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Le Talk - Lassina Zerbo - Burkina Faso (Daily Motion) [In French: the Talk-Lassina Zerbo - Burkina Faso]

Учения по обнаружению признаков ядерных испытаний пройдут в Иордании (Russia Today)[In Russian: (working translation) Exercise on detecting nuclear tests will be held in Jordan]

UN-Behörde startet aufwendige Übung zum Aufspüren von Atomtests (Tiroler Tageszeitung) [In German: (working translation) UN agency launches complex exercise for the detection of nuclear tests]

“The Colors I Cannot Explain” intrigues students (Advance Titan)

Leading Nuclear Policy Experts and Organizations Call on the United States to Participate in International Conference on Humanitarian Impacts of Nuclear Weapons (Arms Control Association)

[Editorial] Nuke threat looms larger (Korea Herald)

North Korean Mobile Missile Launchers Seen as Bigger Threat than Nukes (VOA)

U.S. envoy urges N. Korea to make 'authentic' denuclearization (Korea Herald)

Is North Korea Developing Sea-Based Ballistic Missiles? By Ankit Panda (Diplomat)

US Satellite Witnesses Construction of North Korean Nuclear Missile Submarines (Christianity Daily)

Iran slams West double standards on nuclear disarmament (Press TV)

U.S. Nuclear Negotiator Suggests Iran Deal Could Be Close At Hand (Jewish Press)

Congress must stand against a deal with Iran (The Jerusalem Post)

Resolving Key Nuclear Issue Turns on Iran-Russia Deal (Common Dreams)

Russia Supports Signing Iran Agreement at November P5+1 Meeting, US Against – Expert (RIA Novosti)

Iran talks should weigh fatwas on nuclear arms: US bishops (Yahoo News)

Russian nuclear sub test-fires Bulava strategic missile (RT)

Lawsuit: US charities fund Israel’s secret nuclear weapons program (Press TV)

Updating Nuclear Weapons Arsenal Requires Renewed Focus, Steady Funding (National Defense)

Japan-led nuke disarmament resolution passes U.N. committee (Global Post)

North Korea’s Charm Offensive: New Cards, Same Player, by Paul Haenle and Anne Sherman (Diplomat)


Obama Hasn't Fulfilled His Promises On Nuclear Weapons Reduction, by SARAH TULLY (Business Insider)

Reagan, Gorbachev and Reykjavik, by Krepon (Arms Control Wok)

The nuclear attack on the UK that never happened, by Sanchia Berg (BBC)

The personal tension between Obama, Netanyahu, by Stephen Collinson and Elise Labott (CNN)

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