CTBT in the News

Comment: Australia and India face a graver test than cricket, Dave Sweeney and Jim Green (SBS)

Which is the Most Responsible Nuclear Nation – Iran, Israel or the United States? By Kevin Martin (Common Dreams)

Nuclear bomb tests created the holes in the ozone layer, by Stephen Day (The Star)

New York Times: Nuclear Establishment Tool, by Prof. Karl Grossman (Global Research)

Russia, China Mull Resuming Six-Party Talks Over N Korea's Nuclear Program (Sputnik News)

New Chinese ambassador vows to 'blaze new trail' in N. Korea ties (The Korea Herald)

Five years on, tensions mount over South Korea’s sunken warship (Malaymail Online)

Iran Insists on Lifting All Sanctions in Any Nuclear Deal-IRNA (The New York Times)

Iran Reacts To Snap Nuclear Inspections Call (Radio Free Europe)

Iran poses top threat to Mideast stability, Israeli consul general says (Trib Live)

Iran Nuclear Talks Explained: The Players, The Issues and The Latest (NBC News)

Israel “Spied On the United States” During Iran Nuclear Negotiations (Global Research)

Administration Declassifies Top-Secret Doc That Reveals Israel’s Nuclear Secrets (Breitbart)

Ambassador Tries to Bridge Gap With U.S., but on Israel’s Terms (The New York Times)

Russia Tests Nuclear-Forces Communications in Arctic Navy Drills (Bloomberg)

Russian Ex-Minister Given U.S. Award for Promoting Nuclear Security (The Moscow Times)

Russia Asks U.S. To Remove Its Nukes From Europe (Value Walk)

Pakistan: Short-range nukes needed to deter India (Golf News)

UN chief nominates ex-Korean diplomat for arms control post (Korea Times)

Conference On Disarmament Considers Three Draft Proposals (UNOG)

Malcolm Fraser fought to abolish nuclear weapons (Sydney Morning Herald)

Call North Korea Anything But This..., by Ankit Panda (The Diplomat)

Is North Korea a Nuclear State? By Van Jackson (The Diplomat)

To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran, by John R.Bolton (The New York Times)

Iran might attack American troops in Iraq, U.S. officials fear, by Michael Crowley (Politico)

Some Things NPR Doesn’t Tell Its Listeners About the “Iranian Nukes” Controversy, by Henry Norr (Counter Punch)

Iran 2015: are 1914 and 1964 calling? By Harlan Ullman (Daily Times)

Why India stands against a nuclear Iran, by Kabir Taneja (DNA)

China Missile Test Highlights Space Weapons Threat, by Bill Gertz (Free Beacon)

China and Non-Proliferation: Progress at Last? By Ian Stewart (The Diplomat)

Michael G. Roskin: U.S.-Israel Peace Talks (The Free Press)

ObamaCare for Arms Control Will Kill Nonproliferation (The Wall Street Journal)


Nuclear weapons — proliferating nonsense (6), by J.K. Obatala (The Guardian)

Armi, conflitti, terrore (Italiani)

Nukes Under that Smoke Ring, by Rick Wayman (Independent)

Father Raymond J. de Souza: Violating nuclear arms treaties isn’t something the world takes seriously. Just ask Putin (National Post)

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