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「核兵器ない世界」思い語るペリー元米国防長官、23日に広島で講演 (Sankei)

Supercomputer Race Heats Up as China Bans Exports of High-Performance Machines, by Conor Gaffey (Newsweek)

Hiroshima anniversary is a reminder of the ongoing threat, by Hans Blix (Irish Examiner)

On the Passing of Dr. John H. Gibbons, Science Advisor to President Clinton 1993-1998 (The White House)

South Korea seeking to engage North Korea on nuclear issue at ASEAN Regional Forum (Channel News Asia)

Park urges N. Korea to embrace reform and openness (Yonhap News)

Korean Peninsula Nuclear-Free Status Must be Ensured by Agreement – Lavrov (Sputnik)

Russia stands for a nuclear-free Korean peninsula- Lavrov (Russia beyond the Headlines)

N. Korean FM arrives in Malaysia for regional talks (Yonhap News)

Obama Begins Campaign in Congress for Iran Nuclear Deal (The New York Times)

Obama will echo Kennedy’s American University nuclear speech from 1963 (The Washington Post)

Israel ex-security chiefs urge Netanyahu to accept Iran deal (Yahoo News)

Iran nuclear deal gives it confidence to strike at Israel, McCain warns (The Jerusalem Post)

Israel isolated as Arab nations rally behind John Kerry over Iran nuclear deal (Yahoo News)

Israel wary of subjecting its nuclear facilities to international supervision (MEMO)

Israel Foreign Ministry: The Deficiencies in the Iran Deal (The Yeshiva World News)

Iran accuses U.S. of already breaking nuclear deal (The Washington Times)

US Lawmakers Focus on Verifying Iran’s Nuclear Compliance (VOA)

Iran Nuclear Monitors Risk Integrity at Senate Briefing (Bloomberg Business)

Obama: Iran vote most important intl. debate since Iraq war (The Roanoke Times)

New Openings for “Decoding the Iran Agreement: What Constitutes Effective Verification and Monitoring" (The Bulletin)

Israel's Netanyahu asks US Jews to oppose Iran nuclear deal (Zee News)

News Guide: A look at the Iran nuclear deal, congressional steps and the lobbying (US News)

Obama, Netanyahu make dueling appeals on Iran to US Jews (Tulsa’s Channel)

State Dept. 'Doesn't Need to See' Covert Iran Side Deals (Arutz Sheva)

A-bomb survivors continue to press U.S. about abolishing nuclear weapons (The Asahi Shibun)

Hiroshima ultima los preparativos para el 70 aniversario del bombardeo atómico (holaciudad)

If Vladimir Putin's Russia crumbles, a nuclear nightmare looms. Here's why. (Financial Review)

Concept of a nuclear-armed F-35C divides opinion (Flightglobal)

New estimates put cost of US nuclear weapons upgrade at $963 billion (Aljazeera America)

Rapprochements with Rogue States, by Yoon Young-Kwan (Project Syndicate)

Why An Iran-Like Nuclear Deal With North Korea Is Impossible, by: Marie Cabural (Value Walk)

How Do We Know President Obama Is Right That Iran Is 2-3 Months From a Nuclear Bomb?, by Greta Van Susteren (The Huffington Post)

Why Iran deal is good for Israel, by Daniel Kurtzer (CNN)

Who will respond to Iran’s clever initiative?, by Hassan Lasjerdi (Tehran Times)

What can Iran hide in 24 days? Answering the questions posed by the nuclear deal, by Ron Kampeas (JTA)

How the Iran Deal Erodes the Nonproliferation Treaty, by Eric R. Terzuolo (The National Interest)

Devine: Fate of Iran deal makes for sleepless nights, by Jack Devine (Houston Chonicle)

US can't defend Israel against a nuclear attack, by Ron Ben-Yishai (y net)

Does Iran Already Have Nuclear Weapons?, by Shoshana Bryen (Breaking Israel News)

Obama to follow in John F. Kennedy’s historic footsteps, by Joy Y. Wang (MSNBC)

Why the Iran deal is a watershed non-proliferation agreement, by Mark L. Schneider (The Hill)

Debating the dubious Iran deal, by John R. Bolton (The Washington Times)

How Washington has inflated the Iran threat, by Justin Logan (Washington Examiner)

The Way to Remember Hiroshima Is to Redouble Nuclear Disarmament Efforts (The Astana Times)

70 years after Hiroshima, opinions have shifted on use of atomic bomb, by Bruce Stokes (Pew Research Centre)

Hiroshima: 70 Years After the Atomic Bomb, by Yuka Hayashi (The Wall Street Journal)

Seventy years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Reflections on the consequences of nuclear detonation, Interview with Peter Maurer and Tadateru Konoe (International Committee of the Red Cross)

Mimi Lang: On Hiroshima anniversary, a call to eliminate nuclear weapons (The Morning Call)

Hiroshima and the danger of nuclear weapons: A glimpse of what might befall us, by Eric Schlosser (The Independent)

Fallout from first nuclear attack lingers, by Geoffrey Roberts (Irish Examiner)

A catastrophic anniversary, by Mahir Ali (Arab News)

My View - Remembering Hiroshima, by Dzulkifli Abdul Razak (The Sun Daily)

A-bomb 70th anniversary calls us to act, by Robert Dodge (The Cap Times)

The Lessons of Hiroshima: We Still Need Nuclear Weapons, by Blake Mcmahon and Adam Lowther (Breaking Defense)

What we’re not talking about as the nuclear age turns 70, by Eric T. Olson (Bangor Daily News)

Hiroshima Blast Haunts Korean Survivors, by Sam Kim (Bloomberg Business)

The Nuclear World at 70, by Robert Dodge (Counter Punch)

Lynn Ringenberg: Why we need to eliminate nuclear weapons, by Lynn Ringenberg (TBO)

Remembering Hiroshima: Imagine your city hit by an atomic bomb, by Lloyd Mallison (boston.com)

Az első atombombát 70 éve dobták le (Erdely)

Iran Is Not Biggest Nuclear Cheater–Guess Who Is?, by Ryan Mcnamara (Who. What. Why.)

Put Nuclear Disarmament Back on the Agenda!, by Mark Haim (Columbia Daily Tribune)

Guest commentary: World simply must eliminate nuclear weapons entirely, by Jon Rainwater (San Jose Mercury News)

Israel's Nukes a Major Factor in Mideast Arms Race, Phyllis Bennis (The Real News)

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