CTBT in the News

Moscow for early ratification of CTBT treaty by all states – Lavrov (oananews)

Москва выступает за скорейшую ратификацию договора о всеобъемлющем запрещении ядерных испытаний (ДВЗЯИ) (НТВ)

Лавров: ДВЗЯИ является важным элементом международной безопасности (Национальная служба новостей (НСН))

North Korea, angry over human rights pressures, threatens another nuclear test (The Washington Post)

DPRK preparing bomb material (The News)

No immediate sign of nuke test in DPRK: ROK defense chief (English CCTV)

North Korea issues new military and nuclear threats (10 News)

DPRK rejects UN human rights resolution, indicates new nuclear testing (Want China Times)

Seoul responds to North Korea nuclear test threat (Istock Analyst)

Kim Jong Un, North Korea May be Planning 4th Nuclear Test: Report (The Epoch Times)

N. Korea Threatens Fresh Nuclear Test (The Chosun Ilbo)

China Responds to North Korea's Nuclear Threat (The Diplomat)

N. Korea threatens another nuclear test (The Boston Globe)

North Korea threatens to conduct new nuclear test (Press TV)

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Tests After UN Slams Human Rights Record (The Huffington Post)

Signs North Korea preparing bomb material amid nuclear test threats (Raw Story)

North Korea Threatens Nuclear Test Over UN Vote (Voice Of America)

IPS rewards a champion of nuclear abolition (EuroXpress)

North Korea ready to resume six-party nuclear talks, Russia reports (LA Times)

North Korea’s nuclear reaction to UN crimes against humanity resolution (Euronews)

Pyongyang ready for resuming six-party talks without preconditions — Lavrov (Azeri Daily)

UN agency chief reports on Iran, DPR Korea nuclear files (Scoop)

Race to meet Iran nuclear deal deadline (Aljazeera)

Iran nuclear talks stuck, deadline may be extended –officials (Daily Mail)

Iran not backing up nuclear claims: watchdog (Al Arabia)

As deadline looms, lawmakers wary of Iran Talks (The Wall Street Journal)

Kerry in Vienna for final push on Iran Talks (Voice of America)

Kerry: Iran nuclear talks aim for an agreement, not an extension of deadline (The Washington Post)

Moscow hosts non-proliferation conference with United States attending (Tass Russian News Agency)

Global Nuclear Disarmament: The Humanitarian Consequences Route, By Manpreet Sethi (Indian Strategic Studies)

Celebrating the Success of Project Sapphire, By William Courtney, Susan Koch, Jeffrey Starr (National Interest)

A Nuclear Deal Is Likely to Hit Hurdles in Iran, By Thomas Erdbrink (New York Times)

Five questions about Iran and P5+1 (Middle East Eye)

Iran’s Choice (The Economist)

Commentary: China should reduce its nuclear arsenal, By Yoichi Kato (The Asahi Shimbun)

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