CTBT in the News

Kazakh FM Urges More Progress in Nuclear Disarmament, Stresses Commitment to Human Rights (Astana Times)

The 12 largest man-made explosions in history, by Jeremy Bender (Business Insider)

No, Iran Can’t Trigger a Nuclear Tsunami That Wipes Out Israel (Medium)

US says N.Korea nuclear and missile development ‘of great concern’ (Global Times)

Good deal is at hand in Iran nuclear talks - EU's Mogherini (Reuters)

The Obama administration's response to Netanyahu is premised on one very shaky assumption (Business Insider)

Iran Demands That ‘All Sanctions are Lifted at Once’ to Move Forward in Talks (PJ Media)

Iran is 'taking over Iraq' and Obama must put boots on the ground against Isil, warns Saudi Arabia (The Telegraph)

Paul Thomas: Netanyahu attack on Obama has silver lining (The New Zealand Herald)

Rice: No termination of Iran nuclear inspections (J weekly)

John Kerry, in Saudi Arabia, Reassures Gulf States on Iran Nuclear Talks (New York Times)

US Ready to Negotiate Nuclear Weapons Reduction – Obama (Sputnik News)

US military considering deploying THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense), an American anti-ballistic missile system. (Jerusalem Post)

US threatening Russia with thermonuclear war over Ukraine: Author (Press TV)

NATO releases Qatar conference overview (Bio Prep Watch)

Colorado State to team up with Japan to study Fukushima nuclear accident (UPI)

‘US-India nuclear deal will disturb regional balance’ (Dawn)

Israel must join NPT, its nuclear facilities inspected -- Arab Group (Kuwait News Agency)

Hassan Rouhani says Israel ‘greatest danger’(Nagaland Post)

45th Anniversary of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Scoop)

The new nuclear age (Economist)

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb? With a Money Crunch (Foreign Policy)

Will South Korea Have to Bomb the North, Eventually? By Robert Kelly (The Diplomat)

Obama’s happy dance with Iran, by Paul Danish (Boulder Weekly)


Netanyahu 'insulted the intelligence of anyone who has been paying attention', by Dick Polman (Newsworks)

Israel, Iran and the Bomb: A Love Story, by Jeffrey Cavanaugh (Mint Press News)

Iran's nuclear ambitions will outlive the mullahs, by James Gibney (San Diego Source)

Opinion: Iran’s Suspect Deal in the Making, by Amir Taheri (Ashaerq Al-Awsat)

Analysis: US, Sunni states talk about regional ‘nuclear umbrella’ (The Jerusalem Post)

My Turn: In this battle, let’s all root for the Marshall Islands, by Ray Perkins (Concord Monitor)

Fostering nuclear stability in South Asia, by Waseem Qutab (Tribune Pakistan)

The fiscal threat to nuclear strategy, by Adam Mount (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

The unkicked addiction (The Economist)

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