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CTBT in the News

previous Thursday 21 August 2014

Ex-U.S. intelligence chief says N. Korea has nuclear line in sand (Global Post)

If N. Korea starts a war, the regime is over: former U.S. intelligence chief (Arirang)

AFTAC assignment changed airman's life (Florida Today)

The demon core: A scary story of sloppy science from the Manhattan Project (Extreme Tech)

US troops in South Korea to be North Korea’s primary target in case of armed conflict (ITAR-TASS News Agency)

U.S. Treasury official discusses sanctions on N. Korea, Russia (Global Post)

Iran keeping promise on nuclear pact (TVNZ)

Thousands surround British nuclear weapons factory in seven-mile-long ‘peace scarf’ (Waging Nonviolence)

OPINION: Violations of International Law Degenerate U.N., by Somar Wijayadasa (Inter Press Service)

Less than two percent of the Hiroshima bomb's uranium actually detonated, by Robert Sorokanich (Gizmodo)

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