CTBT in the News

Three minutes and counting (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

North Korea urges South to lift sanctions before talks can begin (Reuters)

Seoul says joint exercises to proceed despite North Korea's stance (Stars and Stripes)

Russia, Japan Diplomats To Debate Prospects To Resume N Korea Nuclear Talks (Bernama)

China calls for dialogue to resume N. Korea nuclear talks (Yonhap News Agency)

U.S. rejects DPRK's call for resumption of six-party talks (Turkish Weekly)

N. Korea's envoy in Beijing after nuke talks with ex-U.S. diplomats (Yonhap News Agency)

Spotlight: U.S., Iranian officials to hold nuclear talks, White House, Congress clash over sanctions (Xinhuanet)

New round of Iran nuclear talks moves ahead: Chinese FM (Want China Times)

US says 'credible chance' of reaching agreement on Iran's nuclear programme (Business Standard)

Russia ends deal with US to protect nuclear material (The Telegraph)

Russia and US end collaboration on nuclear disarmament (World Socialist Web Site)

Russia Denies Ending Nuclear Cooperation With US, Joint Effort To Continue In 2015 (International Business Times)

Rogers on Russian nuclear threat: ‘You don’t deal with a thug like Putin by asking nicely’ (Yellow Hammer News)

India, U.S. trying to get nuclear deal over line during Obama trip (Reuters)

Cumbernauld’s MP faces Trident critics (Cumbernauld Media)

North Korea Might Put Nukes Aboard Submarines, by Kyle Mizokami (Medium)

Column one: Iran, Obama, Boehner and Netanyahu, by Caroline B. Glick (The Jerusalem Post)

Four ways the West got the Iran nuclear issue wrong (Al-Ahram)

Stop Obama from papering over the threat from Iran, by David M. Weinberg (The Jerusalem Post)

Obama’s Wrong: The Iran Nuclear Program Is Full-Steam Ahead, by John Tabin (The Federalist)

Avoid new sanctions now and keep Iran’s nuclear program in check, by John Johns & Angela Canterbury (The Hill)

Most Americans want diplomatic engagement with Iran, by Nancy Gallagher (The Conversation)

5 U.S. Weapons of War Iran Should Fear, by Zachary Keck (National Interest)

The Real U.S.-Iran Dilemma: What Happens After a Nuclear Deal? By Ilan Goldenberg, Jacob Stokes and Nicholas A. Heras (The Diplomat)

Iran, Obama, Boehner and Netanyahu, by Caroline Glick (Frontpage Mag)

New Proposed Congressional Legislative Sanctions on Iran, by Stephen Lendman (Thepeoplesvoice.org)

Nuclear deal stuck on US demand ahead of Obama visit, by Sachin Parashar (The Times of India)

Netanyahu gambles by challenging Obama in Congress, by Tony Karon (Aljazeera)

Congress invites Netanyahu, Obama blindsided, by Staff Writer (Al-Arabiya News)

Obama to Snub Netanyahu During Israeli Leader’s DC Visit, by Terry Atlas and Mike Dorning (Bloomberg)


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