CTBT in the News

UN Radio feature in Arabic on IFE14 featuring National Resources Authority and CTBTO Executive Secretary Special assistant Khaled AbdelHamid (UN Media)

NSE hosts The Honorable Rose Gottemoeller for roundtable with students and faculty (MIT website)

Kernwaffenteststoppvertrag: Übung für Ernstfall in Jordanien mit BGR-Experten (Geresources)

The Biggest Human-Made Explosion In History Happened 53 Years Ago Today (Business Insider)

Tsar Bomba: The World's Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon (Slate)

Group thinks nuclear bomb testing affected generations of New Mexicans (Koat 7)

7 things to know about the first atomic bomb test (Koat)

Group thinks nuclear bomb testing affected generations of New Mexicans (Koat)

'Dirty Harry – When The American Dream Became A Reality' (KNPR)

India votes against UN draft resolutions on Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (Economics Times)

North Korea Can Miniaturize Nuclear Warheads for Medium-Range Missiles: US Military Expert (RiaNovosti)

Will North Korea ever use its nuclear weapons? (The Guardian)

Nuclear envoys of S. Korea, China hold talks on N. Korea (Yonhap)

For talks, nuclear activities must halt, envoy says (Korea Joongang Daily)

Seoul, Berlin urge N. Korea to give up nuclear weapons (Yonhap)

U.N. panel adopts Japan-led nuclear abolition resolution (The Japan News)

U.S. Approach to North Korea Nukes: “Oranger Carrots, Thornier Sticks” (Wall Street Journal)

Nuclear Security Agency Director Pledges Renewed Focus (U.S. Department of Defense)

Next weeks will tell if Iran can make nuclear deal: US (DailyStar)

The suits wants the government to release a report about U.S. funding for Israel´s nuclear program (TelesurTV)

Vatican Calls For Elimination Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction (Breitbart)

Catholics, Muslims Agree: No More Nukes (USNews)

Iranian Muslim, American Catholic Leaders Unite in Opposition to Nuclear Weapons (Gnomes)

Russian approaches to nuclear disarmament, by Alexander Yakovenko (RT)

Will the World Blame Iran if Nuclear Talks Fail?, by Peter Jenkins (Payvand)

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