CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Friday 03 July 2015

La red mundial de detección de pruebas nucleares es ya un gran instrumento científico (madrid)

No hay excusas para retrasar la entrada en vigor del TPCE (Begirada)

Hillary emails reveal plans to push India towards CTBT accession (The Hindu)

No, a Nuclear Explosion Did Not Launch a Manhole Cover into Space (io9)

The BRICS Academic Forum: A Preview Of Issues For 2015 BRICS Summit – OpEd (eurasia review)

Assistant Secretary Frank A. Rose to Travel to China, Republic of Korea, Vietnam, and Japan (U.S. Department of State)

“Deter, Deny and Defeat”: Pentagon Labels Russia, China, Iran and North Korea as “Threats to Global Peace” (Global Research)

Iran, IAEA Agree To Resolve Technical Nuclear Issues (Live Trading News)

Opportunities for US-Iran cooperation await nuclear deal (Al Monitor)

IAEA: Iran keeping nuclear commitments (Jurist)

Iran Keeps Up Its End Of The Bargain (Ploughshares Fund)

China's foreign minister to attend Iran nuclear talks (YNet News)

Russia, China Say Iran Nuclear Deal Possible In Coming Days (RFERL)

Kerry: Iran Negotiators Making Progress on Nuclear Deal (NBC News)

John Kirby Spokesperson Daily Press Briefing Washington, DC July 2, 2015 (U.S. Department of State)

At nuclear talks, Iran signals some flexibility (philly.com)

'Progress made' in Iran nuclear talks (Yahoo News)

Top Russian Negotiator: Iran Nuclear Deal in Sight (Almanar news)

Iran nuclear talks set to drag into weekend -- and beyond (Zee news)

Area Rabbis Make Clear Their Feelings on Iran Negotiations in Letter to Casey (Jewish Exponent)

U.S. Christians Continue to Speak Out on Iran Nuclear Negotiations (Charisma News)

<2015 NPT 검토회의 결과> (Pressian)

Strategic Alliance: China-North Korea, by Walter Diamana (International Policy Digest)

Iraq, North Korea failures shadow nuclear talks with Iran (Haaretz)

Ignoring Iran Cheating is North Korea Redux, by Michael Rubin (Commentary)

U.S. and Iran locked in game of nuclear chicken, by Elise Labott (CNN)

A failing nuclear treaty with Russia shows the right way to deal with Iran, by Bennett Ramberg (Daily Mail)

Iran Nuclear Negotiations, letter by William O. Beeman (Star Tribune)

At Iran nuclear talks, crumbs of hope and jockeying for advantage, by Scott Peterson (Yahoo News)

Dignity: The Hidden Factor in the Iran Nuclear Talks, by Trita Parsi (NIAC)

Deal on Iran would shred US nonproliferation efforts, by Armstrong Williams (Amsterdam News)

How Freelance Diplomacy Bankrolled by Rockefellers Has Paved the Way for an Iran Deal, by Peter Waldman (Bloomberg)

The Secret Side of the Iran Nuclear Deal, by Eli Lake and Josh Rogin (Bloomberg)

Deputy Secretary Of State: Iran Needs Nuclear Deal 'More Than We Do', interview with Tony Blinken, the U.S. deputy secretary of state and the former deputy national security advisor for President Obama by Rachel Martin (NPR)

Political will key to Iran nuclear deal: Pundit, interview with Sharmine Narwani, a senior associate at Oxford University (Press TV)

Obama’s ultimatums to Putin fall on deaf ears, by John Batchelor (Aljazeera America)

Russian Nukes on U.S. Soil Inside U.S. Borders Since 1991, by Alex Koyfman

Russia's nuclear doctrine takes an alarming step backwards, by Brendan Thomas-Noone (the interpreter)

Draw some red lines: In relations with neighbours, rework stagnant calculus of deterrence with compellence, by Rajeev Deshpande (The Times of India)

Guns and Butter in Pakistan, by Ahsan Butt (FP)

Back in the day, bikini debut was the bomb, by Bill Mego (Chicago Tribune)

Nuclear knowledge cannot be eradicated (Delta Optimist)http://www.delta-optimist.com/news/nuclear-knowledge-cannot-be-eradicated-1.1987061

The New Dilemmas of Nuclear Deterrence, by Rod Lyon (The Diplomat)

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