CTBT in the News

Inhabited Desert: The Untold Story of the Trinity Test, by Marisa Demarco (KUNM)

Downwinders to hold vigil Saturday, by John Bear (Alamogordo News)

China calls for U.S. to lower bar for nuclear talks with N. Korea (Global Post)

S. Korea, U.S. to test deterrence plan against N.K. nukes (Yonhap News Agency)

Iran and its nuclear plans (The Economist)

Skepticism Abounds as P5+1 Extend Iran Nuclear Talks (The Algemeiner)

The Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Central Asian Security (The Diplomat)

Long-time Allies North Korea and China: In the Brink of Splitting Up, by Erika Villanueva (China Topix)

Iran: beyond concessions and expectations, by Paul Ingram (Open Democracy)

The centenary of war in the shadow of 'the bomb, by Sean Howard (Cape Breton Post)

The Next Generation WMD Non-proliferation Agenda, by Johan Bergenas (International Relations and Security Network)

Guest Opinion: Remembering the uncelebrated in war, by Patrick Cha (Herald News)

A vote for Scotland's independence could reverberate through NATO, by Leo Michel (Los Angeles Times)

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