CTBT in the News

Kishida: Korut Harus Proaktif Implementasikan Resolusi DK PBB (Viva)

日本禁核会议通过《广岛宣言》 呼吁全球核裁军 (Ifeng)

Sir Geoffrey Palmer: Powerful statement needed on nuclear disarmament, by Sir Goeffrey Palmer (New Zealand Herald)

CTBT名人小组会议呼吁全球领导人访问核爆受害地 (Kyodo News)

Kazakhstan: encouraging civilian nuclear energy, with security in mind, by Erlan Idrissov (Financial Times)

Watch Every Manmade Nuclear Explosion From 1945 To The Present Day (The Huffington Post)

Earthquakes: When plates move, by Nick Nunes (Nation News)

What's the Chance Earth Gets Struck By an Asteroid in Our Lifetime?, By Eileen Shim (News Mic)

Five 'Scary' Experiments That Did Not Destroy The World, by Marcelo Gleiser (Delaware Public Media)

Chinese media calls for resumption of nuclear talks with N. Korea (Yonhap News)

China believes N. Korea's denuclearization possible: Chinese envoy (Yonhap News)

New OPLAN reflects WMD threats, U.S. military shifts (The Korea Herald)

Commemoration campaign scheduled for August 29 to remember nuclear test victims (Kasakh.TV)

Retired generals and admirals urge Congress to reject Iran nuclear deal (The Washington Post)

UN chief: World will be safer without nuclear weapons (Inquirer)

Kazakhstan to host first nuclear fuel bank to assist non-proliferation (Reuters)

India’s Mounting Uranium Stash (Voice of Journalists)

Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal could become the world’s third-biggest (The Washington Post)

Chinese Nuclear Tests - Project 596 and Test Number 6 Read (Live Leak)

The limits of diplomacy: Why ‘better Iran deal’ may not be possible, by Dan Feferman (The Jerusalem Post)

Iranian exiles embrace Israel’s drive against nuclear deal, by Muhammad Sahimi (Middle East Eye)

Israeli nukes are finally newsworthy– as US gov’t both releases and gags info, by Phil Weiss and Grant F. Smith (Mondoweiss)

American Military Leaders Urged President Truman not to Drop the Atomic Bomb, by Blase Bonpane (The Greanvillepost.com)

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