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previous Tuesday 28 July 2015

Iran deal shows nuclear order works best: article (Tehran Times)

Head of UN Nuclear Test Watchdog to take part in Hiroshima and Nagasaki Ceremonies (Newsroom America)

Philip Taubman, Award-winning journalist and long-time NYT reporter on the 1986 Reykjavik Summit (The Excavator)

North Korea would find flexible nuclear negotiations partner in US, envoy says (The Guardian)

(LEAD) N. Korea says no interest in talks on freezing its nuclear program 'unilaterally first' (Yonhap)

North Korea Uninterested in Nuclear Program Talks with US (Sputnik)

North Korea 'Not Interested' in Iran-Style Nuclear Deal With China (NBC New York)

DPRK marks armistice anniversary with dire warning to U.S. (News Asia & Pacific Edition)

With warning to US, North Korea marks end of Korean War (Press Examiner)

With warning to US, North Korea marks end of Korean War (iFree Press)

(2nd LD) Iran deal indicates U.S. flexibility on N. Korea: Seiler (The Korea Observer)

US Envoy Visit Puts New Focus on N. Korea Nuclear Deal (VOA)

North Korea Rules Out Nuclear Deal, Says Weapons 'Not a Plaything' (NBC News)

Nuclear weapons not a toy, says North Korea's China envoy (Yahoo News)

Obama Blasts GOP Critics of Iran Nuclear Deal (The Wall Street Journal)

Cotton And Pompeo Reveal Stunning Secret Nuclear Side Deal As Khamenei’s Anti-US Rhetoric Continues (Western Journalism)

Burns: implementation key to Iran nuclear deal (Almonitor)

For 2 Key Iran Deal Negotiators, MIT Experiences Created A Helpful Connection (WBUR)

WSJ: Iran Won’t Be Required to Disclose Past Illicit Nuclear Work (The Tower)

Mike Huckabee: Iran Nuclear Deal Will Lead Israelis to 'Door of the Oven' (NBC News)

Former US ambassadors to Israel, other officials support Iran nuclear deal (U.S. News)

Poll: Israeli Jews Mostly Concerned of A Nuclear Iran (JP Updates)

Joe Lieberman calling on key Jewish senator to block Iran nuclear deal (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

US to approve Iran nuclear conclusion: Ex-Envoy (Press TV)

Jewish Americans support the Iran nuclear deal (The Washington Post)

Chuck Schumer still undecided on Iran nuclear deal (Daily News)

Kerry To Pitch Iran Nuclear Deal In Mideast Visits Next Week (Radio Free Europe)

Poll: Most Americans oppose compensating Israel for Iran nuclear deal (Veterans News Now)

Iran deal shows nuclear order works best: article (Tehran Times)

Former Indian president A P J Kalam dies aged 83 (Yahoo News)

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Ex-President Who Pushed a Nuclear India, Dies at 83 (The New York Times)

APJ Abdul Kalam: The man behind Pokhran 2 and India's nuclear weaponisation (IBN Live)

US media highlights Abdul Kalam's role in India's nuclear programme (The Economic Times)

Saluting Kalam, a man who valued persistence, determination, by Prakash Chandra (Hindustan Times)

Russia Has No Plans to Deploy Tu-22M3 Nuclear Bombers in Crimea – Air Force (Sputnik)

Why is Russia sending bombers close to U.S. airspace? (CNN)

Daily Telegraph Scaremongering: Putin Waving 'NUCLEAR Sabre' at NATO (Russia Insider)

Russia’s rising military: Should the U.S. send more nuclear weapons to Europe? (Jews News)

Nuclear-Armed India, Pakistan on Edge After 12-Hour Gunbattle (NBC News)

UAE takes part in meetings on mass destruction weapons (The Gulf Today)

Kim Jong Un's saber rattling is more worrying than Vladimir Putin's, by Patrick Cronin (CNN)

What my pro-regime family think of Iran's nuclear deal, by Maryam Abolfazli (the Guardian)

Figuring out the dimensions of Iran’s past research on nuclear weapons, by Walter Pincus (The Washington Post)

What does the Iran nuclear deal mean for Iraq?, by Mustafa Habib (The Guardian)

Israel Ambassadors Support Deal With Iran, by Joe Cirincione (The Huffington Post)

Israel, Iran and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by John Scales Avery (Transcend Media Service)

Nuclear Iran: Is the U.S. Really Suicidal?, by Bassam Tawil (Before It’s News)

An Iran deal 10 years late, by Gareth Evans (The Jordan Times)

Iran: Assessing the Regional Implications of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, by Cailean Madden (Times of Israel)

Obama Cannot Alter Non-Proliferation Treaty By Executive Order, by Harold Furchtgott-Roth (Forbes)

A Veteran’s Reaction to the Iran Deal, by Shawn VanDiver (Task and Purpose)

Overwhelming Israeli Opposition Strongest Sign Iran Deal Is A Bad One, by Jamie Weinstein (The DC)

Why Obama’s Executive Action on Iran Does Not Violate the Law, by John Yoo (Ricochet)

If Congress rejects nuclear deal, would US and not Iran be a pariah?, by Howard LaFranchi (The Christian Science Monitor)

Nuclear Iran: Is the U.S. Really Suicidal?, by Bassam Tawil (Gatestone Institute)

PBS Special Takes a Timely Look at the Bomb, by Hilary Atkin (TV Week)

PBS atomic bomb documentary is better and longer than Smithsonian’s, by David Hinckley (Daily News)

PBS special 'The Bomb' seeks to tell story of atomic weapons, by Russell Contreras (12 News)

A history of the nuclear age: from the Manhattan Project to a treaty banning the bomb (ICAN)

The Most Dangerous Nuclear Weapon in America's Arsenal, by Zachary Keck (The National Interest)

While Obama Disarmed the United States, by Donald R. May (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

DOD Law of War Manual and Nukes, by Jeffrey Lewis (Arms Control Wonk)

When a U.S. president demanded inspections of a nuclear facility in the Middle East (and failed), by Philip Weiss (Mondoweiss)

'Pakistan's Nasr missile is the most dangerous development in South Asia, by Rashme Sehgal (Rediff News)

Breaking down the risk of nuclear deterrence failure, by Seth Baum (The Bulletin)

European Missile Defense after Ukraine and the Iran Deal, by: Thomas Karako (FYSA)

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