CTBT in the News

CTBT in the News

previous Tuesday 25 November 2014

Test Ban Treaty Org. Praises Moscow Effort to Resume DPRK Nuclear Talks (Sputnik News)

France at the UN warns N. Korea over nuclear threat (ABS-CBN)

North Korea threatens nuclear force against South Korea (Digital Journal)

Tahiti’s Parliament prepares to sue French government for $1 billion over nuclear tests (Pacific. Scoop)

От Франции потребуют миллиард долларов за ядерные испытания (Rusnews)

CTBTO's Integrated Field Exercise documented by Webster faculty (Webster University)

Statement by Ambassador Tatham of the UK Mission to the UN (Gov. UK)

N. Korea makes progress in building asymmetric capability: USFK chief (Yonhap News)

Iran nuclear talks deadline extended to end of June (BBC)

Iran nuclear talks extended seven months after failing to meet deadline (Reuters)

U.S. and Allies Extend Iran Nuclear Talks by 7 Months (New York Times)

Israel mulls pre-emptive attack on Iran as nuclear talks falter (The Washington Times)

Israel greets extension of Iran nuclear talks with relief (The Washington Post)

Talks on Iran's nuclear program rightly extended (L.A. Times)

Israel nods in approval as Iran nuke talks extended (The Times of Israel)

Kerry says ‘substantial’ progress made in Iran nuclear talks (The Times of Israel)

US, Israel praise extension as safe path forward in Iran nuclear talks (The Jerusalem Post)

Israel warns against bad nuclear deal with Iran, may launch military strike (The Examiner)

’Israel’: Tel Aviv, Riyadh Fear Nuclear Agreement between Iran, World Powers (Almanar News)

John Kerry under fire for punting on Iran (Politico)

Austria: Iran, West extend nuclear talks to June after failing to meet deadline (The Muslim News)

US tells Iran to consider extending nuclear talks (Iran Focus)

Negotiators fail to reach final deal on Iran's nuclear issues, talks extended until July (Winnipeg Free Press)

Iran nuclear talks extended seven months after failing to meet deadline (Pakistan Today)

Deadline for Iran nuclear deal put back 7 months (South China Morning Post)

Celebra Israel que no haya acuerdo nuclear con Irán (Excelsior)

Israel aplaude la extensión de negociación nuclear a Irán (El Universal)

Incredibly, no deal with Iran, Bhopal's anniversary and holiday tests (Nola.com)

Iran Nuclear Talks Extended Until July (Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty)

More Nuclear Time in Tehran (The Wall Street Journal)

Russia's Putin Discusses Iran's Nuclear Program With Rouhani (The Moscow Times)

N. Korea, Russia agree to push for six-way nuclear talks: KCNA (Yonhapnews)

Pakistan has world’s fastest growing nuclear programme: US think tank (Dawn.com)

Pakistan-India nuclear arms race unabated (The Nation)

'Pakistan will have 200 Nuclear Weapons by 2020; Primary Reason to Deter India', Says US Think-tank (International Business Times)

SMU seismologist Brian Stump named AAAS fellow (Phys)

OPINION: Humanitarian Impact of Nukes Calls For Concerted Action, by Daisaku Ikeda (Inter Press Service-IPS)

Ядерная проблема Корейского полуострова: путь к решению (Илья Дьячков: MGIMO)

Paul Goble: Putin's loose talk about nuclear weapons threatens Russia and Putin himself. By Paul Goble (Kyiv Post)

Nuclear Russia, by Rizwan Ashgar (The News-International)

Will Republicans go nuclear? (Politico)

How China Complicates the Iranian Nuclear Talks (The Diplomat)

Iran Talks Extended: What it Means and What Comes Next? (Ploughshares Fund)

Should We Fear Nuclear-Armed Iran? By Namo Abdulla (Rudaw)

The Iran Nuke Extension is a Death Sentence, by Jeffrey Lewis (Foreign Policy)

A bad deal with Iran in the nuclear talks could destabilize the Middle East, by Raymond Tanter (Foreign Policy)

JFK Tried to Craft a Creative Course in Another Era of American Insecurity and Fear, by Daniel Bradley (The Huffington Post)

Park's aide in hot water over anti-US view, by Kang Seung-woo (The Korea Times)

The Perpetual Headache with a Humongous Nuclear Arsenal named Pakistan by Pathikrit Payne (One India)

Representing Bangladesh: My Years At the UN – Op-ed (Eurasia Review)

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