CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Monday 29 August 2016

Ban calls on all countries to work for Nuke test ban (Mehr News Agency)

Reinforcing Nuclear-Test-Ban With Security Council Resolution (In-Depth News)

25th anniversary of closure of world’s largest nuclear test site: time to act (The Hill)

On this International Day against Nuclear Tests (Daily Times)

India, Pakistan urged to sign CTBT (Dawn)

The Demise of The Republican National Security Establishment (Arms Control Wonk)

North Korea says UN condemnation of missile tests 'provocation' (India Today)

North Korea claims it’s now able to nuke U.S. mainland (USA Today)

UNSC weighs condemnation following latest North Korean missile test in Sea of Japan (The Japan Times)

進まない核軍縮にいら立ち=NPT加盟、非核宣言-被爆国日本に期待・カザフ会議 (Jiji)

Washington Scrambles to Counter Russia’s Hypersonic Nuclear Missiles Before 2020 (Sputnik International)

South Korea’s ruling party offers to deploy nuclear-power submarine (India News)

Indo-Pak nuclear race is four-way, says Ramana (The Hindu)

MoD police spend £74m guarding Trident (Herald Scotland)

Vatican calls for wider definition of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Vatican Radio)

Kazakhstan: Living with Semipalatinsk’s Nuclear Fallout (Eurasia Net)

Our commitment to getting rid of nuclear arms still firm, MSP Bill Kidd to tell international conference (The National)

The great nuclear disarmament divide (Live Mint)

The people who survived Hiroshima: stories behind the dropping of the first atomic bomb (Daily Express)

Why Pakistan’s nuclear threat is nothing but hot air (Daily O)

Support Obama's UN Resolution on Nuclear Testing (Christian Post)

The nuclear weapons debate we need (The Washington Post)

Why not a “no first use” for nuclear weapons? (People’s World)

Nuclear testing isn’t a path to security and peace (stuff nation)

Hundreds of troops train in nuclear bomb scenario (KXXV-TV)