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CTBT in the News

previous Monday 22 December 2014

Chinese Annoyance With North Korea Bubbles to the Surface (New York Times)

Third DF-41 ballistic missle test suggests China's nuclear buildup (Want China Times)

North Korea says to boost nuclear power to counter U.S. hostile policy (Reuters)

North Korea threatens to bolster nuclear capability (Yonhap News Agency)

Washington working with countries including Russia on N. Korea nuclear issue (Arirang)

North Korea slams UN vote, vows to bolster nuclear capacity (Channel News Asia)

North Korea threatens to bolster nuclear capability (Korea Herald)

NKorea faces UN Security Council (SBS)

'NK may be linked to weapons spread in Middle East' (Korea Times)

Nuclear states face barrage of criticism in Vienna (Helsinki Times)

Quakers call for international treaty to ban nuclear weapons (Independent Catholic News)

Momentum builds for ban on nuclear weapons (Ekklesia)

Obama: Iran has not advanced nuclear ambitions since U.S. negotiations started (PolitiFact)

Iran nuclear diplomat gets key post as head of foreign oil deals (Global Post)

Iran honoring nuclear deal with Western powers, IAEA report shows (The Jerusalem Post)

Iran, P5+1 nuclear talks "constructive" (Trend)

Cleric Warns of US Dishonesty in Nuclear Talks with Iran (Tasnim News Agency)

Saudis Slash Oil Prices to 'Block' Iranian Nuclear Weapon (Israel National News)

Deal on Iran’s nuclear program is ‘very close’: Putin (Tehran Times)

Iran honoring nuclear deal with major powers, IAEA report shows (Tehran Times)

Ex-Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey backs £25m fund for children of nuclear test veterans (Mirror)

State Dept: U.S. Nukes Down 85%, From 31,255 to 4,804 (The Weekly Standard)

The Lawfare Podcast, Episode #104: Rose Gottemoeller on US Nuclear Arms Control Policy (Lawfare Blog)

India Expresses Concern Over Pakistan-China Nuke Deal (Inserbia)

כך, בשקט-בשקט, מתקיים מו"מ לפירוז המזה"ת מנשק להשמדה המונית (Maariv)

As Nuclear War Danger Grows, NYC Conference Set For Feb. 28 (Open news)

Nuclear Weapons Race Should Stop, by Karipbek Kuyukov (The Astana Times)

North Korea: 1.2 Million Troops, Nukes and a 3,000-Strong Cyber-Elite, by Sam Kim (Bloomberg)

North Korea Nuclear Weapons: Why The Communist State Remains A Threat, by Lora Moftah (International Business times)

The Most Dangerous Nuclear Threat No One Is Talking About, by Zachary Keck (The National Interest)

Rouhani’s fate tied to nuclear deal, by Shahir Shahid Saless (Gulf News)

Trouble as Iran nuclear talks to enter new year, by Xinhua (Standard Digital)

Congress Could Blow Billions on Obsolete Tactical Nukes, by War is Boring (Medium)

Irresponsible spending on nuclear arsenal, by Terrence Clark, Lewis Patrie and Robert Howarth (Citizen-Times)

Nuclear weapons to be used to blast asteroids in bid to protect Earth, US documents reveal, by Emily Fox (Express)

The History of America's Nuclear Weapon Chain of Command, with Eric Schlosser, by Big Think Editors (Big Think)

The world is on the edge of a US-Russia nuke wipeout war: Chomsky, by Revathi Siva Kumar (News Everyday)


War over Taiwan could be nuclear, US analyst says, by William Lowther (Taipei Times)

EDITORIAL: Japan's anti-nuke diplomacy needs hibakusha’s viewpoint, by the Asahi Shimbun (The Asahi Shimbun)

Pakistan death spiral dwarfs ISIL threat — Column, by David A. Andelman (The Town Talk)

Pakistan Could Soon Have More Nukes Than the U.K. and France, by Chris Biggers (Medium)

Plan to protect Earth from rogue asteroids with nuclear weapons, by Fiona Keating (International Business times)

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