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CTBT in the News

previous Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ecuador tendría centro de detección nuclear (El Telégrafo)[In Spanish: Ecuador will install a nuclear detection centre]

Instalarán centro de detección de pruebas nucleares en Ecuador (Prensa Latina)[In Spanish: A nuclear detection centre will be installed in Ecuador]

Ecuador construirá un centro de detección nuclear en las Galápagos (RT)[In Spanish: Ecuador will build a nuclear detection centre in the Galapagos]

Η απαγόρευση των πυρηνικών δοκιμών[In Greek (rough working translation): The nuclear test ban]

Satellites show North Korea nuclear test unlikely: think tank (Reuters)

US Experts: 'Little Evidence' of N. Korea Nuclear Test During Obama Visit (Voice of America)

Images show increased activity at DPRK’s nuclear test site (CNTV)

North Korea's Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site Shows Signs of Activity (The Diplomat)

US 'closely monitoring' North Korea for feared nuclear test (NDTV)

U.N.-backed body closely monitors N. Korea's possible nuclear test (Yonhap News)

N Korea urged to stop new nuclear tests (Al Jazeera)

S. Korea warns of surprise DPRK nuclear test (CNTV)

South Korea, China warn North Korea on nuclear test (The Korea Times)

Park asks China to help dissuade N. Korea from nuclear test (Yonhap News)

China urges to continue Korean Peninsula denuclearisation process (ITAR-TASS)

China urges adherence to goal of nuclear-free Korean Peninsula (ECNS)

U.S. calls on DPRK to refrain from provocation as Obama starts Asian tour (Xinhuanet)

US pushes N Korea towards confrontation, stronger nuclear potential – ministry (The Voice of Russia)

See where 26 asteroids smacked Earth with A-bomb force (CNET)

Risk of asteroid hitting Earth higher than thought, study shows (Reuters)

Visualisation 'shows asteroid hits' (BBC)

Asteroids cause dozens of nuclear-scale blasts in Earth's atmosphere (The Guardian)

Asteroids Whack Earth More Often Than Thought (Discovery)

New telescope poised to warn of asteroids years in advance (The Week)

Nuclear-Sized Asteroid Blasts Hit the Earth a Lot More Than You Think (Motherboard)

Former astronaut wants to save the world from asteroids (Komo News)

Potentially dangerous asteroids could wipe out major city says ex-astronaut (Examiner)

Astronaut: 'blind luck' protects us from 'city-killer' asteroids (Wired)

Iran nuclear talks: Quiet optimism over deal between Islamic State and the West on weapons programme (The Independent)

Russian, Iranian FM conferring on nuclear problem, Middle East, Caspian affairs (Voice of Russia)

Iran’s Zarif Says Pace of Nuclear Talks ‘Augurs Well’ For Deal (Bloomberg Business Week)

Baku recognizes Iran’s nuclear rights: Azeri envoy (PressTV)

After Ukraine, Countries That Border Russia Start Thinking About Nuclear Deterrents (Newsweek)

Russians Inspect Montana Nuclear Launch Facilities (ABC)

U.S.-Russia Sabre Rattling May Undermine Nuke Meeting (IPS News)

North Korea's Nuclear Fallout (Forbes)

McFARLANE: Reagan’s political courage on nuclear arms (Washington Times)

Looking Back at Brazil’s Boreholes, by Mark Hibbs (Arms Control Wonk)

Nuclear Darkness, Global Climate Change & Nuclear Famine-The deadly consequences of nuclear war (Nuclear Darkness)

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