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IPS Honours Crusader for Nuclear Abolition (IPS-Interpress Service)

North Korea Threatens to Conduct Nuclear Test (The New York Times)

North Korea threatens more nuclear tests (CNN)

North Korea responds to UN with nuclear test threat (BBC Asia)

North Korea may be extracting plutonium for bombs, Institute says (The Wall Street Journal)

North Korea threatens nuclear test and 'unlimited' increase in military after UN vote (The Guardian)

North Korea threatens nuclear tests after UN push on human rights (CBC News)

DPRK rejects UN human rights resolution, indicating new nuclear test (People Daily)

Pyongyang threatens new nuclear test in response to UN criticism (The Telegraph)

North Korea threatens more nuclear tests (KSPR-abc)

Voting pattern in the UN GA Human Rights Committee (Tweet by Swedish FM Carl Bildt)

North Korea Is Making New Threats Aimed At The US (Business Insider)

Signs N. Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats (The West Australian)

Signs North Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats (The Malaysian Insider)

North Korea May Be Restarting Nuclear Plant With Bomb Making Capabilities (The Huffington Post)

N. Korea rejects UN criticism, threatens nuclear test (Dunyanews)

North Korea threatens fourth nuclear test after UN vote (Wire Update)

N. Korea threatens to beef up military capability (Aol)

Signs North Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats (Zeenews)

Северная Корея угрожает ядерными испытаниями в ответ на заявление ООН (Бизнес)

Северная Корея продолжает озвучивать ядерные угрозы (Israland)

Nuclear test veterans could finally get £25million in compensation (The Mirror)

PM's vow over nuclear test veterans (Yahoo News-UK& Ireland)

Report: Nuclear testing remnants remain radioactive (Review Journal)

UN Vienna from the inside: 78 students participating in this year's Shadowing Programme (UNIS Vienna)

Britain 'not optimistic' on Iran nuclear talks (Daily Mail)

Iran nuclear talks: World powers need to extend 'breakout' time (The Economic Times)

On the long-term agreement between Iran and the P5+1: Is Israel losing the war to wage war on Iran? (Payvand)

Solution to Iranian nuclear issue will stabilize Middle East — Lavrov (TASS)

China expects P5+1, Iran can reach consensus on nuclear program by Nov 24 deadline

(Russia Beyond the Headlines)

US: Iran Nuclear Deal by Deadline Difficult but Possible (Ad Hoc News)

Nuclear agreement with Iran before deadline difficult, says US (First Post)

Iran’s Choice: Economic Relief or Continued Nuclear Quest (The Algemeiner)

State of Play as Iran Talks Enter Final Week (Ploughshares)

Five days from deadline, West waits for answer from Tehran (The Jerusalem Post)

Kerry in talks with Oman over Iran nuclear issue (GeoTv)

Kerry meets top mediator; Iran nuclear deal still unlikely (Abington)

5 reasons why Iran wants a nuclear deal, and may fail (USA Today)

The Top 5 Reasons to Sign a Nuclear Deal with Iran (National Interest)

Kerry: 'Very critical' week in Iran nuclear talks (Israel Hayom)

Op-Ed: Obama: Helping Terror Go Nuclear (Arutz Sheva)

As deadline looms, Israel wary of Iran nuclear deal in the making (Online Magazine)

Marshall Islands takes on the nuclear-armed states, for all our sakes (Green Peace)

India, Australia & the Indo-Pacific matrix (Deccan Chronicle)

Why did the USSR refuse from atomic bullets? (Pravda-Russia)

Is Russia putting the nuclear gun on the table?, By Gideon Rachman (Business Day)

What’s Russia really after?, By Taylor Tielke (The Concordian)

Is the Cold War Back? By Richard Fernandez (PJ Media)

The Dance of Superpowers, by John Feffer (The Huffington Post)

The nuclear house of cards, Mia Pepper (Online Opinion)

The Clock Is Ticking for Nuclear Disarmament (Independet European Daily Express)

N.K. WMDs carry catastrophic potential, by Bruce Bennett (The Korea Herald)

Bet on Iran, by Clifford D. May (Israel Hayom)

"Experts say Iran is not the only victim of the US-led sanctions", By Maysam Bizar (Your Middle East)

Nuclear deal could reset US-Iran relations, By Nader Entessar and Kaveh Afrasiabi (Boston Globe)

Israel’s nuclear arms cannot be ignored, by George S. Hishmeh (Gulf News)

Don’t rush into a deal with Iran, by Yehuda Yaakov (The Boston Globe)

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