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CTBT in the News

previous Thursday 30 April 2015

Q&A: Comprehensive Ban on Nuclear Testing, a ‘Stepping Stone’ to a Nuke-Free World, by Kanya D'Almeida (IPS News)

The Latest on Nepal: Under rubble, man survives 82 hours (Brunswick News)

Kazakh Delegation Urges More Progress at NPT Review Conference (Astana Times)

España insta a ratificar el Tratado internacional que prohíbe los ensayos nucleares (El Día)

WWII carrier found off California coast (Citizen’s Voice)

Kazakh Delegation Urges More Progress at NPT Review Conference (Astana Times)

President Obama: A Chance to Lead, by Jonathan Granoff (Huffington Post)

DPRK vows to further boost nuke power following ROK-U.S. pact (Ecns)

Netanyahu: Iran nuclear deal 'repeats mistakes' made with North Korea (Jerusalem Post)

Iran Nuclear Agreement 'Best Anyone Can Get': Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (International Business Times)

None Dare Call Them Treason: Obama’s Iran Nuclear Weapons Deal & the Corker Bill (Conservative HQ)

Why Iran’s foreign minister is bullish on a nuclear pact (Al Jazeera)

Zarif: Netanyahu’s calls for non-proliferation ‘laughable’ (Times of Israel)

Iran's Zarif: Netanyahu is sitting on 400 nuclear warheads (Ynet News)

Press Digest: Baltimore riots likely to complicate U.S. election campaign (Russia Beyond the Headlines)

Baltimore calm after protests (Nation)

Book alleges India cash swayed Hillary's nuclear stance (Politico)

Nuclear Weapons: Mounting Tensions Worldwide Signal Return To Cold War Mentalities (HS Today)

It was India which introduced nuclear weapons in South Asia, says Pakistan (DND)

Pakistan lends no support to Austria’s anti-nuclear weapons treaty in UN (Pakistan Today)

Austria, backed by 159 nations, calls for ban on nuclear weapons (Reuters)

Lajčák holds talks with UN officials (The Slovak Spectator)

Ukraine's foreign minister criticizes Russia for violating Budapest Memorandum (UA Today)

Vatican’s moral opposition to nuclear weapons aired on Capitol Hill (Catholic Philly)

Commentary: Will Iran nuclear deal survive Congress’ scrutiny? By Ghassan Michel Rubeiz (Palm Beach Post)

Iran nuclear deal: Obama's desperation is showing. And it's dangerous, Marco Rubio (Fox News)

Iran calls for Nuclear Disarmament by US, Israel, World (Informed Comment)

A Blueprint to a Middle East WMD Free Zone, by Chen Kane (Middle East Arms Control)

Marshall Islands ship seizure shows perils of an unrestrained Iran, by Jennifer Rubin (Washington Post)

America’s disastrous non-proliferation policy, by Ire Helfand (The Hill)

Two key planks of British foreign policy are at risk in the forthcoming poll. By, Andrew Hammond (Sydney Morning Herald)

The NPT Review Conference: Setting Realistic Expectations, by Stewart M. Patrick (Council on Foreign Relations)

Safe Nuclear Weapons, by Michael Krepon (Arms Control Wonk)

Nuclear Pilgrimage, by Ty Bannerman (Alibi)

Atomwaffensperrvertrag: "Nukleare Habenichtse" am Ende ihrer Geduld, by Gudruyn Harrer (Der Standard)

UCS Webinar on Nuclear Hair-Trigger Alert and Launch-on-Warning, by David Wright (Union of Concerned Scientist)

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