CTBT in the News

Jordan hosts a Field Exercise for the organization prohibiting nuclear tests (UN Radio)

Kazakhstan Shares Its Painful History of Nukes Tests with the World (Bernama)

Iran Could Become Party to Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty - Russian Foreign Ministry (Ria Novosti)

Iran and the P5+1: Getting to “Yes” (Crisis Group)

Iran says tested new nuclear enrichment machine, may irk West (Reuters)

Iran and the Nuclear Sanctions Debate (National Interest)

Modi eyes breakthrough nuclear pact on Japan trip (Reuters India)

Here's Where We Think The World's Nukes Are Stored — And What It Says About Global Security (Business Insider)

Join efforts of Armenia and Kazakhstan in field of nuclear disarmament discussed in Yerevan (Armen Press)

Physicians gather in Kazakhstan to demand nuke-free world (EFE)

Silver Buckshot: Alternative Pathways towards Greenhouse Gas Mitigation, By Benjamin Dills (New Security Beat)

Wilfred Burchett: The Atomic Plague, by Wilfred Burchett (Fair Observer)

From nuclear bombs to killer robots: how amoral technologies become immoral weapons, by Emma Hansen (The Bulletin)

Nuclear deterrence: The silent sentinel, by Torri Ingalsbe (U.S. Air Force)

Nuclear testing and natural disasters, by Louise FitzRoy (ABC Melbourne)

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