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CTBT in the News

previous Monday 30 March 2015

Russia and nuclear disarmament, by Alexander Yakovenko (Russia Today)

Why Vajpayee deserves the Bharat Ratna (Kashmir Monitor)

Palm Desert veteran witnessed atomic bomb tests in Navy (Desert Sun)

Activists trek across Nevada desert for Sacred Peace Walk (JRN)

Is a deal finally on the cards for Iran's nuclear programme? Britain and US head to Switzerland in desperate last ditch bid to secure landmark agreement (Daily Mail)

US: Next days to test if Iran ready for hard nuclear decisions (YNet News)

Russia Joins World Powers for Talks on Iran's Nuclear Program (The Moscow Times)

Explosion of Middle East violence hangs over nuke talks (CBS News)

Netanyahu: Expected Iranian Nuclear Deal Even Worse Than Israel Feared (The World Post)

Yemen Conflict Could Disrupt Iranian Nuclear Negotiations - US Experts (Sputnik News)

Negotiations intensify as deadline looms to agree framework for nuclear disarmament deal with Iran (South China Morning Post)

Iran, six powers demand mutual concessions in tense nuclear talks (Reuters)

Iran Has Right for Peaceful Nuclear Industry, Not Atomic Bomb - French FM (Sputnik News)

Saudi Ambassador to U.S. won't rule out building nukes (CNN)

IAEA urges India to take further action for nuclear regulation (Reuters)

The scene is set for a 'Scottish Tryweryn' if Scots vote for anti-nuclear MPs but the missile system in Faslane is renewed, Plaid Cymru claims (Wales Online)

What to Worry About in an Iran Nuclear Deal, Jeffrey Goldberg (The Atlantic)

Iran nuke talks: What the world must do to avert an Iranian doomsday (Fox News)

Iran-US nuclear talks: the key hurdles, by David Blair (The Telegraph)

What to look for in an Iran nuclear deal, by Michael Crowley (Politico)

Op-ed: U.S. can learn to live with a nuclear-armed Iran, by Eric Hyer (The Salt Lake Tribune)

What happens if nuclear talks with Iran fail?, by Margaret Brennan (CBS)

Both Israel and Iran Should Subscribe to a Nuclear Weapons Free Zone (NWFZ), by Anthony Bellchambers (Global Research)

“Unholy Alliance” between Saudi Arabia and Israel. A US-Iran Nuclear Deal Would Trigger Regional Political Re-alignments, by Salman Rafi Sheikh (Global Research)

India and Pakistan Locked in a Nuclear Naval Arms Race, by Franz-Stefan Gady (The Diplomat)

Closing the gaps in nuclear security, by Kenneth C. Brill and John Bernhard (Washington Post)

Nuclear Threat Escalating Beyond Political Rhetoric, by Thalif Deen (Counter Currents)

How To Fight Fire With Nuclear Bombs, by Esther Inglis-Arkell (io9)

The future of the British nuclear deterrent: more of the same? By Matthew Cottee (Russian International Affairs Council)

Palm Sunday, 1985 — 30 years on, by Glenn Davies (Independent Australia)

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