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Nuclear dangers as Iran deal deadline nears (CNN)

Real life Armageddon! Spacecraft carrying nuclear explosives could launch by the end of the decade to save Earth from asteroids, by Jonathan O’Callaghan (Daily Mail UK)

N. Korea not interested in holding denuclearization talks: official (Arirang)

White House readies Iran nuclear deal sales pitch to skeptical Congress (CNN)

Is the administration giving Iran the nuclear bomb? (Fox News)

Profile: Iran nuclear talks (The National)

Iran nuclear talks: agreement in reach, says Russia, as negotiations resume (The Guardian)

Iran and world powers hope for last-minute nuclear agreement (UA Today)

Nucleare iraniano, accordo vicino? Netanyahu: «Sancisce l’impunità di Teheran»

As U.S. and Iran Seek Nuclear Deal, Saudi Arabia Makes Its Own Moves (New York Times)

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended to Wednesday (Voice of America)

Nuclear talks with Iran jammed repeatedly over the years (Euronews)

Schumer facing first test big test in Iran nuclear deal (New York Post)

Lausanne deal would pave way for nuclear-armed Iran: Netanyahu (Yahoo News)

Negotiating with Iran: Don't make the same mistake twice (CNN)

Oil Sinks As Iran Talks Extend Beyond Tuesday Deadline (Sputnik News)

Israel Readies Next Steps to Counter Any Iran Nuclear Deal (The Wall Street Journal)

India's nuclear deal with Australia running into turbulence over fuel safeguards (First Post)

India, Canada likely to sign commercial nuclear pact during PM Narendra Modi's upcoming visit to Ottawa (The Economic Times)

Argentina Is No Nuclear Proliferator (The Wall Street Journal)


Experts: Iran Housing Nuke Materials in North Korea, Syria, by Adam Kredo (Free Beacon)

Options for the U.S. if Iran breaks a nuclear deal, by Bennett Ramberg (Reuters)

The big questions any nuclear deal with Iran would have to answer, by Ishaan Tharoor (Washington Post)

Why the busted Iran deadline matters, by Michael Crowley and Sarah Wheaton (Politico)

Obama’s Iran debacle on full display, by Jennifer Rubin (The Washington Post)

Nuclear deal will be good for Iran, bad for Iranians and bad for Israel (YNet)

Pentagon Admits that Israel is a Nuclear Power, by Vladimir Platov (Global Research)

Does Israel Really Have a Thermonuclear Weapon?, by Jeffrey Lewis (Foreign Policy)

Op-Ed: Why US State Declassified the Report on Israel’s Nuclear Capabilities, by Lee Kaplan (Israel National News)

Asia's Coming Nuclear Nightmare, by David Brewster (National Interest)

U.S. Veterans Reveal 1962 Nuclear Close Call Dodged in Okinawa, by Ota Masakatsu (Japan Focus)

Editorial: Invest in Nuclear Capability – Editorial (Defense News)

Keeping tabs on nuclear security commitments, by Michell Cann, Kelsey Davenport and Jenna Parker (The Bulleting of the Atomic Scientists)

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