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The man who listens for nuclear tests above the Arctic (Pacific Standard)

Stanford scientists eavesdrop on volcanic rumblings to forecast eruptions (Stanford News)

Marshallese community in Enid traces history to Cold War testing (Enid News & Eagle)

Silent Bombs: Kazakhstan's Polygon Legacy (Al Jazeera)

China reiterates non-first-use principle of nuclear weapons (Xinhua)

Russia-Giappone: ministro Esteri Lavrov incontrerà omologo giapponese a margine della Conferenza di Monaco (2) (Agenzia Nova)

Nuclear weapons testing on U.S. soil is as pointless as it is dangerous (Las Vegas Sun)

History corner: Vancouver island’s ripple rock explosion and other big blasts (Coeur d’Alene Press)

60 years ago, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament was founded. Here’s what we’ve achieved over the decades (Independent)

Was Kim Jong-un’s ‘historic’ missile recycled Russian weapon technology? (South China Morning Post)

NATO Chief urges Russian transparency on Nuclear Treaty Compliance (Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty)

U.S.-Russia Tension Flares Over Nuclear Arms Control Now at Risk (Bloomberg)

U.S., Russia both meeting nuclear treaty goals (WND)

UN welcomes decision taken by CD with Lanka presiding (Colombo Gazette)

Südkoreas Präsident sieht Zeit nicht reif für Gipfel mit Nordkorea (Spiegel Online)

US to spend billions on 'ineffective' nuclear weapons in Europe that pose 'terrorism threat' (Independent)

La estrategia hegemónica de Trump dispara la tensión nuclear (El País)

Escalate to de-escalate? US and Russia trade jabs on nuclear arms use (Defense News)