express)

Nuke watchdog, powers look to pin down Iran deal in fresh push (The Times of Israel)

China, France further strengthen their nuclear cooperation (WNN)

IAEA says Iran uranium stockpile reduced, but questions remain (Reuters)

Kerry says Iran nuclear talks `making progress` (Zee News)

イラン核協議団の元メンバー、「5カ国はNPTに違反」(Iran Japanese Radio)

Iran Repatriates 13 Tons of Gold Under Sanctions Relief (The Washington Free Beacon)

Cher Wades Into The Nuclear Iran Debate. Yes … Cher (The DC)

6th Annual Generation Prague Conference (Yuma News Now)

1959 crash nuclear secret for decades (Shreveport Times)

Russia vulnerable to nuclear attack; new satellite system delayed until November (The Washington Times)

New Pacific Russian Nuclear Missile Submarine Facility Could Open by October (USNI News)

China’s WU-14 Nuclear Device: Impact On Deterrence Equation – Analysis (eurasia review)

Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran, by Arshad Mohammed (Yahoo! News)

Iran-US Nuclear Talks: What Absolute Deadlines?, by Dr. Majid Rafizadeh (The World Post)

Obama’s Plan B? The 30,000-Pound Bomb that Could Be Used against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities ‘Boggles the Mind’, by Jeremy Bender (Global Research)

It's a 'Hall of Mirrors' — But Iran Nuclear Deal Is Good as It Gets, by J.J. Goldberg (Forward)

How to Stop States from ‘Weaponizing’ Nuclear Programs-Mark Hibbs (JK Alternative Viewpoint)

Iran: 35 Years Triumphant in the Middle East Nuclear Arms Race, by Abraham Miller (The Jewish Press)

Iran Deal Could Kill Traditional Nuclear Policy , by Emma-Jo Morris (The Washington Free Beacon)

Going nuclear? (NIU)

This President doesn’t Understand that Our Adversaries Respect Strength, interview with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (Fox News Radio)

Ex-U.S. Envoy To Iraq Says Iran Playing 'Unhelpful' Role (Radio Free Europe)

Repeating Myself on an Iran Nuclear Deal, by Cal Thomas (Townhall)

A failing nuclear treaty with Russia shows the right way to deal with Iran, by Bennett Ramberg (Reuters)

Israeli pilot from Osirak raid: Only U.S. can destroy Iran’s nuclear program, interview with Relik Shafir by Jared Sichel (Jewish Journal)

The US Doesn't Need Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Asia, by Van Jackson (The Diplomat)

Jason Stanford: A weapons-grade bad idea (thecabin.net)

Could India's Military Really Crush Pakistan?, by Walter C. Ladwig III (The National Interest)

Russia's Secret New Weapon: Should the West Be Afraid?, by Franz-Stefan Gady (The Diplomat)

Exposed: China Won't Place Nuclear Weapons in Cuba, by Zachary Keck (National Interest)

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