CTBT in the News

First Committee Sends 22 Texts to General Assembly, Echoing Call for Expanding Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones into Middle East, Bolstering Disarmament Efforts (UN News)

International Diplomats Visit NNSA’s Nevada National Security Site (Los Alamos Daily Post)

China unwisely defers on disarmament (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Obama’s Nobel-winning vision of ‘world without nuclear weapons’ is still distant (The Conversation)

North Korea nuclear: US, Japan, South Korea agree to increase pressure (BBC)

US reassures Asian allies that getting North Korea to give up nuclear weapons is not a ‘lost cause’ (SCMP)

MEPs sound wake-up call on nuclear threats (European Parliament)

US, Russia to Meet to Discuss Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (Russia Insider)

India and Pakistan: Very far from Kansas (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Healy-Rae blames nuclear tests for hole in ozone layer (RTE)

Mikhail Gorbachev Appeal For Sanity (Counter Currents)

Time to terminate the nuclear triad (SFGate)

The Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon In History (Forces TV)

Clinton, Trump go nuclear (Politico)

ASU Radiation Test Could Help Doctors Triage Nuclear Attack Victims (Arizona Public Media)