Workshops, training and exercises





  1. Integrated Field Exercise
    Date: 3 November - 9 December 2014
    Venue(s): Vienna and Jordan

  2. Advanced Technical Training for Radionuclide Stations Operators with SPALAX Equipment
    Date: 24- 27 November 2014
    Venue: Poissy, France

  3. Requirements definition workshop for Extended NDC-in-a-Box
    Date: TBD
    Venue: Vienna, Austria





The next and fifth CTBT: Science and Technology 2015 Conference will take place from 22 - 26 June 2015 at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna, Austria. A new conference theme Performance optimization has been included. Deadline for abstract submission is 1 February 2015. 
See the Conference webpage for more.


  1. Workshop for Radionuclide Laboratories
    Date: 16 - 20 February 2015
    Venue: Melbourne, Australia
    Application deadline: 14 November 2014

  2. NDC Capacity Building: NDC Waveform Analyst Training Course
    Date: 16 February - 13 March 2015
    Venue: Vienna International Centre, Vienna, Austria
    Application deadline: 5 December 2014

  3. Basic Technical Training for Radionuclide Station Operators with SPALAX Equipment
    Date: 31 March - 3 April 2015
    Venue: Poissy, France
    Application deadline: 2 January 2015

  4. On-Site Inspection(OSI) Workshop-22
    Co-organizer: Israel Atomic Energy Commission

    Date Part I
    : 12-16 April 2015
    Venue: Ramat-Gan, Israel

    Date Part II: 17-19 June 2015
    Venue: Vienna, Austria
    Application deadline Part II: 15 December 2014

  5. Workshop on Signatories of Medical and Industrial Isotope Production (WOSMIP V)
    Date: 12-14 May 2015
    Venue: Brussels, Belgium
    Application deadline: 23 January 2015

  6. 5th Workshop on the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) of the IMS
    Date: 5-9 October 2015
    Venue: Vienna, Austria
    Application deadline: 1 May 2015



(Titles of the Training, Workshop or Event are hyperlinked to provide details when available and updated regularly. If an application deadline is no longer available please contact the respective contact person for the event.)