CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Wednesday 18 January 2017

Russia says ready to talk to Trump about nuclear arms, Syria (Reuters)

Russia to Reduce Number of Nuclear Weapons if Other Nuclear Powers Join Process (Sputnik)

Full text of ex-Hiroshima Mayor Akiba's letter to Trump (The Mainichi)

Al-Zayani says GCC’s top priority is to maintain security, stability of the region (Arab News)

In Obama's Footsteps? Trump 'to Push Ahead With Russian Disarmament Agenda' (Sputnik)

Former defense secretary Perry discusses nuclear threats (Post-Gazette)

¿Reducirá Rusia su arsenal nuclear como porpone Trump? (RBTH)

Trump and the nuclear codes (BBC)

Kashmir and Rising Nuclear Dangers on the Subcontinent (Arms Control Wonk)

A secure nuclear order (The News)