CTBT in the News

UNO-Behörde entlarvte simulierten Atomtest (Kleine Zeitung)

La CTBTO espera que un acuerdo con Irán acelere el veto a pruebas nucleares (Terra)

U.S. Nuclear Arms Control Policy (U.S. Department of State)

'Tornado alert' tips off warblers (Yahoo News UK and Ireland)

After WWII, Scientists Conducted Deadly Tests With an Unexploded Nuclear Bomb Core (The Smithsonian Magazine)

ATOM Project Inspires Participants at Int’l Anti-Nuclear Weapons Conference (The Astana Times)

Three years in power, Kim Jong-un's N. Korea in deeper diplomatic isolation (Asia’s Heartbeat)

Manhattan Project memorialized (Albuquerque Journal)

Murphy must clarify Trident renewal stance (Scottish National Party)

France and Britain Say Iran Needs to be More Flexible (Arutz Sheva)

Iran nuke talks ‘very close’ to resolution, says Putin (The Times of Israel)

Iran remains in compliance with the interim deal (The Hill)

Talks Resume in Geneva over Iran's Nuclear Program (CRI)

The Kazakh Journey to Success: Turning Great Games into Great Gains (Astana Times)

Pakistan continues to sponsor terror groups against India: Govt (Indian Express)

2 Secret Weapons US Will Use in War versus Russia: Guided Bullet and Drone-Like Nuclear Bomber (International Business Times)

Gorbachev Says Nuclear Deterrence Still Matters (Sputnik News)

John La Forge: U.S. attends, then defies, conference on nuclear weapons (The Cap Times)

US not fully prepared for nuclear terrorist attack (Business Week)

How Many Nukes Does The U.S. Have? (Talk Radio News)

Reason for hope in nuclear talks, by Michel Rocard (New Straits Times Online)

Continue diplomacy to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran, by Nannette D. Martin (Statesman Journal)

Back to the Basics, by Dalia Dassa Jaye (U.S. News)

Sleepwalking as Nukes Spread, by Jane Harman (The New York Times)

Waking Up to Nuclear Nightmares (Ploughshares Fund)

Nuclear power and biodiversity - don't forget WMD proliferation! By Jim Green (The Ecologist)

Whither Pakistan? By Samir Tata (ISN ETH Zurich)

On the Connections Between Police Brutality, Torture, and Nuclear Weapons, by Vincent Intondi (Huffington Post)

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