Article XIV Conference
Entry Into Force Process

Co-presidents pledge to work together on outreach activities

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Building on the commitments from the 2009 Article XIV Conference, the two Co-Presidents, the ambassadors of France and Morocco in Vienna Florence Mangin and Omar Zniber, pledged to work together at international summits and regional conferences to promote and coordinate outreach activities for the Treaty, and invited other States to do the same.

To assist in this process, an action plan and a rolling list of relevant political events at both the global and regional level were laid out, and States were encouraged to promote the Treaty through individual initiatives, joint declaration or resolutions.


Rolling list of events:

The Conference on Facilitating Entry into Force of the CTBT

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A conference to facilitate the entry into force of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty takes place every other year. While officially called “Conference on Facilitating Entry into Force of the CTBT,” it is better known as the “Article XIV Conference,” in accordance with the relevant Treaty article.

Participants of past conferences negotiated and issued joint statements urging States that have not yet ratified the Treaty to do so as soon as possible. Particular attention was given to the States whose ratification is required for the CTBT’s entry into force, the so-called Annex 2 States. As of March 2010, China, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), Egypt, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, and the United States were the remaining Annex 2 States outside the Treaty.

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Ratifying States promote the Treaty’s entry into force

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Through this process, ratifying States committed themselves to promoting the Treaty at the highest political level and through all available bilateral and multilateral channels. Delegations also determined concrete measures to accelerate the entry into force of the CTBT. At the last Article XIV Conference, which took place in New York on 27 September 2011, States agreed to “spare no effort and use all avenues […] to encourage further signature and ratification of the Treaty” (final declaration).

Convinced of the importance of achieving the CTBT’s entry into force, ratifying and signatory States also urged “all States to sustain the momentum generated by this Conference to remain seized of the issue at the highest political level [and] support and encourage bilateral, regional and multilateral initiatives by interested countries to promote the entry into force of the Treaty.”