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Why the U.S. Must Ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, by Ariana Rowberry (Policy Mic)

China 'Quietly' Nudging North Korea To Drop Nuclear Test: Report, by Amrutha Gayathri (International Business Times)

Australia praises China for restraining NKorean nuclear ambition (Radio Australia)

[US, S.Korean and Japanese] Nuclear envoys to hold talks on DPRK (Xinhua, China Daily)

VIDEO: Depth-of-Burial Experiments at Balapan (Semipalatinsk Test Site), Kazakhstan – 1997

Exclusive: U.N. probes possible North Korea arms trade with Syria, Myanmar, by Louis Charbonneau and Michelle Nichols (Reuters)

Russia warns West against ‘hasty wars’ which can trigger nuclear war, by Daniel Clark (The News Tribe)

N.Korea Reportedly Resumes Work on Reactor (The Chosunilbo)

U.S. Is Ready for Attack on Iran If Need Be, Says Ambassador to Israel, by Alexander Marquardt (ABC News)

Nuclear deal with Pakistan not possible: Australian HC (Business Recorder)

House GOP defense bill challenges Obama policy, by Donna Cassata (AP, Yahoo)

Military strategists call for reduction of U.S. nuclear weapons, by Joshua McElwee (National Catholic Reporter)

The Goldilocks Arsenal: How many nukes is the "just right" amount? By J. Peter Scoblic (Foreign Policy)

Technical concerns: Why Russia worries about missile defense, by Ivanka Barzashka (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

Long-Range Ballistic Missile Development: A Tale of Two Tests, by Gregory Thielman (ACA Threat Assessment Brief)

Updating Nonproliferation Criteria for U.S. Nuclear Trade, by Daryl Kimball (Arms Control Association)

Iran and nuclear weapons: Sticks now, carrots later (Economist)

Analyzing the Istanbul Talks, by Masoud Kazemzadeh (The Journal of Turkish Weekly)

Has North Korea Now Crossed China, Too? (New York Times Blog)

U.S. Asked to Abandon Cold War Nuke Strategy, by Jamshed Baruah (IDN-In Depth News)

The Implausibility of Nuclear Terrorism, by Steve Chapman (Reason)

A user's guide to the Chicago NATO summit, by Mike Mount (CNN Blog)

A Skeptic’s Guide to the Nato Summit, by Richard Norton-Taylor (The Guardian Blog)

The Challenge for NATO in Chicago, by Des Browne (The New York Times)

Why Europe Still Needs Nuclear Deterrence? By Imants Liegis, Linas Linkevičius, Janusz Onyszkiewicz (Project Syndicate)

Chicago Summit: Showcase for the 21st Century NATO? By Austin Bay (The Washington Examiner)