CTBT in the News

No to Obama's Nuclear Cruise Missile, Yes to Test Ban Treaty (Huffington Post)

Nuclear weapons pose greater threat than climate change (Cornell Chronicle)

The long history of North Korea's missile testing (The Week)

Seoul, U.S. to open talks on missile defense (USA Today)

U.S., S Korea, Japan boost data-sharing in response to N Korean threat (Japan Today)

Expert: North Korea Won’t Actually Start A Nuclear War (Daily Caller)

EE.UU. envía submarino nuclear tras lanzamiento de cohete norcoreano (El Mostrador)

Top official overseeing nuclear deal unsure where Iran's enriched uranium is stored (Fox News)

U.S. Official: Iran Has Kept Commitments On Nuclear Deal So Far (Radio Free Europe)

Iran Fails to Answer Congressmen’s Request to Observe Elections, Inspect Nuclear Sites (The Tower)

Trident vote to be delayed by David Cameron until after EU referendum (The Guardian)

What N. Korea's rocket test tells us about its military capability (The Christian Science Monitor)

Why North Korea will benefit from Seoul's great leap backwards (The Guardian)

Between Punxsutawney and Pyongyang (The Economist)

What China, US should talk about: NK collapse (The Korea Times)

Will China Join Its North Korean Ally in Splendid Isolation? (FP)

Obama's Shop-'til-You-Drop Nuclear Spending Spree (Huffington Post)

Congress steps up to the plate on North Korea (The Washington Post)

Russia, North Korea, terrorism… fear as currency of Western tyranny (RT)

Labour and the ‘empty swank’ of keeping Trident (The Guardian)

Aniquilación o progreso de la humanidad (El Mundo)

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