CTBT in the News

64 years after nuclear tests, some downwinders still wait for compensation (Cronkite News)

Veterans of Christmas Island nuclear tests can expect payment soon (Fijivillage)

Atomic bomb-test veterans seek higher compensation (Global Times)

The twisted tale of laser fusion (Scienceline)

North Korea may be restarting reactor which produces nuclear bomb fuel: Institute (Press TV)

S. Korea, U.S. hold talks on DPRK nuclear program (Apa)

U.S. prioritizing N.K. denuclearization: diplomat (Yonhap News)

Washington Voices Support for Seoul’s Outreach to Pyongyang (Voice of America)

U.S., Japan back inter-Korean talks (Korea Herald)

S. Korea, U.S. discuss N. Korea nuclear program (Korea Herald)

U.S. says Russia shares goal of N.K. denuclearization (Yonhap News)

France, Germany, Britain to meet Iran on nuclear issue (Reuters)

At Holocaust memorial, Netanyahu vows to prevent Iran nuclear bomb (Israel Hayom)

Why new Iran sanctions bid has split Washington (Aljazeera)

Barack Obama Says Bibi Has No Argument on Iran Nuclear Diplomacy (Forward)

Pelosi: Netanyahu speech could damage Iran nuclear talks (Ynet)

UAE, Qatar Pouring Millions into Brookings on Nuclear Iran, Terrorism Policy (Free Beacon)

Iran Nuclear Deal Spurs Bipartisan Pushback (CBN News)

Obama, Saudi king discuss IS fight, Iran nuclear issue (Gulf Times)

Russia's nuclear diplomacy (Al Monitor)

World War 3: Russian Nuclear Bombers Buzz British Air Space, RAF Typhoon Jets Scramble To Respond (Inquistir)

US nuclear scientist secretly taped by FBI claiming he could bomb New York (The Guardian)

Trident now has 'nowhere to go,’ say nuclear weapons opponents (Ekklesia)

Doyle MP cites North Korea as reason for £100bn trident renewal (Clydebank Post)

The Marshall Islands versus the world’s Nuclear Weapons States (Pressenza)

Nine nuclear states possess about 16,300 warheads (The News)


Ex-Los Alamos Scientist Gets 5 Years in Venezuelan Nuclear Bomb Plot (NBC News)

Sorry, China: You Can’t Have It Both Ways on North Korea, by Denny Roy (National Interest)

Is NK trying to restart nuclear reactor? By The Korean Times (The Korean Times)

The Netanyahu Disaster, by Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)

Don’t undercut Iran talks (Register Guard)

Poll: Netanyahu should be investigated for nuclear weapons tech smuggling before US visit, by PR Newswire (SYS.com)

US-India deal: a violation, by Malik Muhammad Ashraf (Nation)

Indo-US nuclear ties may destabilize region, says Pakistan, by Kartikay Mehrotra (Live Mint)

5 Myths about America's Nuclear Weapons Debunked, by Robert Gard, Philip Coyle, Greg Terryn and John Isaacs (National Interest)

The United States and Russia must repair their partnership on nuclear security, by Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar (Washington Post)

There Is Going to Be a Giant (Fake) Missile Outside the White House This Weekend, by Emma Roller (National Journal)

Imagine if Alexander Litvinenko's death was ignored like our nuclear veterans, by Susie Boniface (Mirror)

The Best Army in the World and Nuclear Weapons do not Guarantee Pakistan’s Invincibility, by David Leffler (Value Walk)

OPINION: Can Japan jumpstart action on nuclear disarmament? By Daryl Kimball (Kyodo News)

Nuclear weapon – proliferating nonsense, by JK Obatala (The Guardian)

Unchecked Climate Change and Nuclear Weapons Modernization Moves 'Doomsday Clock' Two Minutes Closer to Midnight, by Scott Harris (Between The Lines)

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