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CTBT in the News

previous Thursday 05 March 2015

N. Korea Warns US About Nuclear Strike in Response to 'Provocative' Drills (Sputnik News)

'NK may opt for long-range missile' (The Korea Times)

Japan Decides on More Sanctions against North (The Seoul Times)

U.S. says North Korea nuclear and missile work 'of great concern' (Reuters)

North Korea has power to deter US ‘nuclear threat’ says its FM (BGN News)

China urges comprehensive deal on Iran nuclear issue (Xinhua Net)

Iran rejects 10-year freeze on nuclear program (Israel Hayom)

Iran nuclear talks hit speed bumps (CNN)

Kerry in Riyadh to calm Gulf fears on Iran nuclear deal (Al Jazeera)

President Rouhani: Iran nuclear talks have ruffled Israel's feathers (Press TV)

US says 'tough challenges' remain in Iran nuclear talks (Middle East Eye)

Iran Nuclear Deal Could Be Close (Newsweek)

White House Official: Nuclear Deal Is Best Way to Avoid War With Iran (The Atlantic)

Russia Orders Surprise Test of Central Nuclear Base (Newsweek)

Tratatul ruso-american privind armele nucleare nu va mai exista la sfârşitul anului - expert rus (Economica)

Contrôle des armements: le système russo-américain en peril (Sputnik News France)

US threatening Russia with thermonuclear war over Ukraine: Author (Press TV)

Report: Ukraine crisis slows global disarmament drive (Europe Online Magazine)

Do not forget dangers posed by Pakistan's nuclear weapons: UK's ex-Defense Secretary (Economic Times)

Treaty on Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (Sputnik News)

Algeria to Chair 9th NPT Review Conference Scheduled for Late April in New York, Announces Lamamra (All Africa)

At Idaho National Laboratory, A Year of Renewal And Milestones (Nuclear Street)

Bibi Is Right: North Korea Is More Dangerous Than Ever, by Bruce Einhorn (Bloomberg)

Further Shades of Grey: North Korea Sanctions and the 2015 UN Panel of Experts Report, by Andrea Berger (38 North)

Rouhani: people are too clever to listen to 'war-mongering' Netanyahu, by Saeed Kamali Dehghan (The Guardian)

Benjamin Netanyahu and Iran’s Nonexistent Nuclear Weapon: The Boy Who Cried Wolf, by S.M. Gibson (Global Research)

America Must Reject Netanyahu’s War Cry on Iran, by Sheldon Richman (Reason)

5 things Netanyahu forgot to tell the American people, by Robert Bridge (RT)

Iran Already Has Nuclear Weapons Capability, by Graham Alison (Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs)

Obama Tastes the Bitter Fruit of Appeasement…of Israel, not Iran, by Peter Lee (Counterpunch)

Opinion: Iran’s growing nuclear capabilities, by Suri Bandler (The Tech)

Nuclear weapons — proliferating nonsense (5), by J.K. Obatala (The Guardian Nigeria)

Strategic Backfire On US Govt Policy, by Jim Willie (GoldSeek)

Should Nevada dance to Israel's tune?, by Brendan Trainor (News Review)

Hear These Russian Warnings: They Might Save Your Life, by Rachel Douglas and Nancy Spannaus (La Rouche Pub)

The destructive power of nuclear weapons, by Brendan Thomas-Noone (Lowy Interpreter)

Playing Chicken with Nuclear War, by Robert Parry (Peacekeeper)

Where there's war, oil, gas and pipelines are never far away, by John Foster (The Ecologist)

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