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CTBTO “북 핵실험 유예가 비핵화 첫걸음”(RFA)

El férreo sistema de control que detecta los ensayos nucleares (IPS)

How Kodak Discovered the Atomic Bomb (Fstoppers)

South Korea to Shut Joint Factory Park, Kaesong, Over Nuclear Test and Rocket (The New York Times)

Senate votes to tighten sanctions on North Korea after nuclear activity (The Guardian)

China adds warheads to older DF-5s (The Washington Times)

US to push ahead with controversial nuclear modernisation plan (FT)

Pentagon Protects Nuclear Modernization Programs in FY17 Budget (Defense News)

Russia to Upgrade Nuclear Weapons in Response to NATO's Buildup - Lawmaker (Sputnik)

Labour's tortured relationship with the nuclear deterrent it created (BBC)

Israel says 'always watching' Iran’s missile developments following announcement of missile upgrade (The Jerusalem Post)

Pakistan's growing nuclear stockpile, doctrine pose risk: Pentagon (The Economic Times)

Pakistan concerned about India's military capabilities: Expert (The Economic Times)

Pakistan’s nuclear warheads aimed at deterring India: Report (News Portal)

North Korea's real nuclear deterrent (Bangkok Post)

North Korea Isn’t Going to Stop Provoking Its Ally China Anytime Soon (Time)

Gwynne Dyer: North Korea's nuclear ambition makes sense (NZ Herald)

[Analysis] Hard-line responses to N. Korea’s nuclear test, rocket launch carry big risks (The Hankyoreh)

North Korea’s Rocket Launch Frays Ties Between South Korea and China (New York Times)

The latest in nuclear cheating, from Iran to North Korea (New York Post)

Sanctions, strategy, and Iran’s nuclear deal (Policy Forum)

Does Iran Really Prefer Nuclear Missiles To Suitcase Nukes? (Investor’s Business Daily)

Trident: the British question (The Guardian)

In Nuclear Diplomacy, Double Standards Abound (New Matilda)

Nuclear myths and realities (The News)

Let’s End the Peril of a Nuclear Winter (The New York Times)

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