CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Thursday 28 May 2015

Opinion: A Critical Moment to Fortify Nuclear Test Ban, by Lassina Zerbo (IPS News)

The Marshall Islands and the NPT, by Robert Alvarez (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Intelligence Method Yields Improved Explosion Analysis (The Independent)

NNSA conducts experiment to improve U.S. ability to detect foreign nuclear explosions (Your Nuclear News)

Prominent Marshall Islands advocate for nuclear test victims honoured (Radio Australia)

From Nuclear Deterrence to Disarmament: Evolving Catholic Perspectives, by Gerard Powers (Arms Control Today)

Dissident group: Iran, North Korea forging ballistic, nuclear ties (Reuters)

S. Korea, U.S., Japan agree to ramp up pressure on N. Korea (Arirang)

U.S. and Allies to Tie North Korea’s Rights Record to Nuclear Talks (New York Times)

World powers meet over North Korea’s nuclear program (Wink News)

France: no Iran nuclear deal if military site inspections are blocked (The Guardian)

The US-Iran nuclear talks are about to shift into high gear (UK Business Insider)

Video exposes division among Iran officials in nuclear talks (Watertown Public Opinion)

The Next President Can Torch Obama's Iran Deal (Politico)

State Department Rules Out Extension of Iran Nuclear Talks (Israel National News)

US not considering extending Iran nuclear talks beyond June deadline (Global Times)

Iran nuclear programme: can negotiators reach a final deal? (The Week)

Pakistan, US to hold nuclear, strategic talks (Business Standard)

Nato chief says Russian nuclear threats are 'deeply troubling and dangerous' (The Guardian)

決裂した「NPT」再検討会議 核廃絶への展望は悲観的なの? (The Page Japan)

Belgium’s bishops call for nuclear disarmament (Catholic Culture)

Much ado about nothing, by Bharath Gopalaswamy (The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Breakdown in U.S.-Russia relations raises risk of nuclear-armed jihadists, by Josh Cohen (Reuters)

Efficacy Of Nuclear Weapons For Pakistan’s National Security – OpEd, by Adeel Mukhtar (Eurasia Review)

Russia’s puzzling Iranian game (Saudi Gazette)

Seventeen years of deterrence, by Ali Sarwar Naqvi (The News)

Is all lost regarding establishing weapons of mass destruction free zone in the Middle East?, by Tiara Shaya (Arms Control and Regional Security for the Middle East)

NPT: cornerstone of nuclear non-proliferation or stumbling block? By Rebecca Johnson (Open Democracy)

Atomwaffensperrvertrag nach 45 Jahren in der Krise (Der Standard)

NPT: Nuclear Weapons and Tension Areas, by Rene Wadlow (Fellowship of Reconciliation)

NATO Needs a Nuclear Strategy Update, by Elbridge Colby (Wall Street Journal)

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