CTBT in the News

Interview of the Executive Secretary of CTBTO, Lassina Zerbo with Slovakian TV (TA3)

U.S. official: Younger people key to nuclear arms control, Mitch Shaw (Standard Examiner)

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy in the 21st Century (U.S. Department Of State)

Nuking Mississippi: Remembering the “shot felt ‘round the world” in 1964, Kathryn Miller (The Student Printz)

The United Nations and Disarmament: Old Problems, New Opportunities, and Challenges Ahead (UNODA)

New START: Russia and the United States Increase Deployed Nuclear Arsenals (ISN)

U.S, the UK secretly renew nuclear treaty (BreitBart)

U.S. House candidates define bottom line for Iran nuclear pact (Jewish News)

Asia-Europe People’s Forum: An Eyewitness Account (The Astana Times)

McCarthy Calls Iran Nuclear Deal Reports ‘Worrisome’ (Roll Call)

A Perfect Solution to Nuclear Talks with Iran: A Deal Deemed Imperfect by All (The National Interest)

Iran, P5+1 start expert-level nuclear talks in Vienna (Press TV)

Rouhani Believes P5+1, Iran Can Reach Final Nuclear Agreement Before Deadline (RIA Novosti)

Iranian nuclear deal may be concluded by November 24 — Rouhani (Tass)

Report: Iran arrests several spies near Bushehr nuclear plant (Israel Hayom)

Resuming denuclearization talks needed even with lowered barriers (The Dong-A Ilbo)

Iranian Experts Resume Nuclear Talks with G5 +1 in Vienna (Prensa Latina)

China seeking closer military ties with Iran (Haaretz)

India Ready For Nuclear No-First-Use Agreements (Silicon India)

No question of India joining NPT as non-nuclear weapon state (India TV)

India refuses to join NPT as non-nuclear state (Pakistan Today)

Nuclear disarmament? Not yet (Open Security)

LoC skirmishes: Lawmaker raises the spectre of nuclear war (The Express Tribune)

Pak lawmakers raise spectre of nuclear war with India amid unabated clashes along LoC (Business Insider)

Pak will never shy of using nuclear weapons against India: Musharraf (Greater Kashmir)

Pakistan won’t shy using nuclear weapons if needed: Musharraf (The News-International)

The Mouse That Roared: Stand With the Marshall Islands (Truth Out)

Kerry says no deal made with North Korea in release of American (Reuters)

Russia Would Welcome US Steps to Resume Nuclear Talks With North Korea: Foreign Ministry (RIA Novosti)

Obama’s Nuclear Policy Legacy on the Line (Plougshares Fund)

Can Obama be stopped or will Iran go nuclear? (The Washington Post)

Column: Lessons of North Korea for Iran Nuclear Talks (Voice of America)

Is Hezbollah Preparing a Large Assault on Israel? (U.S. News and World Report)

Nuclear fallout and modern life (News OK)

Nuclear weapons, disease and inequality: What poses the greatest threat to humanity? (The Telegraph)

Stanford: Protecting ourselves from a 1960s world (Online Athens)

This Is What Happens if a Nuclear Bomb Explodes in Times Square (DNA info New York)

NYC practices emergency response to nuclear explosion (Oneida Daily Dispatch)

Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square (CBS New York)

Pakistan needs unity more than nuclear bomb: JI chief (The Nation)

The ICRP's radiation risk model is bogus science (The Ecologist)

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