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A S-70 for carrying out a nuclear detector test (In German: S-70 als Testträger für Atomdetektoren)

Extraordinary Press Conference by Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 8:33 p.m. Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Forget nuclear tests, look at our football: North Korea dreams of World Cup glory

North Korea Preps for Major Military Parade (Voice of America)

Kim Jong Un's North Korea military parade draws senior Chinese official (Straitstimes)

US says ready to defend against North Korean nuclear threat – Andrea Shalal (Reuters)

Anniversary parade provides rare glimpse into North Korea's military might – Georgia McCafferty (CNN)

North Korea has ballistic missiles capable of reaching US, top official warns – Karthick Arvinth (International Business Times)

Nato should hold nuclear war games, says the UK: Ministers examining proposals that could see Trident deterrent deployed for first time since the Cold War – Larissa Brown (The Daily Mail)

Britain backs return of 'Cold War' nuclear drills as Nato hardens against Russia – Matthew Holehouse (The Telegraph)

U.S. officials conclude Iran deal violates federal law – James Rosen (FoxNews)

Israel says won’t allow Iran to join ‘nuclear weapons club’ (TV NewsRoom)

Israel recognizes that fighting Iran nuclear deal fell (Telesurtv original article in Spanish)

Nuclear deal talks: Consider Pak’s nuclear proliferation record, says India (The Indian Express)

Reported US-Pak nuclear deal not like the one with India (Hindustan Times)

AP Investigation: nuclear black market seeks IS extremists - Desmond Butler, Vadim Ghirda (MacauDaily Times)

Life on a Nuclear Test Site – Holly Foster (Hamilton.edu)

Stopping Nuclear Terrorism Is a Game of Odds, Not Certainty – Steven Johnson (Wired)

How Obama Got to ‘Yes’ on Iran: The Inside Story – Dennis Ross (Politico)

Hammond ‘confident’ Iran deal has averted nuclear danger (Jewish News)

A U.S. Negotiator Says There's Still Pending Business With Iran (NPR)

Time for nuclear sharing to end (Open democracy)

Neil Findlay convinced unilateral nuclear disarmament campaign will win Trident debate (The Courier)

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