CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Friday 27 November 2015

Kuwait, Spain discuss scientific cooperation (Kuwait News Agency)

S. Korea, U.S., Japan to discuss N. Korean nuclear issue (Yonhap News)

Report on whether Iran sought nuclear bomb will not be clear cut: U.N (Reuters)

Granting India Nuclear Suppliers Group Membership to Impact Regional Peace: Pakistan (NDTV)

安倍情绪瞬间崩溃:中国竟已秘密研制出新核武 (CNW News)

Modern, Strong, Expanding: Russia’s Nuclear Arsenal Surpasses US (Sputnik)

U.S., Russia almost ignited World War III in 1983, over 2 decades since Cuban missile crisis, top secret report reveals (Christian Today)

Kazakhstan: Round-table on the humanitarian consequences of nuclear weapons (ICRC)

Declaration of the World Nuclear Victims Forum in Hiroshima (Draft Elements of a Charter of World Nuclear Victims’ Rights) (World Nuclear Victims Forum)

Nuclear capable Arihant submarine successfully test-fires unarmed missile (Economic Times)

Arms management treaties falling behind in trendy terror period: prime diplomat (Sun Daily Standard)

PNND 2015 - Session III: Humanitarian Consequences of Nuclear Weapons (IIR Prague via YouTube)

Ecuador aboga por un mundo libre de armas nucleares, asegura Embajador Arízaga (Ecuador Inmediato)

How to survive a nuclear attack as revealed by US government (Mirror)

Modelling World War Three: What would happen if a nuclear bomb were fired at Britain? (Independent UK)

Experts And Politicians Call For US, NATO To Forgo Nuclear Modernization Plans – Analysis (Eurasia Review)

World Watch (The Wall Street Journal)

The age of ‘insta-bombs' (The Express Tribune)

The second this year (The Nation)

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