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CTBTO事務局長 北朝鮮を厳しく非難 (Kyodo News)

CTBTO事務局長 北朝鮮を厳しく非難 (NHK News)

«Nous sommes incapables de sanctionner les pays qui relanceraient les essais nucléaires» (L’Opinion)

North Korea satellite 'tumbling in orbit,' U.S. official says (CNN)

US, South Korea and Japan set to PUNISH North Korea for rocket launch into space (Express)

Russia and China concerned with North Korea’s disregard for UN demands (TASS)

Satellite images of suspicious activity at Iranian military base may prove Tehran was carrying out secret nuclear tests while negotiating with West to have sanctions lifted (Mail Online)

Egypt Says Iran Deal Provides New Opening for a Nuclear Weapons-Free Mideast (The Wall Street Journal)

Trident: Getting agreed Labour position 'may be impossible' (BBC)

British ‘ghost ships’ en route to Japan to collect enough plutonium for 80 nuclear warheads – report (RT)

Peace Prize Winner Talks Catastrophic Effects of Nuclear War (The Cornell Daily Sun)

Manhattan Project Part 1: Waste From WWII Era Atomic Bombs Left Behind in St. Louis- Video (Ozarks First)

The man-portable rocket launcher that could destroy a city block (Daily Newsx)

Wyoming Is Turning a Former Cold War Nuclear Missile Site Into a Tourist Attraction (Smithsonian)

Punish or engage? No easy answer to North Korea's nuclear ambitions (Los Angeles Times)

North Korea may have level one nuclear weapons (TASS)

The world condemns North Korea’s rocket launch and misses the point again (The Conversation)

Nuclear threats in North Korea, Iran: Why we can't mix and match our strategies (Star Tribune)

North Korea: How Many Wake-Up Calls Will It Take? (Transcend)

North Korea's deterrent (Winnipeg Free Press)

North Korea’s rocket launch shows that Mr. Obama’s ‘strategic patience’ has failed (The Washington Post)

Changing China's North Korea Calculus (The National Interest)

5 reasons China is reluctant to call time on N. Korea's nuclear program (The Christian Science Monitor)

Engage with Russia, and with North Korea (The Guardian)

U.S. missiles could alter Asian geopolitics (Santa Fe New Mexican)

Israel’s sea-based nukes pose risks (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

‘Iran and Europe should engage in multipurpose dialogue’ (Tehran Times)

Deterrence or Disarmament?: The Ethics of Nuclear Warfare (Social Justice Solutions)

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