CTBT in the News

L’interdiction complète des essais nucléaires - Un goût d’inachevé (UNRIC)

Call for Global Ban on Nuclear Weapons Testing (Nation of Change)

UN urges all States to sign, ratify Nuclear Test Ban as 'critical step on road to nuclear-free world' (UN News Centre)

Disarmament Conference Ends with Ambitious Goal – But How to Get There? (Inter Press Services)

双语:萨姆·库泰萨2015年禁止核试验国际日致辞 (Learning Sohu.com)

Ratifying the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty: Unite for International Day Against Nuclear Testing, by: William Lambers (Blog Critics)

What happened with the CTBT?, by Maimuna Ashraf (Pakistan Today)

Can we have a world free from nuclear weapons?, by Ranjan K Baruah (Meri News)

How Soviet Nuclear Testing Poisoned the People of Kazakhstan (The Costa Rica Star)

ATOM Project calls for global silent protest against nuclear tests (Fox News Latino)

A Day vs. Nuclear Tests: Raise a Toast to 3 Stocks (Zacks Equity Research)

Compensation for Britain's nuclear test victims promised by three Labour leadership candidates (Mirror)

S. Korea seeks direct nuclear talks with N. Korea (Yonhap News)

North Korea's Kim Jong Un Says Nuclear Might Sealed Deal With South (NBC News)

U.S. Envoy to Stalled N.Korea Talks Quits (The Chosunilbo)

South Korea plans 'decapitation' strike against North's leadership if nuclear war is likely (The Telegraph)

Seoul: N. Korea resumes loudspeaker broadcasts amid tension Steelers Lounge (Steelers Lounge)

(News Focus) S. Korea hopes Park's attendance for China's WWII ceremony to help resolve N. Korea's nuclear row (Yonhap News)

Iran president opposes parliament vote on nuclear deal, says it should not become obligation (US News)

China is taking charge of a key element in Iran's nuclear deal, by Li Ling (Business Insider)

Barack Obama predicts Iran nuclear deal will soothe 'family' tensions with Israel (The Guardian)

Lead negotiator talks about Iran agreement at UVa stop (The Daily Progress)

Obama aide due to arrive in Israel for talks on Iran nuclear deal (The Jerusalem Post)

Senate Democrats climb closer to votes needed to back up Obama on Iran nuclear deal (Star Tribune)

Killing nuclear deal would be very unwise: Iran’s ex-envoy to UN (Tehran Times)

Dick Cheney: Iran Deal Will Lead To First Use Of Nuclear Weapon Since Hiroshima And Nagasaki (The Huffington Post)

Former Intel chief: US, Israel should reach parallel Iran agreement (The Jerusalem Post)

Pakistan rejects ‘utterly baseless’ report on its rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal (The Express Tribune)

US asks Pak to show 'restraint' in expanding nuclear power (Kaumudi)

US Pushes India, Pakistan Into Nuclear Race Instead of Promoting Peace (Sputnik News)

Pakistan committed with objectives of nuclear disarmament (The News Letter)

Youth Activists from Around the World Meet in Hiroshima to Pledge Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Group hopes Francis takes abolition of nuclear weapons to Congress (National Catholic Reporter)

Why N. Korea Caved On War Threat: China Warned, 'Don't Rain On Our Parade', by Donald Kirk (Forbes)

Ms Park goes to Beijing, but will Xi cooperate on North Korea?, by Zhiqun Zhu (East Asia Forum)

North Korea’s endgame in sight, by Christopher R. Hill (Gulf News)

The North Korean Threat to Israel, by Michael Freund (The Breaking Israel News)

North Korean Leader Should Put His Money Where His Mouth Is, Publishers Note (Business Korea)

Six Things You Should Know about Iran and the Nuclear Deal, by Don Liebich (Foreign Policy Journal)

Foes Try New Ways To Attack Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal, by Kristina Peterson and Jay Solomon (The Wall Street Journal)

Editorial Weighing the Iran nuclear deal: far from perfect, but the alternatives are worse (Los Angeles Times)

China is taking charge of a key element in Iran's nuclear deal, by Li Ling (South China Morning Post)

Incivility and the Iran Deal, by Abraham H. Miller (Washington Examiner)

EU and Iran Demand a “Nuclear Free Middle East” as AIPAC-Funded Congress Supports “Nuclear-Armed Israel” a Global Weapons Supplier, by Anthony Bellchambers (Global Research)

There Are No Perfect Nuclear Deals, by Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar (Politico)

Here's how America can really make the Iran deal better, by Robert Einhorn (Brookings)

Iran nuclear deal will enhance safety of the U.S., Israel and world community, by Steven R. Rothman (NJ.com)

Why Pakistan's nuclear obsession is reason for concern, by Gabriel Domínguez and Shamil Shams (Deutsche Welle)

Why China should worry about Pak, by Vinod Saigha (The Statesman)

Nuclear game in South Asia, by Beenish Altaf (Daily Times)

From Hiroshima to Marshall Islands: Nuclear Weapons Must Be Banned, by Beatrice Fihn (The Huffington Post)

Behind the Scenes / Nuclear disarmament faces harsh reality, by Ryuichi Otsuka (The Japan News)

Where were the global leaders during Hiroshima and Nagasaki commemorations?, by Carlo Trezza (European Leadership Network)

Cloak, dagger and scientific brilliance: The making of the Soviet atom bomb, by Alina Proshina (Russia Beyond News)

A milestone on Kazakhstan’s journey to promote nuclear non-proliferation, by Gülay Mutlu (Turkish Weekly)

A Looming Crisis of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Force Treaty: Sources and Consequences, by Yuri Fedorov (International Security Network)

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