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Nuclear weapons and Geopolitics of South Asia. By Anant Mishra (I Government)

US Pushed Ukraine to Edge of Civil War: Russian Defense Ministry (Sputnik News)

North Korea Warns of Punishment for US, Allies (Voice of America)

UN raps N Korea for rights abuse (Deccan Herald)

Russia To Test-Fire Bulava Ballistic Missile From Nuclear Submarine On Nov. 30: Report (International Business Times)

Russia nuclear submarine to test-launch Bulava missile on Nov 30 — military source (TASS-Russian News Agency)

The US Air Force Dropped 3 Nukes on North and South Carolina (China Topix)

Other views: The talks on Iran’s nuclear program rightly extended (Los Angeles Times)

Iran’s Supreme Leader Backs Further Nuclear Talks (The New York Times)

Keep talking: Engaging Iran is the best course for all parties (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei Not Opposed To Extension Of Nuclear Talks (Huffington Post)

Духовный лидер Ирана одобрил проведение нового раунда "ядерных переговоров" и раскритиковал США (Newsru.com)

Хаменеи не против продолжить ядерные переговоры (Mignews.com)

A life of Infinite Possibilities (Indian Weekender)

End to Middle East turmoil depends on bringing Iran in from the cold (The World)

Other Voice: Squeeze Iran to make nuclear deal (The Desert Sun)

Iran’s leader not opposed to extension of N-talks (The Gulf Times)

Pro-Israel Hawks Take Wing Over Extension Of Iran Nuclear Talks (Mint Press News)

Iran Supreme Leader says not opposed to extension of nuclear talks (Reuters)

Iran’s leader supports nuclear talks extension (The Boston Globe)

Waiting for more concessions (The Jerusalem Post)

A welcome extension on nuclear talks with Iran (The Irish Times)

Keep talking: Engaging Iran is the best course for all parties (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

Supreme Leader: US Big Loser if Nuclear Talks Fail (Tasnim)

Pak. to have 200 nuclear warheads by 2020: US think tank (The Hindu)

Why we must rid the world of nuclear weapons, by Eric Schlosser (The Guardian)

Israel has every reason to fear an Iranian nuclear weapon, by Edward Bernard Glick (American Thinker)

Who gained most from the delayed talks about Iran’s nuclear programme? (The National)

Why geopolitical shifts dictate nuclear deal with Iran, by Seyed Hossein Mousavian (Almonitor)

Opinion: Why Nuclear Disarmament Could Still Be the Most Important Thing There Is, by Risto Isomaki (Inter Press Service)

On Iran talks, extension beats confrontation (News-press)

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