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Conférence de presse du Secrétaire exécutif de l’Organisation du traité de l’interdiction complète des essais nucléaires : «Le Niger s’est acquitté de tous ses droits et devoirs vis-à-vis des questions de non-prolifération et de désarmement» (Le Sahel)

安倍向联大提交废核新决议 或邀政要访问核爆地 (Huanqiu)

For 50 years Republicans have fought against treaties that brought peace (Investment Watch)

For North Korea, Iran-Style Nuclear Deal Not an Option (The New York Times)

Regional powers to meet over N. Korea's nuclear program (Yonhap)

N. Korea blames US for stalled nuclear dialogue (Yahoo News)

Iran says will ban US experts from UN nuclear inspections (Yahoo News)

U.S. political fight over Iran nuclear deal goes Hollywood (Reuters)

Joni Ernst: Iran deal a 'pathway to nuclear armament' (CNN)

4 Democrats get behind Obama's Iran nuclear deal (Yahoo News)

Amos Yadlin: Israel Concerned Nuclear Deal Marks US Pivot to Iran (The Algemeiner)

Israeli diplomat: majority of American Jews support Iran nuclear deal (The Arab American News)

Huckabee: Don't repeat history with Iran nuclear deal (KCRG)

Lieberman: Obama Faces Uphill Battle In Selling Congress On Iran Deal (CBS New York)

PunditFact: Bill O'Reilly challenges Mike Huckabee on Iran nuclear deal alternative (Tampa Bay Times)

Obama Has A Plan To Protect The Iran Deal In August, His Least Favorite Month (The Huffington Post)

Overnight Defense: Pelosi says House Dems will keep Iran deal alive (The Hill)

Lawmakers pressing IAEA for details of Iran side deal (Washington Examiner)

Russia reassures Israel over Iran nuclear deal (Yahoo News)

Iran Nuclear Deal Will Have Positive Effect On Middle Eastern Security And Stability, Putin Assures Netanyahu (International Business Times)

Putin to Netanyahu: P5+1 Deal Guarantees Peace in Iran Nuclear Program (Sputnik)

White House warns Congress once again not to kill Iran nuclear deal (Press TV)

Kerry Five-Nation Tour to Cover Security, Iran Nuclear Deal (VOA)

Netanyahu: The more one looks at the Iran accord, the worse it looks (The Jerusalem Post)

Nuclear deal not intended to 'reform' Iran regime: Kerry (The Times of India)

Deal keeps Iran from atomic bomb: Dempsey (Dispatch Times)

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander: Iran Nuke Verification Program “Resembles Swiss Cheese” (The Tower)

Here's How to Rid Korea of Nuclear Weapons , by Lyle J. Goldstein (The National Interest)

The Iran Deal’s North Korean Shadow, by Christopher R. Hill (Project Syndicate)

Iran Deal: It's Time for Some Serious Talk, by Jim Wallis (The Huffington Post)

Iran nuclear agreement: Is a 'better deal' possible – and at what cost?, by Howard LaFranchi (Yahoo News)

Why Republicans Oppose the Iran Agreement: Follow the Money, by Jeff Faux (The Huffington Post)

This Is What Will Happen if Congress Blows Up the Iran Nuclear Deal, by Suzanne Nossel (Foreign Policy)

Experts Weigh In on the Iran Deal, by Elise Cooper (American Thinker)

Iran deal or no deal, what’s Israel’s next move?, by Uriel Heilman (Jewish Light)

Open letter: don’t ratify the Iran deal, by Paul Kujawsky (Jewish Journal)

Op-Ed: ‘Peace for our time’, by R. James Woolsey and Peter V. Pry (Arutz Sheva)

Media Outlets Cite Conservative Group's Flawed Poll On Iran Deal Without Disclosing Misleading Question, by Rachel Calvert (Media Matters)

Iran Nuclear Deal: Don’t Think Nixon in China, Think Yalta, by Russell A. Berman (Newsweek)

Iran: Obama Admin Lying About Nuclear Deal for ‘Domestic Consumption’, by Adam Kredo (The Washington Free Beacon)

Two brave Democrats publicly oppose the Iran nuclear deal, by Ethel C. Fenig (American Thinker)

Safeguards in treaty leave Netanyahu without a first-strike option, by John B. Quigley (Bradenton Herald)

Charen: Will Jewish Dems sink Iran deal?, by Mona Charen (Chicago Sun Times)

Obama gets personal with Dems on Iran, by Lauren French (Politico)

Dear Congress: You can stop the 'new Holocaust, by Aliza Davidovit (WND Commentary)

Strategic Command Focused on Hypersonic Missile Threat, by Bill Gertz (The Washington Free Beacon)

Iran Deal Or Not, World Nuclear Threat Is Worse Than Ever, by Nathalie Guibert (Worldcrunch)

Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons?, by Stephen Bryen and Shoshana Bryen (American Thinkers)

Iran's Secret 200-Year Strategy, by Niel Green (The National Interest)

The best reason for rejecting the Iran agreement is to rebuke the president’s long record of aggressive disdain for Congress, by George F. Will (National Post)

W. E. B. Du Bois to Malcolm X: The Untold History of the Movement to Ban the Bomb, by Vincent Intondi (The Huffington Post)

Hitler's Nazis developed an atom bomb carried by a flying saucer, documentary claims, by Stephen White (Mirror)

Hiroshima atomic bomb survivor: 'Boom. Boom. Gone. All gone.’(Alabama)

Smithsonian special on bombing of Hiroshima has R.I. link (Providence Journal)

Nuclear Bombing of Hiroshima, Nagasaki Was Unjustified – US Experts (Sputnik)

When the cloud parted (The Economist)

Hiroshima: The Sickness of Nuclear Proliferation, by Joseph Cooper (The Huffington Post)

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