CTBT in the News

Watchdog group: We could detect an Iranian nuclear test (CNN)

Angola ratifies the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Pressenza)

Families stricken with cancer plan protest of Trinity Test site tour (KOB4)

North Korea developing ballistic missile capable of reaching U.S. (Big News Network)

Hillary Clinton Is Both Supportive and Sceptical of Iran Nuclear Talks (The Wall Street Journal)

With deadline looming, Iran and world powers strive for nuclear deal (YNet)

Iran nuclear talks: Prospect of deal with Iran pushes Saudi Arabia and Israel into an unlikely alliance (Independent)

Possible Failure of Iran Nuclear Deal Divides U.S., Israel (The Wall Street Journal)

Report Says Iran May Be Keeping Elements of Nuclear Program in Syria, North Korea (Algemeiner)

Three red herrings recur in coverage of Iran nuclear talks (Aljazeera)

Marco Rubio quickly corrects verbal slip over 'nuclear' option against Iran (The Guardian)

Iranian journalist seeks political asylum at nuclear talks (YNet News)

Argentina Complains to UN Over UK’s 'Militarization' of Falklands (Sputnik News)

The coming nuclearisation of the Indian Ocean (Lowly Interpreter)

Christians begin Holy Week with prayer vigils at atomic weapons bases (Independent Catholic News)

North Korea Advances Along The Nuclear Path: Washington Should Switch From Coercion to Engagement, by Doug Bandow (Forbes)

Centrifuges and secret sites: Get up to speed on the Iran nuclear talks, by Jeremy Diamond (CNN)

Iran Nuclear Talks Threatened by Politics at Home and Proxy War Abroad, by Molly O’Toole (Defense One)

Iran nuclear talks: Can China keep negotiations on track? (+video), by Peter Ford (The Christian Science Monitor)

Why Obama Needs an (Interim) Deal More Than Iran, by John Hudson and Colum Lynch (Foreign Policy)

If a deal is done, would Iran cheat?, by Jamsheed K. Choksy and Carol E.B. Choksy (CNN)

No Deal on Iran’s Nuclear Program – So Far, by Stephen Lendman (Global Research)

In judging Iranian deal, the devil is not in the details, by Chemi Shalev (Haaretz)

The Age-Old Sunni-Shia War Is Sucking America In, by Jamie Dettmer (The Daily Beast)

Safety and Science Drive U.S.-South Korean Nuclear Cooperation, by Scott Snyder (Forbes)

James S. Robbins: U.S. always wrong on nuclear ability (The Town Talk)

Who Are the Nuclear Scofflaws?, by Lawrence S. Wittner (Time)

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