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CTBT in the News

previous Monday 26 January 2015

Viewpoint: New Senate can make history with nuke treaty, by William Lambers (Pensacola News Journal)

Pakistan - Past imperfect viz-a-viz India (Web India)

Richard France remembers atomic test, Korean War (Cleveland)

U.S., India urge North Korea to give up nuclear program (Yonhap News)

North Korea urges South to lift sanctions before talks can begin (Reuters)

Iran Open to “Proportional Steps” in Nuclear Talks: Top Official (Tasnim News Agency)

US says chance of Iran deal '50/50' (Zee News India)

Graham: Congress should have ‘final say’ on Iran nuclear deal (The Hill)

Iran "resolute" over peaceful nuclear rights (Xinhua)

Zarif: New US sanctions would 'unravel' Iran nuclear deal (Maan News)

Iran-US nuclear talks resume in Switzerland (The Daily Star)

Zarif holds talks with Kerry on need to expedite negotiations (Tehran Times)

Could Israel’s strike on Hezbollah in Syria spark Iran nuclear talks? (Al-Monitor)

Israeli Ambassador: Netanyahu Visit Not Meant to Insult Obama (Israel National News)

CBO: Nuclear arsenal to cost $348B over decade (The Hill)

U.S. weighed giving Japan nuclear weapons in 1950s (Japan Times)

Buddhist Leader Calls for Increased Efforts to Rid World of Poverty and Ban Nuclear Weapons in 70th Year since WWII (PR Newswire)

Trident rally wraps MoD in scarf (Daily Mail)

Scrap Trident nuclear programme, protesters demand (The Hindu)

The end is nigh, say the scientists (Times Live)

‘Doomsday Clock’ Time Moves On WWIII, Nuclear War, Greenhouse Gas Fears (Inquistir)

The North Korea Financial Sanctions: Same Shit, Different Decade, by Peter Lee (Counterpunch)

Iran Nuclear Negotiations: Separating Myth from Reality, by Kelsey Davenport (Arms Control Association)

Halting Obama's Iran surrender, by David M. Weinberg (Israel Hayom)

Congress should delay new Iran sanctions, by Larry Hanauer (The Hill)

The Real U.S.-Iran Dilemma: What Happens After a Nuclear Deal? By Ilan Goldenberg, Jacob Stokes and Nicholas A. Heras (National Interest)

New Proposed Congressional Legislative Sanctions on Iran, by Stephan Lendman (The People’s Voice)

Timeline: Indo-US nuclear agreement since George W Bush, Manmohan Singh regimes, by IBN Live Staff (IBN Live)

US, India Reach Understanding on Nuclear, Defense Ties, by Jason Ditz (Antiwar)

Explained: India-US nuclear deal moves, but some way still to go, by Praveen Swami (The Financial Express)

Should U.S. Allies in Asia Get Their Own Nukes? By Christine Leah (The Diplomat)

Japan Political Pulse: Rational alternatives to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by Mainichi Staff (Mainichi)

South Korea's Search for Nuclear Sovereignty, by Toby Dalton and Alexandra Francis (NBR)

A Better Way To Buy Nuclear Submarines, by Tom Collina and Jacob Marx (Breaking Defense)

Can Ash Carter Tame the Nuclear Weapons Budget? By Tom Collina (Defense One)

The Nuclear Weapons “Procurement Holiday,” by Hans Kristensen (Federation of American Scientists)

Cold War 2.0: Countering NATO Propaganda against Russia, by Vladimir Kozin (Global Research)

Still on the eve of destruction, by Matthew Symonds (The Economist)

We're all doomed! Is Climate change REALLY a threat? By Nigel Burke (Express)

A dramatic doomsday warning to the world, by Lynn Ringenberg (CNN)

Nuclear debate, by A. McCormick and Colin Hamilton (Scotsman)

How a nuclear near-miss in ’95 would be a disaster today, by Theodore Postol (Boston Globe)

A nuclear rift that’s worth fixing, by Sam Nunn and Richard Lugar (Gulf News)

Missing a nuclear opportunity, by Will Saetren (The Hill)

Robert F. Dodge, M.D.: Three minutes to midnight, by Robert F. Dodge (The Cap Times)

Nuclear War: Three Minutes to Midnight, by Felicity Arbuthnot (Global Research)

Trident – UK’s Instruments of Armageddon, by Jim McCluskey (Dissident Voice)

Michael Stewart: Time for Trident to go, by Andrew Wilson (The Scotsman)

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