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CTBT in the News

previous Tuesday 06 October 2015

N. Korean rocket or nuclear test around Oct. 10 anniversary impossible: 38 North (The Korea Herald)

Stakeholders urge gov’t to support nuclear weapons ban (GNA)

Canada's once-secret 'atomic veterans' get place in War Museum – Tom Spears (Ottawa Citizen)

NRSC tars senatorial candidate with supporting Iran’s ‘path to a nuclear bomb’ – Glenn Kessler (Washingtonpost)

Cameron’s Statements on Possible Nuclear Weapons Use Shameful – NGO (Sputniknews)

Nuclear space race picks up pace: China unveils rocket capable of firing 20 nukes to defeat US missile shield

Researchers: A-bomb radiation does not increase cancer mortality risk in 'hibakusha' children, YOHEI Izumida (The Asahi Shimbun)

It's time to leave the nuclear hall of mirrors, David Shariatmadari ( The Guardian)

Corbyn’s Strategic Ignorance would make him a dangerous Prime Minister – Mark Stout (War on the Rocks)

Lindsey Graham Warns Of “Second Holocaust” In Israel As A Result Of Nuclear Deal – Andrew Kaczynski (BuzzFeedNews)

Nuclear War and Jeremy Corbyn – The Fury and The Farce – Media Lens (Global Research)

13 Things You Need To Know About Britain’s Nuclear Arsenal – Tom Chives (BuzzFeedNews)

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