What is the outcome of an on-site inspection?

The inspection team has to submit an initial report on the on-site inspection no later than 25 days after the inspection has been approved. Based on this report, the Executive Council determines whether or not the inspection will be continued. In case the inspection does continue, a final inspection report will be required following the conclusion of the inspection.  This report contains all information relevant to inspection activities and the respective findings. It also gives an account of the cooperation with the inspected State Party and a description of the access given to the inspection team.

Based on the report, the Executive Council comes to a final assessment as to whether or not non-compliance with the Treaty has occurred. If the Council comes to the conclusion that the inspected State Party has indeed violated the provisions of the Treaty, the Council may recommend that the Conference takes measures to ensure compliance with the Treaty. The Conference and the Council both have the option to bring a case of Treaty violation to the attention of the United Nations; for example, to the UN Security Council.


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