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CTBT in the News

previous Friday 27 March 2015

North Korea and nukes: It's not all bluff, by Andrei Lankov (Yahoo News)

Disarmament Verification and the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Ahead (U.S Department of State)

The Mushroom Cloud And The X-Ray Machine (Foreign Policy)

Don't panic! 'Potentially hazardous' asteroid is hurtling towards Earth - but experts say it will miss the planet by 2.8 million miles (Daily Mail)

Seoul Urges North Korea to Release South Korean Detainees (The Wall Street Journal)

French, Iranian leaders talk amid nuclear negotiations (News Advance)

Iran will not be the last Middle Eastern nation to get atomic weapons after President Obama formalizes the collapse of Western resistance to nuclear proliferation. Also, they probably won’t be the first. (Breitbart)

GOP hawk denounces Iran talks, calls for military action (Press TV)

Diplomats voice optimism on reaching Iran deal by Tuesday deadline (ABC)

In Shocking Breach, U.S. Declassifies Document Revealing Some of Israel's Nuclear Capabilities (Weekly Standard)

Russia, Myanmar reaffirm nuclear cooperation (World Nuclear News)

Crimea Ready to Deploy Nuclear Weapons Systems on Russian President's Order (Sputnik News)

Uzbekistan takes steps to prevent nuclear and chemical terrorism (Central Asia Online)

Roundtable held on NPT Review Conference 2015 (Daily Times)

'We must remain vigilant,' Ban urges as Biological Weapons Convention turns 40 (Big News Network)


Ted Cruz’s Foreign Policy Advisor: End Nuclear Negotiations, Start War With Iran, by Igor Volsky (Think Progress)

Iran Keeps Its Nuclear Secrets (Wall Street Journal)

Analysis: Iran is seeking hegemony via a nuclear deal, by Yossi Melman (Jerusalem Post)

We Need To Get This Iranian Nuclear Deal Done, by James Conca (Forbes)

Serhii Plokhy: Why America didn’t truly win the Cold War (National Post)

The US is Pushing The World Towards Nuclear War (Counterpunch)

U.S. always wrong on nuclear proliferation: Column, by James S. Robbins (USA Today)

Obama Administration Outs Israel’s Nuclear Program, by Jon Gabriel, Ed. (Ricochet)

Unhappy Jewish America (The Economist)

So, hey, yeah…we have nuclear weapons, by Paula Stern (Jewish Press)

Terrorists You Can Trust, by Deroy Murdock (National Review)

The costs of nuclear disarmament, by Matthew Costlow (The Hill)

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