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North Korea may conduct nuclear tests in October — deputy UN envoy (TASS)

郝樊华:扎根山谷 军控核查一干31年 (Kaixian)

Bikinians evacuated ‘for good of mankind’ endure lengthy nuclear fallout, Renee Lewis (Aljazeera)

WWII veteran reflects on atomic bomb tests (The Richmond Register)

New Mexicans claim cancer is living legacy of world’s first atomic bomb test (PBS)

70 years ago, Padre Island was nearly the site of nuclear weapons testing in the United States (My San Antonio)

Udall, Heinrich seek Senate hearing for radiation victims (Albuquerque Journal)

Tour the site of the world’s first atomic bomb explosion (PBS)

North Korea Not Interested In Iran-Style Deal As It's A 'Nuclear Weapons State In Name And Reality' (The Huffington Post)

(LEAD) S. Korea, U.S., Japan to discuss N. Korea nuke (Yonhap)

US institute: NKorea launch site upgrade complete (NBC 2)

Lawmakers fear Iran copying ‘North Korea’s playbook’ (The Hill)

Nuclear weapons not a toy, says North Korea`s China envoy (Zee News)

Pyongyang descarta interés por dialogar con EEUU sobre su programa nuclear (Sputnik)

John Kerry leads drive to win support for Iran nuclear deal (Financial Times)

EU's Mogherini in Iran to discuss nuclear deal, region: TV (Reuters)

EU foreign policy chief in Iran for discussions on implementing nuclear deal (Euro News)

Kerry warns U.S. Congress scrapping Iran deal would mean path to nuclear weapon (Reuters)

Tweet from Iran leader's account seems to show Obama with a gun to his head (CNN)

Huckabee's gas chamber reference to Iran deal draws Israeli criticism (Reuters)

Mike Huckabee blasted over nuclear deal comment (WPTV)

Israeli envoy: Huckabee's 'Obama marching Israelis to ovens' remark 'inappropriate' (Haaretz)

IAEA Would Depend on Iran to Collect its Own Samples for Nuclear Residue Testing (The Washington Free Beacon)

On their terms? Iran wants to take own soil samples at suspected nuclear site (Fox News)

Kerry implores Congress to back Iran nuclear deal (12 News)

Key U.S. House Democrat cites troublesome issues in Iran nuclear deal (y net)

A Conversation With John F. Kerry (World Policy)

Obama may not accept rejection of Iran deal (WND)

Longest serving Jewish congressman supports Iran nuclear deal (Fox)

U.S. Sen. Manchin 'leaning toward' supporting Iran nuclear deal (The State Journal)

Ex-diplomats urge ratification of Iran deal (Politico)

Iran`s Zarif has `no concern` about nuclear deal (Zee News)

Deal Violates Non-Proliferation Treaty, Cannot be Altered by EO (Stand Up America)

Nuclear deal paves the way for Iran to join Shanghai Cooperation Organization (Albawaba Business)

John Kerry to House GOP: 'I don’t need any lessons from you' (Politico)

John Kerry Says Rejecting Deal Gives Iran 'Fast Track' to Bomb (Forward)

Bomb on One Hand, Gita on Other (Indian Express)

‘Oh Khetolai! I’ll love to live there on sand dunes’ (The Times of India)

Submarine killers: India's $61 billion warning to China (Thanhnien News)

‘India-China N-competition may increase’ (The Asian Age)

Why North Korea Doesn’t Want Iran-Style Nuclear Talks, by Alastair Gale (The Wall Street Journal)

US flexible on N. Korea, by Chen Weihua (China Daily USA)

'South Korean John McCain' Sees Lessons for North in Iran Deal, by John Gizzi (Newsmax)

Israel’s Choice: Conventional War Now, or Nuclear War Later , by Norman Podhoretz (The Wall Street Journal)

Opinion: The pro-Israel position is supporting the Iran nuclear deal, by Jeremy Ben-Ami (The Washington Post)

We Must Confront Iran’s Sinister Ambitions in the Middle East, by Tzipi Livni (Newsweek)

How We Got Into Such A Bad Nuclear Deal With Iran, by James Zumwalt (Breitbart)

So Will Kerry Produce the Khamenei ‘Fatwa’ Against Nuclear Weapons?, by Andrew C. McCarthy (PL Media)

Walter Pincus: Sizing up Iran's past research on nuclear weapons, by Walter Pincus (The Commercial Appeal)

The Obama administration's entangling alliances in the Middle East, by Drew Christiansen (National Catholic Reporter)

Israel, not Iran, started Middle East nuclear arms race, by Bruce Riedel (Almonitor)

Alliance Blackmail: Israel’s Opposition to the Iran Nuclear Agreement, by Richard Falk (Foreign Policy Journal)

Opinion: Iran nuclear agreement buys time for other options, by John M. Crisp (North Jersey)

Star Wars chief: Iran could launch satellites with nukes, by F. Michael Maloof (WND)

Say ‘no deal’ to the Iran nuclear agreement, by Rep. Pete Olson (The Hill)

The Real Test of the Iran Deal, by James Fallows (The Atlantic)

A critical unknown is emerging in the Iran deal, by Armin Rosen (Business Insider)

Supreme Law of the Land, Editorial (The New York Sun)

Kerry: Iran Deal Not a Treaty ‘Because You Can’t Pass a Treaty Anymore’, by Patrick Goodenough (CBS News)

Another Reset? The Iran Nuclear Deal and Its Consequences for NATO, by Klaudiusz Brian Magierowski (Atlantic-Community)

US, Russia Should Have Diplomatic Dialogue on INF Treaty – CRS (Sputnik)

This new nuclear-armed US bomb may be the most dangerous weapon in America's arsenal, by Jeremy Bender (Business Insider)

The Real Monster in Georgia's Waters Can't Swim, by Farah Halime (OZY)

2 history shows on the first atomic-bomb test lack depth, by Verne Gay (Honululu Star-Advertiser)

Video showing how to launch a nuke is equally captivating and chilling, by Michael Franco (C Net)

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