CTBT in the News

Perfecting Detection of the Bomb (IPS)

Was That ‘Boom’ a Nuclear Test, Earthquake or Meteor? This Video Explains How We Know (The Blaze)

Don't look up! 360 degree video reveals the hidden threats Earth faces from 5,000 nearby asteroids (Daily Mail)

Joint Communique by President Barack Obama and President Dilma Rousseff (The White House)

Park warns of harsher sanctions on N. Korea over its nuclear program (Yonhap News)

S. Korea urges DPRK back to dialogue table (Shanghai Daily)

Iran Nuclear Negotiations Extended to July 7 (The Algemeiner)

Obama says 'I will walk away' from bad Iran nuclear deal (YNet News)

Russia Believes Iran Nuclear Deal ‘Within Reach;’ President Obama Warns Of Walkout (International Business Times)

Russia-US ties alive and well at Iran nuclear talks (Yahoo News)

BBC: Israelis Grow Increasingly Concerned about Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions (The Tower)

US tries to reassure Middle East allies over Iran nuclear talks (FT)

Netanyahu Says the ‘Islamic State of Iran’ Cannot Get Nuclear Weapons (The Blaze)

Iran Nuclear Talks Falter in Geneva; US Refuses to Transfer 30,000 lb Bunker Buster Bomb to Israel (The Jewish Voice)

US not sole partner in Iran talks: Analyst (Press TV)

Iran never intended to create nuclear weapon, says ambassador (trend news agency)

Diplomats say U.N. to confirm Iran meeting key nuclear obligation (Napa Valley Register)

Americans doubt talks will prevent Iranian nuclear weapon (CNN)

Press Digest: Iranian nuclear talks continue at a slow pace (Russia Beyond the Headlines)

Italian FM: Peace deal could send signal of stability to Middle East (The Jerusalem Post)

Russia Has No Intentions to Change Nuclear Stance - Envoy to NATO (Sputnik)

Rising ISIS support in Pakistan's nuclear testing region sparks fears of 'dirty' bomb (Express)

Man-made earthquakes: Fact or fiction?, by Michael Corey and Ariane Wu (Reveal)

Next Stop for Nuclear Negotiations: North Korea?, by Liz Whitfield (The Diplomat)

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended; Iranians Meet Key Obligation, by Matthew Lee and Bradley Klapper (AP)

Iran's nuclear talks: Five reasons why a deal would be good for the U.S., by Trita Parsi (CNN)

A mutually acceptable nuclear deal entails compromises by Iran and West: professor, by Javad Heirannia (Tehran Times)

Iran talks extended as Obama takes hard line on terms, by Nahal Toosi and Michael Crowley (Politico)

Possible scenarios if Iran talks fall apart, by Dan Perry and George Jahn (OC Register)

Does P5+1 Equal A Nuclear Deal? Examining Iran’s Negotiating Partners (JSpace News)

Talks extension good sign; Israel afraid of Iran’s influence: Fetzer (Press Tv)

With Another Approach, We Would Have a Deal with Iran Today, by Jan Oberg (Dissident Voice)

Dershowitz: On the Road to Nuclear Iran 'Within 10 Years', by Cathy Burke (Newsmax)

4 ways Obama's Iran deal fails the test, by Ben Carson (WND)

Critiquing a Critique of Obama’s Approach to Iran, by Peter Jenkins (CASMII)

Brinkmanship in Greece and Iran, by Mark Hibbs (Carnegie Europe)

Arms Control Association: Delay is not in Iran's interest (video) (Daily Mail)

Iran Preparing for Failure of Nuke Talks After Washington’s ‘Buyer’s Remorse’, by Bridget Johnson (PJ Media)

As Iran nuclear deadline passes, narrative battle heats up, by Sharmine Narwani (RT)

Iran Nuclear Negotiators Extend Deadline To Reach Final Agreement, interview with Robert Einhorn by Rachel Martin (NPR)

Interview: Thomas Pickering on diplomacy, Iran, Korea, Russia, realpolitik, and the ethics of war (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

India-Pakistan: Limitations Of Confrontational Statements And Conventional Deterrence – OpEd, by Maimuna Ashraf (eurasia review)

Interview: China, U.S. cooperation to benefit entire international system: expert (Shanghai Daily)

Russia: rattling sabres or preparing for war?, by (Col.) Dave Shaver (QC Online)

Will Russia Really Build 24 Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles by 2020?, by Zachary Keck (National Interest)

It seems the Pentagon can never have enough deployed nuclear warheads, by Walter Pincus (The Washington Post)

Where Is the UK Government's Nuclear Weapons Policy Heading?, by Varinder Singh Bola (The Huffington Post)

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