CTBT in the News

Researchers use seismic signals to track above-ground explosions (Phys.org)

Geolocating the Kalahari Test Site, by Jeffrey Lewis (Arms Control Wonk)

North Korea says it can miniaturize nuclear weapons (CNN Philippines)

Top negotiators of S.Korea, U.S., Japan to gather for DPRK nuke talks (ECNS)

Five middle powers call for denuclearization of N. Korea (Yonhap News)

Expert: North Korean nuclear claims 'neither reliable nor believable' (Deutsche Welle)

Iran's supreme leader just added another obstacle to an Iran nuclear deal (Business Insider)

Iran to UN: Israeli defense minister threatened to nuke us (Times of Israel)

U.S. official in Israel to discuss Mideast nuclear arms ban (Reuters)

Concern in Jerusalem over international decision against Israeli nuclear program (Haaretz)

Israel nuclear weapon ‘secret’ could be exposed (Gulf News)

Pakistan rejects reports on selling nuclear arms to Saudi Arabia (India Times)

Russia Deployed Nuclear-Capable Gear, NATO Commander Says (Bloomberg)

‘No direct evidence’ Russia deployed extra nukes – NATO military chief (Russia Today)

Russia’s Stanislav Petrov saved world from nuclear war (The Australian)

Non-Nuclear Dream Dashed (NHK News)

NPT: nuclear colonialism versus democratic disarmament (50.50 Inclusive Democracy)

North Korea's Takeaway From The Iran Nuclear Talks, by Claudia Rosett (Forbes)

Gwynne Dyer: The reality of North Korea's nuclear weapon program, by Gwynne Dyer (Straight)

Dimona: Israel’s “Little Hiroshima”, by Richard Silverstein (Counterpunch)

Nuclear War Is Not Likely Over Ukraine, US Tries to Reassure the World, by William Boardman (Global Research)

Rift grows between nuclear haves, have-nots. What can be done? By Howard LaFranchi (Christian Science Monitor)

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