How is an on-site inspection requested?

Each State Party has the right to request an on-site inspection in the case of a suspicious event. Such a request can be lodged independently from a consultation and clarification process. Requests for on-site inspections are presented to the Executive Council and, at the same time, to the Director-General of the Technical Secretariat of the CTBTO.

A request for an on-site inspection must be based on information about the suspicious event that triggered the request. This information can be drawn from data gathered by the IMS but also from data generated by national monitoring systems. Whatever the source, a request for an on-site inspection has to contain detailed information about the event, including estimated time and location, as well as information about the probable physical environment of the event (i.e., whether it has taken place underground or in the atmosphere for example) and, of course, which State Party or State Parties would be inspected. 

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