CTBT in the News

These 8 countries haven't vowed to stop one of humanity's most terrifying legacies (Tech Insider)

Atomare Abrüstung – Wie viele Atombomben braucht die Welt noch? (Huffington Post)[from German: Nuclear disarmament – how many nuclear bombs does the world still need?]

China to respond firmly to any North Korea nuke test (AP)

IAEA detects expanded activities at N. Korea's nuclear facility (Yonhap News English)

Group surveys Ruidoso health impact from Trinity bomb blast (Ruidos News)

US official warns of 'strong' action over N. Korea rocket launch (Asia One)

US working on nuclear accord with Pakistan: Report (The Hindus Times)

AP Report Finds Nuclear Smugglers Actively Seeking to Sell to ISIS, Other Terrorist Groups (Slate.com)

Another Nobel Prize in Physics for the 'ghostly particle' (Deutsche Welle)

WW3: China unveils 'scattergun' nuke capable of defeating US missile shield, by David Trayner (Daily Star UK)

No solution once a nuclear missile is fired (Herald Scotland)

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