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It’s Time to Ban the Bomb, by Hans Blix (Project Syndicate)

CTBT籌委會秘書長將出席廣島與長崎和平紀念儀式 (T China Kyodo News)

North Korea Hoping China Breaks with US Over Sanctions (VOA)

North Korea blames US for stalled nuclear dialogue (AFP/The Economic Times)

For North Korea, Iran-style nuke deal not an option (AP/Omaha.com)

Kim Jong-un may be signaling desire for Beijing visit, nuclear talks (Want China Times)

Kim Hyun Joon: There is huge difference between DPRK and Iran (Interfax)

Advertencia de Corea del Norte: 'Nuestros misiles nucleares no son juguetes' (Mundiario)

North Korea: 'No Interest at All' in Nuclear Deal (VOA)

Top General Gives ‘Pragmatic’ View of Iran Nuclear Deal (New York Times)

Rep. Gabbard: More Clarity Needed On Iran Deal; Committees Hung Up On Anti-ISIS Support (USNI News)

Iran deal sparks battle between two Jewish lobbies – and worldviews (The Christian Science Monitor)

Huckabee: “Iran Deal Marches Israelis to the Door of the Oven” – Obama Slams Remarks (Jewish Voice)

Diplomat warns: U.S. Jews aren't united behind Israel on Iran deal (Haaretz)

Sunni Arab Nations Are Israel's Allies,' Says Israeli Foreign Ministry Director General (Haaretz)

Morgan Freeman and Jack Black back Iran nuclear deal for fear of becoming 'super dead' (The Guardian)

All eyes turn to Dems on Iran deal (NJJN)

Iran, France talk of 'new era' in ties after nuclear deal (AP/Yahoo News)

Leading Nonproliferation Think-Tank Casts Doubt on Verifiability of Iran Nuclear Deal (The Tower)

Day After Kerry Lobbied Her Committee, House Dem Says No to Iran Deal, (PJ Media)

Dempsey: Obama Presenting False Choice Between Deal and War (Washington Free Beacon)

Dempsey Says Iranian 'Malicious Activites' Would Threaten Nuclear Deal (Military.com)

Joint Statement of Iranian-American Organizations on the U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal (National Iranian American Council)

Carter: Successful Iran nuclear deal better than strike (AP/Yahoo News)

Hibakusha: Nagasaki A-bomb survivor furious at railroading of security bills (The Mainichi)

For North Korea, Iran-Style Nuke Deal Not an Option, by Eric Talmadge (ABC News)

North Korea official says not interested in Iran-style deal, by Alex Crown (Forex Report Daily)

How Khamenei and Obama Must Woo the Opposition to the Nuclear Agreement, by Akbar Ganji (The Huffington Post)

Drumbeats of Possible War With Iran Grow Louder, by Mark Thompson (TIME)

The Iranian Nuclear Deal and U.S. National Security, by David M. Kearn (The Huffington Post)

Obama makes bad history, by George F. Will (Trib Live)

Is Munich 1938 a valid analogy for the Iran nuclear deal?, by Dennis Prager (Jewish Journal)

There are parts of the Iran nuclear agreement so secret that not even John Kerry has seen them yet, by Armin Rosen (Business Insider)

Iran deal is a historic opportunity, by Sen. Martin Heinrich (Albuquerque Journal)

The Deal with Iran, by Norman Dombey (London Review of Books)

Israel's dilemma: Which threat to face first, by Ari Shavit (Haaretz)

How US has scored big with Iran nuclear deal, by Kanwal Sibal (Daily O)

Nuclear deal with Iran: Time to restart EU-Tehran relations?, by Mose Apelblat (The Jerusalem Post)

O“bomb”a’s Explosive Legacy – Iran, by Earl Cox (Breaking Israel News)

Huckabee’s Resolute Defense of Israel Should be Praised, Not Criticized, by Craig Robinson (The Iowa Republican)

Commentary: For the Mideast, it's still 1979, by Thomas Friedman (The Indiana Gazette)

Iran treaty is our best hope, by Alex Crown (Lidtime.com)

Congress: Nuke Deal Loopholes Bolster Illicit Iranian-N. Korean Alliance, by Adam Kredo (The Washington Free Beacon)

Can a video campaign sway US support for the Iran nuclear deal?, by Michelle Malka Grossman (The Jerusalem Post)

U.S. Jewish Groups Stake Out Positions on Iran Nuclear Deal, but Whom Do They Represent?, by Uriel Heilman (Haaretz)

It’s Simple: Under This Deal, Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapons in Little Over a Decade, by Jeff Robins (Observer)

Kill the Iran nuke capitulation by litigation, by Robert B. Sklaroff (The Hill)

The Iranian Nuclear Program and the Final Solution, by: Ezequiel Doiny (The Jewish Press)

Iran nuclear deal is better than status quo (Times Daily)

Meet Obama's Secret Weapon in Defending Iran Nuclear Deal, by James Arkin (Haaretz)

Why Americans Believe that Bombing Hiroshima was Necessary, by Dr. Gary G. Kohls (Global Research)

Challenges to global peace and the Hiroshima legacy, by Surakiart Sathirathai (Nation Multimedia)

Another Voice: 70 years is long enough living with the nuclear threat, by Tom H. Hastings (Buffalo News)

The Possibility For Nuclear Non-Proliferation, by Fritz Tucker (Counter Current)

Opinion: Nuclear Is Technology Of The Past, Not The Future, by Dana Sanchez (AFK Insider)

Here's the insanely complicated process needed to launch the most powerful nuclear warhead, by Jessica Orwig (Business Insider UK)

Book review: Indo-Pak nuke conflict — can it happen?, by Kadayam Subramanian (Asia Times)

Was it a good bomb or was it a bad bomb?, by Michael Swickard (Current-Argus)

When Science Doesn’t Have a Simple Answer, by Melinda Gormley and Melissae Fellet (Slate)

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