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CTBT in the News

previous Friday 05 February 2016

New push for nuclear test ban treaty (Albuquerque Journal)

After 20 Years, Nuclear Test Ban Treaty Still in Political Limbo (IPS)

United Nations chief urges North Korea to scrap rocket launch (The Indian Republic)

UN High Representative Kim Won-soo on Global Threats and Challenges (Center for Nonproliferation Studies)

Pressure For South Korea To 'Go Nuclear' For Defense Against North's Arsenal (Forbes)

China's top nuclear envoy returns from Pyongyang trip with no clear outcome (Arirang News)

N. Korean Nuclear Provocations Force Region to Make Hard Choices (Voice of America)

Israel's air force still keeps eye on Iran despite nuclear deal (The Jerusalem Post)

Pourquoi Kim Jong-un a-t-il changé le schéma du test de missile suivi de l'essai nucléaire? (Yonhap)

Washington en quête d'un consensus international pour sanctionner plus durement Pyongyang (Xinhua)

Russia is risking 'lowering the nuclear threshold' (Business Insider)

Under START-3 Russia to cut nuclear arms along with US — academician (TASS)

Iranian, Russian Diplomats Hold Extensive Talks in Tehran (Tasnim News)

Il y a vingt ans, Jacques Chirac interrompait définitivement les essais nucléaires (Le Point)

5 hechos históricos que pudieron desatar una guerra nuclear (Periódico Central México)

El ecosistema renace tras ensayos nucleares en las Islas Marshall (Televisa)

North Korea’s Mystery Bomb (NYR Daily)

L’arme nucléaire au XXIᵉ siècle : les leçons du dernier essai nucléaire nord-coréen (The Conversation)

Send North Korea clear message that missile provocation won't be tolerated (Chicago Tribune)

North Korea’s rocket plans seen as disrespectful of Chinese (Macau Daily Times)

Asian nuclear weapons: What lurks beneath (The Economist)

EDITORIAL: Japan should lead U.N. talks to establish nuclear ban treaty (Ashahi Shimbun)

Nuclear Inspectors Have Snazzy New Tools to Catch Iran Cheating (Foreign Policy)

The more Iranians learn about the nuclear deal the less they like it, poll suggests (The Washington Post)

India, Pakistan and Kashmir (Greater Kashmir)

Is the Pentagon's Budget About To Be Nuked? (Defence News)

The Non-Existent Nuclear Weapons Debate (The National Interest)

RAND Report Questions Nuclear Role In Defending Baltic States (Federation of American Scientists)

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