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North Korea’s Kim Jong Un looks to complete nuclear legacy left by father (Livemint)

U.S. Perspectives on the Opportunities and Challenges of Nuclear Disarmament (State Gov)

US Allegations of Russian INF Non-Compliance Unrelated to Deployed Systems (Sputnik News)

US Ready to Discuss INF Treaty Issue, Russia ‘Unwilling’: Official (Sputnik News)

PM to Russia: Don't put nukes in Crimea (Ukrainian Journal)

Russia Continues Nuclear Arms Reductions in ‘Businesslike Way’: US Official (Sputnik News)

Iran says resumed nuclear talks 'useful' (Daily Star)

Iran nuclear negotiations resume in Geneva (United Press International)

Iran: Nuclear talks to continue in January (Ynetnews)

Iran Nuclear Talks Look Promising: Russian Deputy FM (Sputnik News)

Five arrests in anti-nuclear Faslane protest (Herald Scotland)

North Korea: Breaking the Silence, By Dennis P. Halpin (Weekly Standard)

Then vs Now: Progress on Nuclear Weapons since the End of the Cold War, By David Wright (Union of Concerned Scientists)

In 1945, Scientists Calculated How Many Nukes Could Destroy The World, By Mark Strauss (IO9)

Could Russia's economic meltdown lead to loose nukes?, By Martin Matishak (The Hill)

The Little Green Men and a New Cruise Missile, By Stein (Arms Control Wonk)

Nuclear War Is Coming, By Kiall Lorenz (The Trumpet)

The 'Return' of Nuclear Weapons, By Nikolai Sokov (International Relations and Security Network)

America and Iran's Taba Moment, By Stanley Weiss (Huffington Post)

Iran Nuclear Talks Resume: Is It Jaw-Jaw or War-War?, By Ken Blackwell (Patriot Post)

In Iran, a ‘Japanese solution’?, By Herb London (The Hill)

Friends, Not Just Enemies, of an Iranian Nuclear Deal are Imperiling It, By Paul Pillar (Payvand)

Sanctions, sabotage, science delay Iran's missile program, By Barbara Slavin (Al-Monitor)

Nuclear Weapons Waste Haunts Hanford , By Jacob Marx (Ploughshares Fund)

Sleepwalking as Nukes Spread, By Jane Harman (The New York Times)

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