CTBT in the News

The Ring Is Slowly Closing Around The Fanatics (Scottish Review)

Hopes for Obama in Hiroshima (WJ Perry Project)

[Interview] Hopes for nuclear-free world as Obama goes to Hiroshima (Hankyoreh)

Why Obama Accused Russia of Showing No Interest in Nuke Reduction (Sputnik News)

Artist, ATOM Project Hon. Ambassador Opens First Astana Exhibition, Urges End to ‘Nuclear Madness’ (Astana Times)

Japan's PM Abe to call for nuclear disarmament with Obama in Hiroshima (The Straits Times)

WWII US Nuclear Bombing of Japan Contrary to Humanist Ideology, Int'l Law (Sputnik News)

China clarifies on Pakistan's NSG application (Business Standard)

Screwdrivers and Atomic Bombs: How a Simple Slip in Los Alamos Turned Deadly (Popular Mechanics)

A Pox on the House of Nuclear Weapons (Foreign Policy in Focus)

Assessing the North Korean Hazard (Stratfor)

Obama calls N. Korea 'biggest challenge' to nuclear-free world (The Korea Times)

What President Obama Won't Say on His Visit to Hiroshima—but Should (Alternet)

Obama must recommit to eliminating nuclear arms (Chicago Sun Times)

Obama Urged to Renew Effort Toward Nuclear Disarmament in Hiroshima (America Magazine)

Report Finds Growing Risk of Nuclear War Between United States and China (Union of Concerned Scientists)

China: How Is Nuclear Security Understood? – Analysis (Eurasia Review)

Can China lead the world on reducing the threat of nuclear war? (South China Morning Post)

The debate on Pakistan’s bomb (The Statesman)

No, Russia Isn't Trying to Make Nuclear War Easier (The National Interest)

Dangerous omissions and intellectual obfuscation: the ‘left-wing’ case for Trident (Open Democracy UK)

Many veterans still fighting battles in their minds (Las Vegas Sun)

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