CTBT in the News

The Next Steps In Nuclear Security (Indian Panorama)

Why Obama’s Trip to Hiroshima Matters more than You Might Think (History News Network)

Millennials: The next great opportunity in nuclear security (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Sens. Cotton and Lankford: Why the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty is still a bad idea (Fox News)

What Obama really needs to say in Hiroshima (The News & Observer)

Nuclear Security Summit 2016: Where do the movers and followers stand? (The Indian Express)

North Korean nuclear envoy who negotiated '94 deal dies - state media (Reuters)

N.K. nukes prompt Seoul to further tighten sanctions on Pyongyang (Korea Herald)

S. Korea calls for DPRK's denuclearization stance before military talks (Xinhua)

Obama: N. Korea Has History of Proliferating Nuclear Technologies (KBS World Radio)

Obama claims Russia uninterested in further reductions of nuclear weapons (Vestnik Kavkaza)

NPT not required for Nuclear Suppliers Group membership: India (The Indian Express)

Pakistan seeks NSG membership to curb nuclear proliferation (The Express Tribune)

Pakistan to push UN to declare Indian Ocean nuclear-free zone (The Indian Express)

'NK has nuclear missiles' (The Korea Times)

Obama's Asian nuclear nightmare (Politico)

Obama's Hiroshima visit looks to future amid charges of selective amnesia (Japan Today)

Obama’s visit to Hiroshima (Workers World)

This was not the only way: Obama is right to visit Hiroshima, and right not to apologize for the bomb — but the judgment of history is more complicated (NY Daily News)

President must take real action to reduce nuclear weapons (Livingston County News)

Can Russia Survive Washington’s Attack? “Nuclear War with Russia is Entirely Possible in the Next Year” (Global Research)

It’s time to end nuclear threat (Herald Net)

Nuclearised Indian Ocean (The Nation)

India's nuclear threat (Business Recorder)

Pakistan, India and nukes (Daily Times)

Join the club (The Express Tribune)

Why Israel should be concerned over Pakistan nukes (The Jerusalem Post)

Nuclear weapons haven’t made the world safer (The Nation)

Nuclear supplier group deeply divided (Modern Diplomacy)

U.N. nuclear disarmament talks (The Japan Times)

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