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previous Thursday 19 April 2018

Institute Hosts High School Students from Japan, Russia, U.S. for Conference on Nonproliferation and Disarmament (Middlebury Institute of International Studies)

Avstrija: Slovenija predseduje forumu za varnostno sodelovanje (Morel)

South Korea's Moon says North seeking 'complete denuclearisation' (Reuters)

North Korea: Trump says he will leave Kim summit if it isn't 'fruitful' (The Guardian)

Arms Control Experts Demand "Urgent Steps" to Constrain New Nuclear Arms Race (Common Dreams)

Maas: Abrüstungskontrolle und Nichtverbreitung von Atomwaffen stärken Sicherheit (Täglicher Anzeiger)

Key Takeaways of the Kim-Trump Summit Minuet (38 North)

Persuading Pyongyang: Advice for Trump when it comes to Kim (CNN)

North Korea is changing (Al Jazeera)

Denuclearization again? Lessons from Ukraine’s decision to disarm (War on the Rocks)

Mutually Assured Disruption: Small Nuclear Weapons are a Big Problem (Brown Political Review)

The logic of nuclear superiority (Arms Control Wonk)