Technical Training for Waveform Stations Operators of Joint IMS and International Deployment of Accelerometers (IDA) Stations

Seibersdorf, Austria

4 - 8 December 2023

The working language will be English

To provide station operators with the required knowledge and technical understanding of the operations, maintenance and management of an IMS Station jointly operated with International Deployment of Accelerometers (IDA) using waveform technology and, more specifically, to provide hands-on training for the various operational and maintenance procedures.

The five-day TTP will be conducted by PTS and IRIS/IDA staff and will cover the following topics:

  • Overview of IRIS/IDA network.
  • IRIS/IDA instrumentation: sensors, digitizers and power equipment used; covering hardware and software functionality, configuration,  installation techniques and methods of calibration; 
  • Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS). Demonstration and hands-on-training on the Standard Station Interface  (SSI –  data acquisition software of the PTS) ;  functionality, configuration and data monitoring. 
  • IRIS/IDA and PTS methods available for troubleshooting and diagnostic. Common faults and problem fixing.
  • Overview of station design and infrastructure;
  • Concept of operations and maintenance.  Assistance  provided to Auxiliary Seismic (AS) stations by the PTS.
  • Communication with the PTS (including hands-on), reporting procedures and reporting tools communication with the PTS for calibration activity
  • Introduction into Authentication of IMS data

Invited States Signatories should nominate participant(s) who are station operators involved in the operation and maintenance.

In an effort to ensure that relevant technical training is provided to the appropriate person, please nominate individuals that are directly related to your IMS facility. 

Preference will be given to station operators from the listed below stations:

Country Station Code Treaty Code
 Chile RPN AS018
Costa Rica JTS AS025
Fiji MSVF AS031
Iceland BORG AS038
Indonesia KAPI AS044
Kyrgyzstan AAK AS060
Peru NNA AS078
South Africa SUR AS099
Sri Lanka PALK AS100
Uganda MBAR AS103
Russian Federation OBN/ARU/TLY AS084/AS085/AS087


In order to keep the IMS Facility records of the Provisional Technical Secretariat (PTS) up to date, these should either be amended via an official station operator nomination note verbal or via communication provided by the current station operator to the PTS, of the updated list of local support staff, in a timely manner.

Candidates must be proficient in English and should preferably have a basic understanding of Linux.
Applicants are encouraged to complete the following e-learning modules:

EN-MON01 - Seismic Monitoring
EN-MON05 - IMS Waveform Data Acquisition, Storage and Processing
EN-MON07 - Operation of the IMS Network
EN-MON08 - IMS Configuration Management Process and Procedures
EN-MON09 - Logistics Support
EN-MON10 - Maintenance of IMS Stations
EN-MON14 - reporting by Station operators
EN-MON15 - completing a CCN, CCR and SSR
EN-USER04 - Basic Linux


Nominations, together with the registration forms, should be submitted to the PTS point of contact above only through the established official channels (Permanent Missions to the Preparatory Commission for the CTBTO or Ministries of Foreign Affairs), no later than 3 September 2023.

However, pending official nomination, participants may email the registration upon its approval by a Director of the institution or firm, to allow for timely travel and accommodation arrangements to be made by the PTS.

State Signatories are encouraged to nominate qualified female candidates.

In accordance with the Staff regulations and rules and Administrative Directives, the PTS will provide a Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) and financial support to cover travel costs.

  • A Daily Subsistence Allowance (DSA) that is sufficient to cover the related expenses during the training program;
  • The PTS travel agent will reserve, issue and forward the flight ticket to the participants for the most direct and economic route;
  • Funded participants are not allowed to purchase their own tickets, unless, under exceptional circumstances, they are authorized to do so, and only if this proves to be most cost effective option for the PTS;
  • The PTS will make accommodation arrangements and hotel confirmation reservations will be sent to participants; and  
  • Health insurance will be provided that covers the duration of the training.

Requirement: Scanned passport copies. 


  • The training programme is open only for station operators from invited countries; 
  • Access to relevant e-learning modules will be provided to participants in advance; 
  • Participants should apply for visas, if needed, at the corresponding consular office upon receipt of an Acceptance Note Verbale from the PTS, in order to ensure timely processing.

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