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previous Friday 24 March 2017

North Korea maintains readiness for nuclear test at any time: South Korea (Reuters)

UNSC condemns North Korea tests that contribute to nuclear weapons (The Asahi Shimbun)

Выступление и ответы на вопросы Министра иностранных дел России С.В.Лаврова в ходе лекции для высшего офицерского состава Академии Генштаба

West, Russia Should Focus on Short-Term Nuclear Projects - Ex-UK Defense Sec (Sputnik)

Why did the Soviet Union develop its own atomic bomb? (Russia Beyond the Headlines)

A better mousetrap? (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

India may rethink its ‘No first-use’ Nuclear Doctrine, Says Prof Vipin Narang (Sikh Siyasat News)

Could Gov. Jerry Brown be the new face of an anti-nukes campaign? He's thinking about it (Los Angeles Times)