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A l'Assemblée Nationale : SEM Amadou Salifou reçoit le secrétaire exécutif de l'Organisation d'Interdiction Complète des Essais Nucléaires (Le Sahel)

CTBTO Eminent Persons in Seoul (James Martin Centre for Nonproliferation Studies)

John H. Gibbons, Clinton Science Adviser, Dies at 86 (The New York Times)

Banning nuclear weapons, by Aslam Sultan (Arab News)

Hiroshima: 70 years on, one survivor remembers the horror of the world's first atomic bombing (The Telegraph)

70th anniversary of the attack on Hiroshima: The men who dropped the bomb (Express)

Going analog: Young Japanese learn from aging atomic bomb survivors to keep storytelling alive (Fox News)

Nagasaki, 70 years on: ‘Most of us don’t want to talk about what happened’(The Irish Times)

Hibakusha: Despite health issues, 90-year-old A-bomb survivor continues to raise voice (The Mainichi)

Deputy UN envoy: North Korea may conduct nuclear tests in October (Sentinel Republic)

North Korea Ramps Up Rhetoric In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal (VOA)

U.S. needs to step up pressure on North Korea, analysts say (UPI)

U.N. nuclear watchdog chief to meet U.S. senators next week (Reuters)

Iran's foreign minister calls for world's nuclear weapons states to disarm (The Guardian)

Kerry visits Middle East to calm Iran nuclear deal fears (France 24)

Iran Nuclear Deal Prompts Israel to Redeploy Iron Dome Along Northern Border (The Algemeiner)

Russia, China would waver if US rejected Iran nuclear agreement: Democrat (Press TV)

Rouhani says Iran reaches three goals in nuclear deal (Trend News Agency)

Iran official urges quick approval of nuclear deal (Zee News)

After Iran deal: Israel trying to thwart move to monitor its nuclear program (Haaretz)

Watch a U.S. Air Force F-15E drop a dummy Nuclear Bomb on Nevada range during a test (The Aviationist)

Nuclear protesters call for radiation health study (NZ Herald)

Nuclear bombs cause an explosion of Psychological illness in survivors, doctors claim (Mirror)

McCain, Gosar push to repay Arizona nuclear-testing victims (az central)

Search on for Mururoa nuclear testing witnesses (Radio New Zealand)

Hiroshima Symposium on Nuclear Abolition (1)/ Mohammed Bedjaoui: Can humanity abolish the devil's weapon? (The Asahi Simbun)

Hiroshima’s fate, 70 years ago this week, must not be forgotten, by Andrew Anthony (The Guardian)

George C. Marshall and the atomic bomb, by Frank A Settle (Richmond Times Dispatch)

Why Hiroshima now matters more than ever, by Eric Schlosser (The Telegraph)

On anniversary of Japan bombings we must rethink our nuclear policies: Guest viewpoint, by Ira Helfand (Mass Live)

The first nuclear fallout was in New Mexico, by Sherry Robinson (Daily Times)

The nuclear club: Old weapons die hard as new ones are born, by Olli Heinonen (Washington Examiner)

Nuclear War’s Unlearned Lessons, by Robert Dodge (Consortium News)

70 Years After Hiroshima, Disarmament Is Still Vital, by Joyce Olum Galaski (The Huffington Post)

‘Nagasaki: Life After Nuclear War,’ by Susan Southard, by Marie Mutsuki Mockett (SF Gate)

Atomic bomb survivors nominated for Nobel prize, by Jeff Kingston (The Japan Times)

Evolution of the US-ROK Alliance: North Korea Threat Profile, by Leon Whyte (The Diplomat)

North Korea's nukes: Object lesson ignored (Trib Live)

N Korea blames US for stalled nuclear dialogue, by Brain Carroll (Celeb Cafe)

Ending the Korean war, by Dorothy Ogle (The News)

Iran has signed a historic nuclear deal – now it’s Israel’s turn, by Javad Zarif (The Guardian)

Forgotten flaw in Iran nuclear deal: It lets killers go free, by Robert Morgenthau (Reuters)

Israel's threats of strike are hollow, by John B. Quigley (Providence Journal)

Counterpoint: Realistically, Israel need not fear Iran, by John B. Quigley (Upstate)

Gambling on Iran: The Nuclear Deal and the Legacy of John Kerry, by Jonathan Broder (Newsweek)

Perceptions and misconceptions in US-Iran relations, by Maria Khalid (Pakistan Today)

Just How Vulnerable Is Iran to Sanctions?, by Aaron Arnold (The National Interest)

Freeing ME region of WMDs, by Seema Sengupta (Arab News)

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