CTBT in the News

N. Korea's possible nuke test forecast to be more powerful: Seoul (Yonhap News)

When Will North Korea Conduct Its Next Nuclear Test? By Tae-jun Kang (The Diplomat)

Despite Sanctions, North Korea’s Nuclear Stockpile Continues to Grow (Voice of America)

North’s nuclear arsenal to increase: U.S. institute (Korea Joongang Daily)

N. Korea has already taken steps toward fielding KN-08 ICBM: U.S. intelligence chief (Korea Herald)

Korea poses 'serious' nuclear threat, US says (The Hill)

North Korea renames ships to evade UN sanctions (I24 News)

North Korea's nuclear weapons program is booming (Business Insider)

Iran opposition unveils 'secret' Tehran nuclear site (Your Middle East)

Iran nuclear deal, ISIS threat stimulating Sunni powers to unite - even with Israel (Jerusalem Post)

Iran forbidden from having nuclear arms: Kerry (Nagaland)

There's a GIANT unknown in the Iran nuclear negotiations (Business Insider)

U.S.-Israel quarrel intensifies over Iran, Netanyahu speech (Japan News)

US-led West violating treaties on WMD: Iran’s deputy human rights chief (Press TV)

Netanyahu to hold bipartisan meeting with US lawmakers (The Times of Israel)

Kerry heading to Switzerland for next round of nuclear talks, meeting with Russian counterpart (US News)

Major terror attack against India could trigger nuclear war: Experts (India Times)

North Korea’s Nuclear Expansion – Editorial (New York Times)

With all the angst over Netanyahu’s visit and Iran, why no mention of North Korea? By Donald Kirk (World Tribune)

North Korea’s Nuclear Futures Project: Technology and Strategy, by Joel S. Wit and Sun Young Ahn (38North)

Deterring an Iranian Nuclear Breakout, By Robert Einhorn (New York Times)

Le temps de la haine entre les Etats-Unis et l’Iran est-il révolu ? by Trita Parsi (Monde Diplomatique, in French)

CIA Evidence from Whistleblower Trial Could Tilt Iran Nuclear Talks, by Norman Solomon (Huffington Post)

Iran Hawks’ Phony Concern for Nonproliferation, by Daniel Larison (The American Conservative)

Israel Kept in the Dark During Nuclear Talks, by Callum Wood (The Trumpet)

Bolstering Nuclear Forensics to Prevent Nuclear Terrorism -The Fifth Anniversary of the Nuclear Forensics and Attribution Act (Department of Homeland Security)

Policing nukes: Under whose authority? By Kaneez Fatima (Press TV)

OP-ED: Desert Pilgrimage to the Cradle of the Bomb, by Rivera Sun (Huntington News)

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